Storing Moi Moi Leaves

Do you know that Moi Moi leaves can be stored for later use? No?
I recently learned that myself too. These golden leaves store very well in the freezer.

Why would anyone want to store Moi Moi Leaves (Etere, Thaumatococcus daniellii) in the freezer you may ask?

Those who live outside Nigeria, far away from fresh Uma/Etere leaves usually have these sent to them from Nigeria and the freezer is one place to store this leaves to keep them from decomposing till a later date.

Watch the video below to see how fresh they look after staying in the freezer for a while.



  1. Informative…… Kudos

  2. Is it not banana leaves?

    • Sagat no, they are not banana leaves. They have similar lamina feel to them but these ones are very small and softer than banana leaves.

      • Thanks aunty when we were small we used to use plantian leaves lol

        • Sure plantain and banana leaves work too. For those ones you will need to first of wilt the leaves by passing them over heat so that they do not tear when being used. And because they are very broad leaves, you will need to tear them up into sizeable pieces.

  3. Hmmm. Who never. Thank God I will have a ‘naija package’ coming soon . This just made the cut off mark??? thanks for the info Flo

    • Uju that “naija package” sounds like music to my ears. O dikwa m ka m bulu gi ooo!
      Biko they should send so that you can try this. 🙂

  4. Hi that was informative,though am in Nigeria but do not know that the leave could be stored in the freezer, cos sometimes you may use a little out of the bunch you bought and the rest will waste away, but now i can store the remaining for a later use, thanks so much.

  5. Nice one flo! Dint knw but now I know.. thks

  6. Wow!! Didnt know that. Quite informative, will definitely try this out when next i go shopping

  7. Waoh,I am so amazed,i never knew I can actually preserve these leaves.Thank you so much,i have learnt something new and will surely share it with my friends

  8. Very informative, thank you ma

  9. Thank you ma! Quite informative.

  10. Nkiru Okpe says:

    Thanks for this tip i hv been asking this questn on how to store it thanks alot

  11. Queenta IB says:

    Thanks and a job well done for sharing.

  12. Wao thanks chichi,no man is an archive of knowledge. God bless you.

  13. Damilola says:

    Thanks for the tip. But how do you preserve the leaf when transporting it from one country to another?


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