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Different Shapes for Nigerian Meat Pie

Here’s how to get different shapes for our favourite Nigerian snack: the Nigerian Meat Pie. Use these for special occasions or just to express yourself. There’s a shape for every occasion!

Where to buy the cookie cutters

Nigeria: 12 piece cookie cutter set (4 shapes).
USA: 20 piece cookie cutter set (4 shapes).
UK: Star shape, Flower shape, Heart Shape

Watch the video at the end for how to make these.

Heart Shaped Meat Pies

As Valentine’s Day is coming up, it is a no brainer that this is the shape to use this weekend. You can also use it for love anniversaries and other romantic celebrations. How about if you are a caterer and someone orders meat pies for a wedding celebration or anniversary, you surprise them by making heart shaped meat pies?
Heart Shaped Nigerian Meat Pies

Star Shaped Meat Pies

The star shaped meat pie is perfect for Christmas and when celebrating an achievement such as during graduations.
Star Shaped Nigerian Meat Pies

Flower and Disc Shaped Meat Pies

Who does not love a flower? Use these to express yourself some more.
Flower Shaped Nigerian Meat Pies
Disc Shaped Nigerian Meat Pies

Combination shapes

Here are how my kids combine their different shapes. They call them the Moon and Star and the Sun and Moon respectively ♥
Moon and Star Shaped Nigerian Meat Pies
Sun and Moon Shaped Nigerian Meat Pies



  1. All I can say is thank you! you are so creative jare.

  2. Very nice. always good to have a different way of doing this things.

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  4. d shapes makes dem so lovely

  5. judy okechukwu says

    ths is great but how wil i get this shapes and how much

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    tym n is asif am an expart

  7. Wow,that was creative


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