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March Recipes

I am always updating the recipes website behind the scenes. Every month I make a post here on the blog announcing those recipes. The following are the new recipes added to All Nigerian Recipes website in the month of March. Click the blue text to go to each recipe page.

March Recipes

Peppered Chicken

peppered chicken
The popping red spicy upgrade for the basic Grilled Chicken. A great addition to your party food!

Ofe Achara (with Akpuruakpu Egusi, Mgbam)

egusi soup
The most traditional way to cook Egusi Soup.

White Coconut Rice

nigerian white coconut rice
Which is your favourite? The White Coconut Rice or the Jollof Coconut Rice?

Egg Whites Omelette

egg whites omelette
You don't like Fried Eggs? Try it this way.

March Cooking Tasks

Storing Moi Moi Leaves

Fancy Food Presentations: Molded Jollof Rice

Enjoy the recipes!

If you are a food blogger, feel free to comment below and post a link to a recipe you uploaded in the month of March.

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  1. Wow dear i really love your blog and your food presentation alot, am a new food blogger. I don’t do copy and paste but you’re one Nigeria food blogger i admire alot, keep the good work!

  2. Katherine says

    Nice blog.

  3. Aunty Flo thanks for these meal. Please I have some questions to ask.
    1: please how do you store/preserve your beans for months from insects eating it because I have used a lot of dry pepper inside the bag but all to no avail.
    2: please what is another name for *PEPPERONI* used in preparing pizza. I stay in port-harcourt and I have gone to Spars, Park n Shop,n everyday supermarket etc. They keep saying they don’t know it, please Aunty Flo where else can I get it.
    3: please can I add white pepper to the white coconut rice.
    4: God bless you and more strength to your elbow.
    Aunty Flo still waiting for my Time table and Rivers Native Soup. *winks*. I no longer receive mails from you.

    • Beans is not stored in bag but like plastic can with pepper and make sure there’s no weevil already.

    • Linda, to eliminate weevils, you need to deny them of oxygen and make sure that the smell of the pepper is contained so that it will be effective. To achieve these, like Nneka wrote, you need a plastic container that you can close tight, a jerry can is the best. Pour the beans seeds into the container, add the pepper and close tight, any weevils that followed you home from the market will die off. 🙂

      Pepperoni is the only name I know that pizza ingredient by. If possible, get a photo of pepperoni from Google and show them when you get to the shop. Sometimes, shop attendants do not know the names of some of the goods they stock. Also look in the section where they display sausages as that’s where they will keep them if they do have them.

      Yes you can add white pepper, there’s not much difference between its taste and that of black pepper.

      hehehe food time table coming up this month, I promise. 🙂

      I don’t know why you stopped receiving emails o, check your spam folder or promotions tab (gmail) to see if they are there. If they are not there, maybe you need to re-subscribe. Bless you too.

  4. Hi Flo,

    Love your recipes. Just wanted to ask if you could upload a video of white coconut fried rice?

    • Abiola, I will add that to my video requests but really, if you know how to cook Nigerian Fried Rice, the only difference between that and Coconut Fried Rice is that you will add the coconut milk when cooking the rice, then follow the rest of the recipe directions for Nigerian Fried Rice.

  5. Hello flo…I just came across the akpurakpu elilie and I didn’t see u write about removing the oil from the egusi before moulding. I thought that was what helps the egusi to bind better coupled with the OSU.. Just asking

    • Joy baby we don’t remove the oil in my part of Igboland o and the egusi binds together, no problems. The one thing that you need for that reaction to take place is VERY hot boiling water. When you throw the balls of molded egusi into very hot boiling water, they will expand quickly, forming firm balls in the process. It’s one of those occurrences that prove that cooking is science. If you want really firm egusi balls, the ones with insurance LOL, add osu when grinding the egusi and the balls will stay gidigba in the soup even if you stir from here till Jericho. 😀 When we don’t have osu, we pound the ground egusi in a mortar.

      If you watch the video of that recipe, you will see that the balls were still very much bound together when the soup was done and I did not remove the oil. I don’t even know how to do that.

      So how do you remove the oil from egusi? And how much oil do you get out? I am trying to imagine that and wondering if it is the same as how they remove oil from peanut butter when making kuli kuli.

      • Success Chimdinma Nwosu says

        Hi Flo,
        Was just going to ask… I want to make quick One.. but I don’t have osu. How do I go about it.. Please respond ASAP

        Thank you ma.

        • Success, Akpuruakpu Egusi without osu may scatter in the soup.
          But you can try pounding the ground egusi in a mortar till it forms a dough then mold and throw into into boiling water like I did in the video and see if the balls will withstand the stirring.

  6. wow I love your sites please keep me updated Aunty flo

  7. Yes FLo I love your recipe, pls keep it up. I tried the potato recipe for kids, and my baby enjoyed. Thou I mixed sweet potato with Irish potato to sweetening it for her. Thank you so much and God bless.

  8. Hey,
    Is there an alternative to Osu, to prevent the egusi from breaking? That can be purchased outside nigeria?
    Your vlogs are very helpful to those of us learning to cook Nigerian dishes.

    • Hey Abby, I do not know any osu alternatives. That ingredient is in a class of its own. lol
      You can skip it altogether but before you make the egusi balls, pound the ground egusi in a mortar till it becomes greasy and stuck together. At this time, you should be able to add a little water and make balls by pressing together.
      Add the balls to boiling water (high heat). The hot water will shock them thereby binding them together.
      When you add this one to the soup, stir gently because they may disintegrate. That’s the advantage of using osu, no matter how you stir the soup, the balls stay firm. 🙂

  9. Chinyere okwuowulu says

    Hi Flo, thanks for ur wonderful recipes they are amazing dear.
    Concerning the pepperd chicken, I don’t have oven to grill it, is there any alternative?

    • Hi Chinyere (my name sake 😉 ), you can deepfry it till light brown. Please do not let it dry too much when frying. You just need it a bit golden so that it will look good when you serve it.

  10. Chinyere okwuowulu says

    Hi Flo, thanks for ur wonderful recipes. Concerning the peppered chicken, I don’t have oven to grill it, is there any alternative?

  11. Chinyere okwuowulu says

    Hi Flo, thanks for ur recipes. Concerning the peppered chicken, I don’t have oven to grill it, is there any alternative?

  12. I wanted to experiment using the coconut milk remaining after I remove coconut oil , do you think it will still have that strong coconut flavor after I remove the coconut oil from it? Thanks for your blog. I am one of the chief beneficiaries of your blog. Keep up the good work.

  13. Constance says

    Hello Flo! How are you?

    Strange one; but the osu for the ofe achara… I’m in London and have no clue what to say to the shopkeeper or what to even look for. I’m really excited about this way of making egusi because it’s my favourite soup, and I’ve been looking for new ways of preparing it. Then I came across your site! Happy days! Lol! But yes, do you have a picture or a good description for osu that I could look for in the shops? Thanks!

    By the way, you’re doing a very good job xx

    • I’m good Constance, thanks! I hope you are well. 🙂

      To be honest, if I find osu in an African food shop outside Nigeria, I will screaaaam! For real. This is because it is a core Igbo ingredient and my guess is that the demand for it outside Nigeria is not high enough to warrant these shops going to the pains of exporting it from Nigeria. The one I used in this video was sent to me from Nigeria. It keeps well and is light weight like Styrofoam so if you have an opportunity, bring some from Naija.

      While you wait for the opportunity, you can prepare the molded egusi without osu. You need to pound the ground egusi in a mortar till it becomes very oily. Mold them and throw straight into boiling water and the pounding will help keep the lumps intact. When you add them to the soup, stir gently so they do not disintegrate because lumps prepared this way are not as tough as the ones that contain osu.

  14. patience ogboi says

    Like some people add green beans in their fried rice but you didn’t that means green beans isn’t really necessary in fried rice I guess its optional .then for the coconut rice where can one get the black pepper.thanks

    • Patience I use green beans in my Fried Rice … always. That does not mean that it is compulsory. Some people use green peas or green pepper to add a green colour to the Fried Rice. I prefer green beans because it has the most neutral taste of these three ingredients.
      Black pepper can be purchased in spice shops. In Nigeria, you can use uziza seeds (false cubeb).

  15. Anonymous says

    Can I use boneless chicken for the peppered chicken?

  16. linda peter says

    Happy independence Aunty Flo, please is Ofada Rice the same as Local Rice that normally come with some stones/sand

    • Linda yes Ofada Rice is local with brown marks on it. It may contain sand especially if it is not de-stoned and well packed. It is not the same as Abakaliki rice o. Click here to see what Ofada Rice looks like.
      Happy Independence? Linda abeg what are we happy about? I am not happy o. 😉

  17. I will want to try it. But does the achara melt in the soup?

  18. Nice site you have aunt. i just came across this coconut rice recipe and i must say i have never tried it and as a lover of crayfish can i add it too while tryign this out?

    • Maudlyn thank you. Yes, you can add it if you love it so much but fresh prawns and shrimps (which are technically fresh crayfish) work better with the coconut flavour.

  19. ANI JENNIFE says

    Pls ma, i want to know if the sausage is optional in White coconut rice or not, And if there is any other recipe I can use instead of the sausage.thanks

  20. Blessing says

    Hello MA,please what do you mean by fish stock the one you added into your seasoned egusi

    • Blessing by fish stock I mean water from boiling the fish. You boil the stock fish and dry fish to get the tasty fish stock to season the egusi with. We also have beef stock, chicken stock. Some people call it broth but I am used to calling it stock.

  21. nice food

  22. hi Aunty

    does it mean that coconut rice is not prepared with vegetable oil, whether white or jollof?

    • Blessing we use vegetable oil to prepare the Jollof Coconut Rice. Remember that I used vegetable oil to fry the tomatoes I added when cooking the rice. Also, if you are preparing it with chicken which is the best meat for the recipe, the water from cooking the chicken (chicken stock) contains chicken oil. Also, coconut milk contains coconut oil. Due to all these oils going into the meal, there is no need to add more vegetable oil. If you are frying your tomatoes from scratch at the time of preparing the coconut rice, you will need vegetable oil to fry the tomato puree. I always pre-fry my tomato stew in bulk and store in the freezer.

      For the white coconut rice, there is oil in the chicken stock and in the coconut milk so I personally do not see any need to add more oil. In fact the white coconut rice when done, looks so shiny from all the oil in it. I hope this makes it clearer now.

      This your question is a very good and interesting one because really all these oils are “secretly” added to the meal so it is easy for one to think that there is no oil in these two meals. So thanks for asking, I enjoyed answering it. <3

  23. I love what you do….. Keep it up…. My question is on the peppered chicken, what if I do not have an oven to grill the chicken befor frying, is there any other alternatives or substitute to this? Thanks

  24. I love what you do….. Keep it up…. My question is on the peppered chicken, what if I do not have an oven to grill the chicken befor frying, is there any other alternatives or substitute to this? Thanks

    • Iron Lady you can deep-fry it with vegetable oil if you do not have an oven. It gives the same effect.
      Sorry, I just fished your comment from the spam folder. I don’t know why it was spammed.

  25. FAVOURCHES says

    If you want to add more taste to your achara soup , while your soup is boiling , put your achara in another pot , add a little water, onions , salt and cooking cube . Boil and add to your soup . You will see the difference . Enjoy !

  26. can I slice coconut inside d cooked jollof coconut rice?

    • Yes, you can. But if you will eat the rice with other people, be sure they won’t mind because the hard texture of the pieces of coconut in a meal can ruin the meal for some people.

  27. Tina Ayoola says

    Hello Flo,
    Thank for great recipes.

    I want to try out the white coconut rice. Please can I add curry when boiling my chicken. I intend to use the Chicken Stock for the Coconut Rice. I want the rice looking White. Will this affect the Colour when I add the Stock while preparing the Meal?

    Also can I add Curry and Thyme to the Rice while adding the Black Pepper?

    The Recipe doesn’t mention these ingredients.

    • If you want the coconut rice white then adding curry powder will hinder that. Curry powder will add a yellowish green tint to the rice. How strong the colour will be depends on the quantity you add.

      You can add the 3 ingredients you mentioned at any time. But for me, adding thyme when cooking the rice is kind of a “waste”. Thyme is for seasoning meats not the rice. Add the quantity you need when cooking the chicken. Once you add the stock from the chicken to the rice, everything you added while cooking the chicken will be transferred to the rice after it must have seasoned the chicken to give it a good taste. For the curry, unless you want extra colouring for the rice like in Fried Rice, no need to add it while cooking this meal.

  28. Mbah Daniel Chimezie says

    Please in the coconut jollof rice, can u add green beans, carrot, peas

  29. Ehigiator inara says

    About the white Coconut rice,apart from sausage,can I use corn beef?Thanks!

  30. Juliana Jonathan says

    Wow I love this am inspired by the mode of your coconut rice preparation can I use coconut powder in place of the real coconut?

  31. Pls on d peppered chicken stuff what other alternative means can I use to grill my marinated chicken since I don’t have oven

  32. Uchechukwu (Uche) Onuoha says

    Achara is botanically called Leek(s) by the French and most Europeans. These belong to the scallion family and will have very familiar smell! Actually what you eat is the very tender part that is on the inside. The types in the U.S.A is very thick and has plenty of insects that you have to clean them properly with water during the spring when they are available

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