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27 Random Facts About Me + Cookbook Giveaway (closed)

Do you love Nigerian food?
So do I.

Do you love talking about Nigerian food?
OMG … Don’t get me started! 😀

Do you know how to cook Nigerian food?
I know enough to be dangerous in the kitchen! 😉

Would you like to learn more about Nigerian food?
Yes, I do!

If you answered yes to any of the questions then we need to talk, right here on this blog.

You are very welcome to All Nigerian Recipes blog. I am on a quest to discover ALL Nigerian recipes including the tips and tricks that come with them and with YOU, I will surely achieve that. I learn from you, you learn from me: win-win for everybody. Even if you think you don’t know much about Nigerian food … yet, hang around because we will all be learning a lot.

I will be posting as often as a food thought comes to me, when I receive a new recipe from contributors and when I have something nice to give away so subscribe to this blog to receive an email when I post something new.

While we are having food discussions here on the blog, I will still be updating the recipes part of All Nigerian Recipes, so check that part of the site as often as you can.

Now let’s get to know each other better.

27 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’m known as Flo; family and childhood friends know me as Chinyere (A Gift from God).
  2. I’m Igbo.
  3. I’m a teacher’s daughter.
  4. I’m a mum to 2 kids and a wife to 1 man.
  5. I’ve been married for 10 years.
  6. I’m 5 ft 6 in. (168 cm)
  7. I speak 3 languages. Make that 4 if you count Nigerian Pidgin. 😉
  8. I love sewing; would love to learn how to make traditional Naija clothes.
  9. I can braid hair, including my own hair.
  10. My hair is 100% natural. Since 2012.
  11. I hiked the Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. I came down by cable car though. 😀
  12. I have lived in 3 countries; have been to 25.
  13. I think university degrees are overrated. You can do MOST jobs with secondary school education + on-the-job training.
  14. Still, I have a B. Eng. in Electronic Engineering. And my job is not related to what I studied. See 13.
  15. My favourite Nigerian food is Semo and Ora Soup because I do not like chewing. My favourite foods are usually something you can swallow or drink. 😉
  16. I hate the cold but I love snow sledging.
  17. I like football. The one played with the foot :D. I support Barcelona FC. And any better team in a football game. ;D Flo
  18. James Hadley Chase novels and those in the espionage/conspiracy genre were my favourites growing up. Mills & Boons were in there too!
  19. I only eat out of necessity; I prefer to feed the crowd.
  20. None of my children have English names because I don’t know what they mean.
  21. I love CSI kind of shows. But I no longer watch TV; the internet is more entertaining.
  22. I do watch breaking news and athletics (Olympic Games, Athletic Championships) when they are on.
  23. I had really bad acne in my post-adolescent years. Childbirth was the only known cure.
  24. I love meeting new people who love meeting new people. Does that even make sense?? 😀
  25. I love to-do lists. They have helped me run my life more efficiently.
  26. I believe that there’s a supreme being that created the universe.
  27. My second name is lastminute dot com. But that’s when I’m at my best!

To enter the giveaway to win 1 of the 5 All Nigerian Recipes Cookbooks that I’m giving away, please answer the following questions:

  1. What is your favourite Nigerian food?
  2. Which Nigerian food do you cook best?
  3. Going by my random facts, what do we (you and I) have in common?
  4. If you become the president of Nigeria, what would you do to improve food production, distribution and preservation in Nigeria?

Important Notes (Read carefully):

  1. Your answers MUST be provided on this blog below. All comments made on Facebook will not count.
  2. To comment, scroll down and you will see a comment box. Enter your name and your email address. I will use this email address to contact you if you win so make sure it is valid. The email address will be hidden when you post the comment.
  3. Type your answers in the big box, check the small box to show you are not a spammer and click “Post Comment”. When you post a comment you will see “Comment awaiting moderation” as confirmation that your comment has been received. All comments will be published at the end of the giveaway which is on Sunday, December 7, 2014 at 23:00 Nigerian time.
  4. The free cookbook goes to the person whose comment stands out. So put in some effort when commenting so that the judges will pick your comment.
  5. The winner will be announced on Monday, December 08, at 13:00 Nigerian time on Facebook.

When typing your comment, include the link to your blog/page/Youtube channel (if any) in the “Website” box so that I can come and check you out.

Remember, I love meeting new people who like meeting new people lol! I love to learn a bit about everything so who knows what I may learn or discover from you?

Now go and win that cookbook! 😉

UPDATE: Jan 16, 2015
The giveaway is now CLOSED but feel free to introduce yourself and answer the questions. 🙂

Due to the quality and quantity of the entries received, 3 cookbooks were won instead of the 1 book. A panel of judges picked the winners. 3 cookbooks went to the participants with the highest number of nominations from the judges and they are:

  • Williams Royalty: 6 nominations
  • Faith Chinyere Odunowo: 6 nominations
  • Funmi Akindele : 5 nominations

The following are how it went down on Facebook:

Judges nominations:

Winners Announced:

The giveaway may be closed but feel free to introduce yourself and answer the questions. 🙂


  1. MY favourite Nigeria food is starch with groundnut soup.
    The best Nigeria food i cook best is Egusi soup with Pounded yam.
    I love meeting people who love meeting new people and i believe that there is a supreme being that created the universe.
    If i becme thre president of Nigeria ,i will always make sure that i invest good money in farming. by giving farmers money to buy seeds,fertilizers e.t.c. and i will make sure dat dere r good roads that will transport these foods from d farm to d market. because most of our farm roads r bad.when there is a good road food will nt get spoilt bfore leaving d farmbto d market.

    • Good roads are very important Happiness. We have “awalawa” tomatoes because those baskets of tomatoes piled on top of each other and go through a bumpy ride. 🙁

  2. 1.Fish stew my partner makes is amazing.

    2. I do cook great Egusi (or so I am told).

    3. When I was younger I played football for my local girls youth team and my fave teams are Scotland and SuperEagles (oh the tension when they played against each other in a friendly match lol)

    4. I would give decent grants to farmers to help with food production. Try and get electricity throughout making it far easier to keep food preserved safely and get more Nigerian foods exported as the world needs to know how good Nigerian food is.

    What could you learn about me… well apart from the fact I love Nigerian music, food and the vibrant culture I have a daughter with severe disabilities who lights up the world with her smile and just wants to be accepted for who she is.. She has very little speech though two words she now says regularly is padi mi… go figure she would pick up some pidgin English.

    Life is a song and Love is the lyrics 🙂

    • Electricity is the key to Nigeria’s all-round success especially in the agric sector. I only wish our leaders will understand this.
      May your daughter continue to light your world. Padi mi is a good phrase to start with, it shows she will make friends easily. 🙂

  3. Nicole A Congo-Oyejobi says

    1-Chicken and Beef Stew my husband makes
    2- Chicken Suya or so he has told me
    3-I absolutely positively love meeting new people i bel. I believe in meeting 5 different people EVERYDAY no we dont have to be the best of friends, but you never know who you will encounter.
    4-If i were Nigerian president i would ensure thay my people would be well taken care of. Learn what they have around them and in their country so that Naika can continue to be the powerhouse that all of its prople know it to be.

  4. Funmi Akindele says

    My best food varies depending on my mood I love rice and fried plantain, bread and butter with hot chocolate and i love beans with fried plantain as well.
    I love to cook but not necessarily an equivalent passion to eat them,lol. My signature food is vegetable soup, either efo elegusi or efo riro. no one eats it and remains the same,lol.
    I had some igbo friends as neighbours before i got married,we used to translate our names to the other’s language and till i left them they called me chinyere,they said it was the closest to igbo dialect to ‘oluwafunmilayo’,lol.
    Also married to one man.
    I love hair dressing,i weave my hair and i retouch it and also my daughter’s hair. and i will love to learn sewing.
    I speak english and yoruba and pidgin if it counts also,lol.
    Right from childhood till now,i have also lived in 3 countries.
    i have a B.A in history and international studies,personally i love
    I love cooking for people and serving them as well.
    i always have a to do list as well and i cannot do without a shopping list because i easily forget things.
    God is supreme and he created the the whole universe.
    If i become the president of Nigeria, i will make farming and owning a farm prestigious, have government run farms all over the country, infact there would be food markets that are government owned all over Nigeria which will sell cheaper and quality foods and fruits. Private farmers would be guaranteed good markets as long as they produce quality products. Till tomorrow, i believe every government owned school to secondary level should feed her students lunch. with government farms and markets scattered all over the nation, more food would be produced and distributed easily with government preservation centers alongside working efficiently (assuming the power issues and good road infrastructures has been sorted and put in place of course).
    Thank you.

    • Funmi we sure have a lot in common including our names 😉
      Your Igbo neighbours adopted you sharp-sharp due to your strong integration skills.

      I am sitting here reading your comment and imagining a Nigeria with all the facilities and amenities you mentioned, that will be pure paradise. I hope Nigeria’s next president is reading your comment, seriously. I sometimes wonder why we can’t have fresh fruits and vegetables in our markets. We only see items that mostly look like they are about to be disposed yet very expensive compared to what we see in western countries.

      Finally that your statement about making farming and owning a farm prestigious is enough to change food production in Nigeria. Due to the situation of the agric sector, the farmers are looked down upon so much that no one of the younger generation wants to go into it. Sad. 🙁

  5. 1. Semo and Okra soup mixed with ogbono.
    2. Okra soup
    3. I believe there is a Supreme Being that created the universe too.
    4. I would provide farmers with modern farming tools to ease the pain of the old and crooked farming tools. Also, encourage young ones to go into agriculture and provide necessary assistance in preserving the farm produce to make sure they remain fresh for consumption.

    • Blessing I wish there will come a time when Youth Corps members will practice mechanized farming for 1 year. I hope intending NYSCers will not kill me for this lol

  6. balogun funke says

    1. pounded yam (iyan) and melon (egusi soup)
    2. pounded yam
    3. we are one Nigerian
    4. i will appoint a good/competent minister of agriculture and NAFDAC that will take care importation foods and also provide fertilizers and machinery for our farmers, we are so blessed in this country we have so many plantations a lots that we can encourage our farmers to work on.

  7. Ope Ogunleye says

    1. What is your favourite Nigerian food? Fried Rice

    2. Which Nigerian food do you cook best? Jollof Rice

    3. Going by my random facts, what do we (you and I) have in common? my middle name is lastminute.com lol, im also mum to 2 kids and married to 1 man(that made me chuckle), i love sewing, I can braid hair, including my own hair. i love to-do lists and I love meeting new people who love meeting new people (yes it makes sense)!

    4. If you become the president of Nigeria, what would you do to improve food production, distribution and preservation in Nigeria?
    I would make farming much more appealing to the youths by heavily subsidising fertilisers and farm machines, by bringing in facilities that would preserve perishable foods like like canning tomatoes etc and then work on our energy supply-i know its not something that can be done in a day so i wont say i will make energy supply constant immediately i get to office! it would make everything better/easier because then we can freeze all the freezables but im sure its not that simple! if it were that simple it would have been done ages ago.

    • Wow Ope, you are my twin from another belle. <3
      Chai! Energy keeps popping up and I believe if the electric power problem is solved in Nigeria, we will be in paradise. Thank you!

  8. victoria peters says

    I love ora/oha soup with akpu. our people call it oha.
    Ora/oha soup is the best food I can prepare.
    we have four things in common ( 1) Love for orah/ oha soup. (2) I love meeting new people (3) I so much believe in d supreme being just as you do. (4) an a typical IGBO woman.
    If I become d president of Nigeria,
    1. I will provide healthy crops with early maturity to the farmers.
    2. provision of fertilizer to all farmers
    3.construction of dam for easy irrigation.
    4. Lending of money to farmers
    5. Provision of tractors in other to encourage mechanized farming .
    for distribution of the goods,
    construction of roads and bridges for easy transportation from rural to urban areas
    providing markets people can come from different part of the country and buy and helping them to export the crops that are necessary .
    l provision of cold rooms for farmers for easy storage of perishable crop, processing machines to process some crops. silos for storing and pesticides to keep pests away from spoiling the crops

  9. Susan Iweapuzie Ezechukwu says

    1. Eba and Ogbono/Okra soup.
    2. Eba and Ogbono mixed with okra soup.
    3. We both share the following fact numbers: 2, 9, 13, 18, 21, 22, 24, 25 and 26.
    4. Youths and interested persons would be encouraged to acquire the skills of food production, distribution and preservation and also given soft loans to enable them operate better. This would help produce more foods for all. Fertilizers and seedlings distributed accordingly at the appropriate time for planting and machineries for weeding, ploughing and others made available too. And also reduction in transportation fares and fuel prices to enable even distribution to all parts of Nigeria.

  10. Olufunmilayo Agnes Dada-Ogunsola says

    1. Ikokore and eba tutu
    2. Ikokore and eba
    3. The things we have in common are listed on Nos: 6,8,18 and 26.
    4. I will encourage farmers by giving them fertilizers, give land to people interested in becoming farmers, create more green houses, provide constant electricity.

  11. Zarah Haruna says

    1 Moringa Soup
    2 Moinga Soup Wit Chicken
    3 will encourage Local farmers by making agricultural Materials Affordable 4 all

  12. Odoyi chukwuma says

    1. What is your favourite Nigerian food?
    Answer: Rice and Goat met pepper soup
    2. Which Nigerian food do you cook best?
    Answer: Egusi soup
    3. Going by my random facts, what do we (you and I) have in common?
    Answer: I only eat out of necessity; I prefer to feed the crowd.
    4. If you become the president of Nigeria, what would you do to improve food production, distribution and preservation in Nigeria?
    I will develop and implement Agricultural policy that will enable local production of food across the nation. Farmers at all level will be engage in food production and distribution. I will make mechanized farming a priority in the local setting in order to boast large scale food production.

  13. Blessyne Ojekunle says

    1. Wheat and Ora soup
    2. Ora Soup
    3. Its amazing we have quite a number of things in common! Firstly, I’m 5 ft 6, I love meeting new people who love meeting new people,
    I love to-do lists as they help me organize my day and above all,
    I believe that there’s a supreme being that created the universe. *Smiles*
    4. If i become the president of Nigeria,i would empower the farmers and encourage youths also to join the profession, provide basic and advanced tools for them to make food production easier, make provisions for preservation equipments to maintain fresh crops and also make sure they are distributed evenly and cheap for the Nigeria nation.

  14. Karen Atchley says

    i have never tried Nigerian food.i have never cooked Nigerian food. i never played football but i did coach the first girls team in our area.and we were 2nd place in league. i love meeting people.i do home health care for a living.more will be deserving of the book.but i would love to own one. oh and i plan on moving to Nigeria next year.love your site and cant wait to try .

    • Congrats on coming 2nd place in the league Karen. I wonder what is taking you to Nigeria. With that move, you will soon be cooking and tasting many Nigerian meals :)xxx


    1. My favourite Nigerian food is Semo and bitter leaf soup
    2. Nigerian food that i can cook best is my favourite food which is Semo and bitter leaf soup
    3. Am also Igbo (2), You have the same height with me (6), Am a Confidential Secretary in a company because of computer knowledge i had in my secondary school and further computer training not based on what i read in the University: Geography and Meteorology (13),and (14), I read a lot of James Hadley Chase and Mills and Boons too while in secondary school, I also love to-do list maybe because am a secretary kind of meticulous, reserved person (25), I believe that there is a supreme being that c reated the Universe also (26).
    4. If i become the president of Nigeria, I would provide farmers with modern farming tools/equipment for effective and efficiency. i would encourage the use of fertilizer to produce foods in larger quantity. i would provide durable and good storage facilities to enable them store foods for a longer time. i would also encourage youths to go into agriculture, not to dwell much on white collar job. i would also build good roads especially ones that connect the farm place and market and repair rail tracks for efficient distribution of food to the masses.

    • Chai Maryrose! Truly, the knowledge gained in secondary school goes a longer way to helping us do most jobs. You probably only used Geography to locate your work place when you went there for an interview. 🙂
      We sure have a lot in common and I love that you are a fan of JHC, my favourite is “The Vulture is a Patient Bird”. It’s the first chase I read and my best out of the other bests. 😀

  16. Faith Chinyere Odunowo says

    1. I Really don’t have a best food, because I love experimenting with food.
    2. The Nigerian food I cook best is Egusi soup, can never go wrong with that.
    3. We have quite a number of things in common.
    a. My middle name is Chinyere
    b. I’m a mum to 2kids, and wife to 1 man
    c. My hair is 100%natural, but since 2011
    d. I also believe university degrees are overrated. Most jobs I’ve done, I learnt from the hands-on training.
    e. I have a Bsc in Biochemistry, Msc in Pharmaceutical science and medicinal chemistry, but here I am baking cakes and cookies for sale, and cooking at my leisure.
    f. I also love meeting new people that love meeting new people. (Yes, I know what it means).
    4. If I’m to be the president of Nigeria, the first thing I will ensure is that anyone building a house should have soil space for planting. Trust me, you can never go wrong with that. In my former house, I had soil space, and I made good use of it, planted yam, ugwu, scentleave, curry, tomato, pepper and moringa, but when I moved to PH, no soil space and I lament everyday for have to go to the market to buy simple things. Regarding preservation of food, the most important thing is adequate power supply, with that, we can avod chemical preservatives and just freeze our produce to use when necessary.
    Then also, I I was to be the president, every state will have their food production farm areas, that way, there is no excuse of ‘tomato is from jos, thats why its expensive’ etc.

    • My namesake! For real, tomatoes can come from all parts of Nigeria because in western countries, their land are not as fertile neither is their climate favourable yet they make these conducive for crops.

      You should be proud of yourself for getting those certificates. Who knows, you will need them one day. For now, please enjoy baking those cakes and cookies. Hopefully, I’ll taste them soon or at least feast my eyes on some photos of them!
      Congratulations on being one of the winners!

  17. Ebele tonia says

    1- my favorite Nigeria food is pounded yam and vegetable soup with any protein
    2- The Nigeria food I will say I cook best is my favorite(pounded yam and vegetable soup) but am also good in some others

  18. Angel Okeke says

    1. I love agidi jollof. ate so much of it in secondary school. Still make it now as a guilty pleasure
    2. My jollof rice and goat meat with moi – moi
    3. We're both Igbo. Igbo kwenu!
    4. I would create subsidies to make food more affordable. Provide farmers with more modern equipment which would lead to cheaper produce and bring about more domestic and international trade.

  19. Dear Aunty Flo,

    Here are my answers to your questions:

    1. What is your favourite Nigerian food?

    2. Which Nigerian food do you cook best?

    3. Going by my random facts, what do we (you and I) have in common?

    a) I’m Igbo
    b) I think university degrees are overrated. You can do MOST jobs with secondary school education + on-the-job training.
    c) I hate the cold but I love snow sledging.
    d) I only eat out of necessity; I prefer to feed the crowd.
    e) I love meeting new people who love meeting new people.
    f) I love to-do lists. They have helped me run my life more efficiently.
    g) I believe that there’s a supreme being that created the universe.
    I) My second name is lastminute dot com. But that’s when I’m at my best!

    4. If you become the president of Nigeria, what would you do to improve
    food production, distribution and preservation in Nigeria?

    – ensure that adequate budget is allocated to the Agricultural sector in support of food production
    – develop strategy to improve food production process, packaging and preservation
    – encourage youth to venture into agriculture by providing grants, equipment, training and hands-on support.
    – ensure that the policies in favour of efficient distribution of food and related items are implemented
    – reduce the cost of production and related taxes
    – encourage healthy food production
    – foster partnerships and encourage investments in the area of food production, distribution and preservation
    – take adequate measures to ensure food security and prevent food crisis and waste
    – Improve farm produce exportation
    – Provide resources to increase food production and distribution
    – Support institutions and individuals to carry out further research in food production.


    • Awesome comment Grace! Thank you! Great points about improving food production and distribution in Nigeria, I wish those in power are reading this.

      We sure have a lot in common. Yassss!

  20. Elena Otero Gálvez says

    1) I love all af them but I think my favourite is Egusi Soup with Amala…
    2) Is not only one, I know I cook perfectly Fish Stew with Okra soup and also Fried rice… still improving the rest.
    3)Number 7 (I speak spanish, french and english), 10 (Natural hair, of course… is growing right from my head lol), 12 (I have lived in Germany, France and Spain), 13 and 14 (That is right. I have studied Social Work at the university and I have never work on this. But my school mates who had never studied at University they are all working now), 24 (I love meet new people, and what I love more is meet people from other countries and cultures) and, finally, 26 (I also believe).
    4) First, not knowing at all how are all this things going now in Nigeria, I think the most important thing is make run electricity, water and sewage system, because that will help to use better equipment, at farmers and industries also. Secondly, I will try to open markets with european and american countries, addapting the sanitary requirements so Nigerian people could sell any of their products without problem and not paying customs. Thirdly I will encourage to buy and sell Nigerian products, so all that have been made in Nigeria will provide same quality at less price than foreigners.
    Give me one month and I will give you my complete electoral program lol.

    And as you want to know new people… I am 24 years old, spanish, from Andalusia. I met my guy 2 years ago and we have been living abroad for one year and a half. I like african food, but the most we eat is yoruba food because of my guy. I use to cook everything he desires… Ogbono, Egusi, Stew, Efo riro, Beans, Ewa agoyin, Meat pie, Fried rice, Jollof, Pepper Soup, Suya… and I always ask my yoruba friend to improve better my food. Some people dont believe but I eat also with my hand, is not a problem.
    Appart from food, I love reading books (any, adventures, historics, mistery…), listen music (spanish, american, nigerian…) and watch films and series (yoruba films, spanish and american films and series).
    I am also learning yoruba now and broken english. Mo understand ede yoruba die die. And I dey try broken na.
    Anything else? 😉

    • lol @ giving your complete electoral program! I’m sure you can save Nigeria, we need to kick out those corrupt officials and give you the job. 🙂

      Elena you blew me away with your comment! I love how you prepare all these meals for our brother. You even speak Yoruba and pidgin die die, chai! God bless you real good and keep it up!

      I live in Spain (in Castilla y Leon) so maybe one of these days, when you are in the north or I in the south, we will meet each other in real life. All the best!

  21. (1) My favorite Nigerian food is Abacha (African Salad)
    (2) Nigerian food i cook best is ofe oha
    (3) what (you and I) have in common are these: I am a mother of 2, married to 1 man, am Igbo girl, and I love meeting new people who love meeting new people.
    (4) If I become the president of Nigeria, what I would do to improve food production, distribution and preservation in Nigeria is to Use improved Tools and Implements, use chemicals to increase the shelf lives of produce. Use of improved bins, silos, rhombus for the efficient storage and distribution of farm produce

  22. folasade dunmade says

    I love dodo and vegetable stew
    I cook.semi and ewedu well
    I will establish farm settlements where mechanized farming where specialized crops will be farmed.
    Farmers market will also be established where d products will be sold
    I love testing new food cooked

  23. Elena Mandis says

    1 – Egusi
    2 – Meat pies (sorry, I’m Italian and I’m learning small small)
    3 – I’m a teacher’s daughter, too (n.3), and I can speak a little Nigerian Pidgin (n.7). I love CSI kind of shows but at the moment Internet is my addiction (n.21) and, last but not least, I do list too.
    4 – If I was the Nigerian President, I’d try to support all the food system. First, I would try to endorse a national program for improving the production of high quality food through modern low energy consumption tools. Quantity is important, yes, but the western experiences demonstrates that it is not enough. Secondly I would work for improving the distribution (for example, larger and better networks of roads, electricity and water) and the preservation of the food (national food programs for students and falilies, modern markets with refrigerating rooms and some more rules about hygiene).
    Obviously, I will need at least 5 years for doing all this work and more and more..


  24. Muoneke Ugonna says

    1.My best meal is jollof rice served with fish or chicken.
    2. I cook Oha and Onugbu soup very well.
    3 . what we have in common is I love cooking as u love too. Ieither experimenting meals I see or I think of.
    I also believe that theres a supreme being who we’re accountable to on the last day.
    4.If I become the president of this country I will encourage people to go into agriculture. I will encourage self employment and empower people who are into food either farming or final processing of food which is cooking

  25. Shulammite Aniedi George says

    1. Editan Soup with Semo
    2. Editan soup
    3. I only eat out of necessity; I prefer to feed the crowd
    4. I will make loans available for young graduate to go into farming, mechanised farming system. I will encourage every family to have at least a small garden that will enable them to have their vegetable always fresh. More so, commercial coldrooms will made available at strategic locations for a good storage system. A well structured market and assessable road network will be constructedconstructed for easy distribution of farm produce.

  26. Rachel Oloriegbe says

    1.Bitterleaf soup and pounded yam
    2. Egusi Soup
    3.My hair is 100% natural
    4. As the president of Nigeria I will encourage every one to be a farmer,a least every one must plant the basics thing in their garden like tomatoes, pepper, vegetable etc and I will make a lot of investments in the agriculture sector now the price of oil in dropping. I will also bring in experts from other countries to organized seminar/training for the farmers to teach them on how to preserve their products with modern technology which the govt will provide the funds which farmers will be assessing through their local govt council. Also I will encourage exportation of their products to increase revenue for the country.

  27. nwokeke faith says

    1. My best food is beans. Pls don’t ask me why I jst love it.

    2. Ogbono soup.

    3.The things we have in common are plenty. One, I read books novel anything readable. I even read newspaper used to wrap akara or puff puff after eating it. Two, the english name aspect, I am no fan of it either. My daughter and hubby have native names entirely. Four, my daughter is going to be as tall as you. I so love your height.
    Because that was my one wish for myself that never materialized.
    4.If I become president, I’ll make agriculture more apealing. I’ll give youths agricultural grants. For distribtution I will organise or sell food at subsidized rate for its people so that all can afford, give out food to those in rural areas, widows orphans etc. For preservation, I’ll imbibe the effectiveness of freezing, canning or even drying of food product.

  28. Amodu Tawakalitu Yetunde says

    1) Amala, ewedu and fresh fish soup
    2) Vegetable soup and Amala
    3) i braid hair including mine, i love meeting new people and i believe there is a supreme being that created the universe
    4) if i were the president, i’ll provide standard and necessary facilities to promote the growth of agriculture and food production in Nigeria, i’ll also provide quarantine services to the farmers and urge them to continue farming by paying then handsomely for the work done.

  29. 1) Amala, ewedu and fresh fish soup
    2) Vegetable soup and Amala
    3) i braid hair including mine, i love meeting new people and i believe there is a supreme being that created the universe
    4) if i were the president, i’ll provide standard and necessary facilities to promote the growth of agriculture and food production in Nigeria, i’ll also provide quarantine services to the farmers and urge them to continue farming by paying then handsomely for the work done.

  30. 1) love amala with ewedu and dried cat fish
    2)make amala really well
    3)I love to make lists and love meeting new people.
    4) would subsidize agricultural products to farmers and also non-interest loan

  31. 1. My favourite Nigerian food is beans, whether cooked o, as akara, moin moin, ohwo isha. Funny enough I can’t stand baked beans.

    2. “What should I cook?” “Anything, so long as na you dey cook am.” That’s the story of my life. So long as I have a recipe, every meal I prepare is my best. I like having different ways of preparing the same food.

    3. 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 17, 21, 25, 26, 27. The things we have in common plenty sha. Though my B. Eng is in Chemical Engineering. I support Arsenal FC and I play for a team called The Panthers :D. Last minute dot com (ROTFL), I hope none of my friends ever see this. They’ll change my name.

    4. If I was president, I’ll solve the power problem and fix roads to rural farming communities. I’ll also fund farming cooperatives to encourage communal storage of food produce and food processing.
    The same way we have local health centres, I’ll have local farming centres where farmers can have their concerns addressed; have access to seeds, fertilizers and the technology (at subsidized rates) they need without having to face the bureaucracy that plagues the system currently.

  32. Faith Odunowo says

    How can I miss that, most importantly, I am also Igbo, from Imo state, Aboh-Mbaise to be precise. Lol.

  33. 1. My Favorite Nigerian Food is Amala and Okro Soup

  34. bukola olorunnisomo says

    (1) Eba and efo riro
    (2)Amala and gbegiri (beans soup)
    (3)1’m also a teacher’s daughter, a mum to 2 kids and a wife to one man.Also read james hardley chase,mills a
    nd boom(M&B)while I was growing up too.though still read romance novel till now.
    (4)Well I will make sure I encourange farming and give my support to the farmers by giving them loans and providing modern day equipment to work with,also restore the railway system back in every state so that farm produce can be taken to every part of the country and build farm produce storage facility for the farmers.



  36. 1 Love Chicken Stew
    2 Chicken Stew
    3 Both love Nigerian Food
    4 Bring in proper electric source so people could enjoy more cooking without having to worry about power. Make equipment and having products more affordable to bring more and more fresh fruits and vegetables to the Nigerian Dinner Table

  37. Sari Anneli Ezenwa says

    1.) Egusi soup
    2.) Egusi soup
    3.) I speak 3 languages: Finnish, Norwegian and English. I can understand both Swedish and Danish. I’d like to learn Igbo.
    4.) I would ask my amazing husband what to do with Nigerian politics. He would love to be able to improve conditions for all Nigerians.

  38. Trace ayuba says

    Ans 1 – wheat and vegetable(efò rírow)
    Ans 2 – ègusi soup (homemade )
    Ans 3 – I only eat out of necessity; I prefer to feed the crowd.
    Ans 4 – If I became the president of nigeria, what I will do to improve food production in nigeria, is thatNigeria will be ready to share its
    successful experience in agricultural
    transformation with other African
    countries, so that the novel approach can be
    used all across Africa to empower farmers.with consideration of measures we will boost agricultural production and food security in nigeria.we will treat
    agriculture as a viable business and not “a
    development programme etc.

    2 – distribution from the strategic food reserved will be
    fairly distributed across all the states including vas of seed planting and fertiliser and we will not miss the planting season.
    3 – my preservation include lmprovement on electricity and maintenance of quality of perishable crops including all roots and tuber
    so as to preserve cure.
    crops, fruits and vegetables and
    other such crops plus quality of durable crops to an higher perseverance.

  39. What is your favourite Nigerian food? My favorite Nigerian food is Okra soup.

    Which Nigerian food do you cook best? I make the best okra and egusi soup.

    Going by my random facts, what do we (you and I) have in common? We have four things in common your number 19, 24, 25, and 26.
    Please Check out my twitter https://twitter.com/TimandJassy

    If you become the president of Nigeria, what would you do to improve food production, distribution and preservation in Nigeria? I will make sure our food are produced in our own country, bought and sold in our own country Nigeria. Instead of our people buying foreign products, I will encourage Nigerians to produce their own and strengthen our economy by buying from within our country. I will create jobs by endorsing our farmers and encouraging farming among our people…to be honest with you without farmers we wouldn’t be eating all these good Nija foods, right?! Our farmers are important to our society. I hope I am making sense here. 🙂 I love your cook book and I want one.

  40. Joy Ene Adakole says

    (1)My favourite Nigerian food is pounded yam and ogbono soup (2) I cook ogbono soup best and serve it with pounded yam.eba or semo. (3) Going by your random facts,we have 3 basic things in common which are seen in your numbers 24,25 and 26. I love meeting new people like you who also love meeting new people, I also love to-do lists because it helps me to plan and live each day efficiently hence my time/day is properly managed. And finally on number 3 question, I also deeply believe there’s a supernatural/supreme being who created the universe and He’s called God. (4) if I become the president of this great Nation Nigeria, I will go to the grassroots especially the food producing states of the country to meet the farmers and talk to them about my intention/strong desire to boost food production, then give them opportunity to tell me what is hindering their production,then whatever they say ranging from lack of fertilizer,machinery,manpower et.c will be provided and I’ll delegate people who will monitor the farmers to make sure they do their own part. For the distribution,I’ll make sure vehicles are provided for effective transportation of the food items within the state and even outside the country when the need/demand arises. Then finally on preserving foods I’ll dry the foods for the ones that need drying, add preservatives then package it well and keep in stores/warehouses till the need or demand to use it arises. Thanks madam Chinyere and esteemed judges for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway promo. Am Joy Ene Adakole. Thanks again.

  41. 1… I totally love yam with palmoil pepper sauce….egg sauce don’t even hold a lamp close to my chilies.

    2…I can cook some but my Bitter leaf soup stand out. Atleast so I’ve been told. *straight face*

    3… I totally agree with you that university degree is overated. I can categorically tell you that as someone who just graduated from one last month. The problem starts with the lectures, moves to the students and then ends with the government! Their attitudes is just so argh! And when you go out in the field you’d see that you’d start learning most things practically afresh. So tell me, what was all that 4 years was about? Pfft!

    4…Agriculture is a viable venture that is kinda tedious but rewarding in the long run. I think I’d invest by using up those lands wasting away along inter-states roads. Establish farm there, then make it interesting, less tedious and lucrative for the youths to wanna participate in by providing top farm machinery and technologies. That should be my first step.

    #dats all

  42. zainab Tahir Maude says

    1. Tuwo shinkafa with kuka soup. 2. Efo riro with semo. 3. I love reading jamea hardly chase too I have read about 50 of his novel. 4. If I become the president of Nigeria, I wil stil frm the student of nigeria who are reading agricuture, acquatic fishry and food technology, I wil start by proving them with all the necessary equipment they need to do their practicalls. This I believ wil encourage and make the corse easier for them and I belief after their education thy wil stil want to stick to their line of study

  43. Abimbola Akomah says

    Favourite Nigerian food: Nigerian Meatpie
    I cook fried rice best.
    In common: We both have 2 kids and are married to 1 man. 🙂
    If I was president of Nigeria: I wold put a tax on all imported foods and give aid to Nigerian farmers so that Nigerian made/grown food is more affordable and attractive to Nigerians.
    What you can learn about me: My pet peeve is when Nigerians who grew up back home act like they are better/more Nigerian than those Nigerians who grew up here. We are all Nigerian- let’s draw together!

  44. CHAI! Why don’t I live near you Flo? Free food and hair braiding as per neighbour tinz nau? ahahha.
    It’s a pleasure knowing more about you? #handshake#
    Lol @ lastminute.com.

    I want to win a book o, but I don’t have a favourite food! Can cakes count please? #looking at you with cat pleading eyes#

    Oh! Yes! My ogbono soup and pounded yam is dabomb! Even hubby does not joke with it! ahahaha #even though I suck big time at other meals!#

    I don’t like cold also! I love James handley chase, CSI drama and breaking news! And I also believe in GOD, the supreme being and creator!

    If I become the Presido of 9ja ehen,, I will invest heavily into mechanized farming and husbandry, give mouth-watering incentives to attract people to return to farming and pay researchers to find way of preserving foods into dried,powdered, and paste form.

    I hope with all my answers, I am able to convince you that I stand a chance of winning? 😀 #Cat eyes#

  45. 1. Eba and Okro

    2.Ijebu Black Sauce and Okro Asepo

    3. Nos 10, 24, 25, 26:
    (i)My hair is 100% natural. Since 2012.
    (ii)I love meeting new people who love meeting new people.
    (iii)I love to-do lists. They have helped me run my life more efficiently.
    (iv)I believe that there’s a supreme being that created the universe.

    4. If i become the president of Nigeria, i would do the following to improve food production, distribution and preservation in Nigeria

    (1)improving communications channels to ensure that excess stocks in one area reach another area that is short of the commodities.

    (II) I would provide better trading facilities, for example, improved market places, more food markets at reasonable prices.

    I would Improve food and crop storage by educating people about safe and hygienic food storage at home

    (III)and also keeping the warehouses safe in measures of control against storage pests secure against rats and vermin and to facilitate the application of insecticides and set protective measures against any other destructive animals or reptiles.

    (IV) I will put into process traditional practices for better storage and increased protection of unthreshed grains.

    (V) I will put in place a system that works for storage. educating the farmers on the essence of preservating commodities, grains, cereals, etc have different methods of preservation which would be passed on to the farmers.

    (VI) and also providing them guidelines and infrastructure to store their commodities carefully and properly.

    Thank You.

  46. Kofoworola Alli Akindolie says

    1. pounded yam with edikaikong Soup
    2. Moi-Moi elemi meje
    3. We both love cooking and i also read James Hardley Chase novels. I also had acne on my nose through my adolescent yrs and is stopped after i also had my baby.I also have To do list 4 every month and my husband is always glad about it. I believe in God as d Supreme Being.
    4. If i were d president of Nigeria, i would make sure d Agricultural Sector is highly subsidized, so as 2 make small scale farmers also produce food in large quantity.

  47. Kofoworola Alli Akindolie says

    Yes am very much alive and i love to cook.

  48. nasira barde says

    1. I love pounded yam (poundo) with egusi soup best among all Nigerian food. 2.hmn I cook pounded yam with Egusi and also with fresh fish soup. 3.we have some few things in common like I am also a mum,been married for 10 years, am a graduate but love to cook, I like to do list that help me organise myself, I also speak 3 languages plus the Nigerian peagon english. 4.if at all I will become the president of Nigeria, I will help in first food production I will make sure that farmers be it small or large farming gets all they need in the production sector such as fertiliser, good seeds, pesticides and will also help to improve in dry season farming. Secondly I will make sure the challenge of bad road be considered inevery part of the country so that farmers and suppliers will get there goods to where needed and also make sure that fuel is affordable by all. Lastly I will make sure that I create and provide an everlasting preservation Units that will help all nigerians and their farmers. Both local and international methods will be used. Thank u for this wonderful space

  49. Ibe Blessing Chiamaka says

    1.My favourite Nigerian food is fufu and Oha soup.A thought of it alone increases the rate of production of saliva from my salivary glands.
    2.My culinary skills are very much pronounced while preparing okra mixed with Ogbono.
    3.We share the following in common:
    a.Fact no.2-I’m igbo too.
    b.Fact no.7-I speak 3 languages too.
    c.Fact no.9-I braid well too including my own hair.
    d.Fact no.19- I eat because I care about my enzymes so much; one of my happiest moments is when I have to cook for more tgan 5 people regardless of their varying meal choices.
    e.Fact no.22-Olympic games when they’re on, create a nearly permanent bond between my buttocks and the chair; NEARLY permanent because the strength of the bond cannot resist the sound of”come and prepare…….”
    f.Fact no.25-To-do lists help me achieve a relatively stress free life even when surrounded by myriads of stressors.
    g.Fact no.26-I can’t be convinced enough on the absence of a supreme being.
    4.If I am made the president of Nigeria, I’ll:
    a .Ensure that schools are equipped with facilities to teach agricultural studies.
    b.Improve agricultural technology by funding the purchase of more equipment, in order to improve productivity.
    c.Put up a policy that ensures purchase of land at a cheaper rate if it’s for agricultural purposes.
    d. Make the purchase of farm inputs (seedlings and fertilizer) more affordable.
    e.Encourage the establishment of more agricultural firms so as to harness the raw agricultural farm produce.
    f.Boost agricultural extension services to rural areas by causing an increment in the salaries of the workers as this will serve as an incentive.
    g.Ensure that in collaboration with food technologists,Nigerians are enlightened on new ways of food processing.

  50. Williams Royalty says

    Hmmm! This is quite interesting and am so happy to be part of this and I hope to win this book cos it will serve as a birthday gift!
    1. To start with my favorite Nigerian food is Pounded yam and Egusi soup.
    2. I can cook Egusi soup in different ways especially my families favorite (white Egusi soup) with Semo.
    3. Interestingly we share same height, I love football but an Arsenal fan( A team raw potentials).’:D , I eat as a necessity,I love meeting people that loves meeting people too.lol cause I believe the world is a small place. University degrees is obviously overrated(thats one long story for another day 😉 ) and lastly on what we have in common I believe in one great and all knowing guy up there that created everything!
    4. This last question be like jamb question oooooo! But I eventualy came up with something.
    If I become Nigerian’s President the first thing i would do to improve food production,distribution and preservation is to first visit the goverment policies on ground as regards agriculture and make it a more flexible and attainable one.
    Some of the things i would take care of are listed below;
    Accessibility to loan.
    Mechanized farming.
    Good roads and Transportation system.
    Electricity supply.
    Good water.
    Nearness to market.
    Good and well structured incentives.
    Exportation of some of our crops that encourages foreign exchange.
    And lastly encourage investors.

    Now time would not permit me to elaborate. Am certain if these things are looked into my country Nigeria and our african food lover wont have reasons to eat junks and the youths would will be willing to be farmers. Lol.

  51. Freda Njoagwuani says

    1. I think my favourite food is agidi jollof. I love the way it dissolves in the mouth.

    2. I love to meet new people who love to meet new people. As well. I also have the same taste in books and shows as you. I also love to do lists, I’m a last minute person, but trying to evolve because of hubby’ insistence. I also believe in the supreme being theory.

    3. If I were to be president, I would
    * Have one on one meetings with the grassroot farmers and get suggestions on how to make improvements from them, examine such suggestions and try to implement the worthy ones.
    *Improve on roads and other means of transport for the farmers to get their stuff across to the consumers.
    * I would try to reinforce the co operatives as this is the means of being able to reach the farmers.
    *Make more funds and manpower available to farmers to be able to do more.
    *Establish food preservation centres, and teach the farmers the various processes.
    *Improve on availability of power, as a means of storage.
    *Make mechanized farming available to the farmers.

    I hope these ‘few’ points of mine are convincing enough!

  52. (1)I love my Banga soup and red garri
    (2)Banga soup
    (3)I believe that there is a Supreme being that created the universe.
    (4)Food production:strengthening of small scale farmers will ensure that most households are able to produce foods that can properly them at home and at the same time engaging in food production for commercial purposes to cater for the needs of my people.I as the president of this nation will also help small scale farmers by giving them fertilizers,modern machinery,proper information and education on the type of crops that can grow well in a particular location.
    Food distribution:I will build solid roads network,i will support infrastructures that improves product distribution
    Food preservation:I will introduce the use of food irradiation treatment in all localities,tell producers to make use of canning and drying as a means of preservation so as to satisfy my teeming population

  53. 1. Suya
    2.obogno with pounded yam.
    3. I too have 2 children and I’m married to 1 man! And love travelling and trying different food. .
    4. I would invest in improving the roads and subsidising people to grow their own crops.

  54. Olutayo Bankole-Bolawole says

    Olutayo Bankole-Bolawole – olutayob@yahoo.co.uk On facebook, linked in and twitter on same name above.

    1. Still ;crazy about plain old white rice with vegetable soup – preferably edika ekong or Afang soup and plenty of cubed “obstacles” (fish, meat, chicken and other proteins)
    2.Not sure but seriously a great cook and foodie. Anyway, if I have to choose one, it will have to be akara and vegetable soup (combo of waterleaf and ugwu leaf.
    3. Love of food (not just nigerian by the looks of it), meeting new people. traveling; read a lot of M&B when young but no JHC though 🙂 ; love feeding people but also love to eat too; must have a to-do list if not I fall apart; lived in 5 countries and been to at least 80; love athletics as well and breaking news but cannot watch the same “breaking news” all day though; all my names are pure yoruba names, not a fan of english names for me or my children; married and believe not just in any old supreme being but in the Almighty God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit the Comforter. So totally sold out to God.
    4. Not that I ever want to be president of a complex country like ours (but who knows). Ensure that I popularise farming again such that it becomes a fad and more people are into it; will ensure it comes back into the practicals for most schools with the grounds to farm and students understand farming and not just those who major in it; ensure that small holder farmers get a ready market from govt and cut out the middle man as much as possible cos small holder farmers stay small and never make much cos of the middle men; ensure that in various LGAs and Senatorial districts have food processing and food preservative barns and yard; ensure that we have seed storage granaries in those same areas across the country; remove the distribution of fertilizers from a few powerful persons and ensure that those with a genuine love of farming are in charge of distribution so that quality of produce improve. Encourage farmers to go into cooperatives and groups so that they can collectively be able to sell their produce beyond the shores of the country especially with the support of government advertising key products for exportation to countries that need our food. From my research and work across africa, we may not even need to export to the west or global north to make it big as the market in Africa is large enough. I also believe that having a forward thinking Agriculture minister will help a great deal to create the interest, hype and resilience needed to make it work well – like we have currently now in Nigeria I believe.

    Finally, we need to learn from countries that are self-sustaining on basic food so that we can continue to improve. it does not necessarily mean from the high powered persons in government but the government of such countries should just facilitate the trip and we should have farmers from different levels in production (basic small holder farmers and the big ones with proper mechanised farming) visit such countries with support from our government to learn and come back with the learning. Ensure cross fertilisation of ideas across countries to make it happen. we should not forget the role of CAADP in africa and ensure that first as nigeria we meet the minimum standards on budgeting for agriculture effectively and also ensure part of what is budgeted for includes training of farmers and encouraging and support to women farmers as well. If I had more time, I would have also talked about how government can make land available for Nigerians at both small holder farming and highly mechanised farm lands to be leased so that those with the interest can make money, pay back to government and eradicate poverty to an extent because creation of jobs for the young school leavers and others will go a long way to making this happen. The NYSC should have a section that encourages (if not force) the corpers to generate interest in farming especially if they are exposed to its gains and supported to start their own once the serious interest is seen in them. I think I should stop now to prepare for work. I can go on and on. 🙂

  55. 1, Roast yam and palm oil( with pepper added).
    2, vegetable sauce
    3, we have nos 6,8,18,25,26 and 27. Although as for nos 6, I’ve learnt how to sew.
    4, I’ll revive and invest into the agricultural sector eg creating more farms, subsidising machinery, loan facilitation etc so we have more locally produced food. Also employ health inspectors to check that food produced and sold are in optimum condition.

  56. 1.ila alasepo and amala.ma best meal anytym anyday
    2.ila alasepo.wen t cums 2cooking this draw soup,evy1 leaves d kitchen 4me.i luv it more cs it saves tym n d end product z alwaz delicious
    3.we both support barcelona n i nva miss d olympic games esp gymnastic,swimming n athletics event.ma hair is also natural,i plait it maslf.pple call me witch 4doin dat(is it dat bad?)
    4.if i become d president of our Dear Nation(i no i wud b),i wud promote agriculture to a g8 extent n mak sure dat we produce varieties of foods regularly.i wl giv farmers full support n encouragement.i wl mak sure theres enough food 4 evy1 whc wud b cheaper and accessible for old and young.i wl set up food agencies to ensure dat farmers n seller doesnt sell unscrupulous n bad food items to d citizens.
    Lastly i wl make sure every Nigerian av a copy of d nigerianrecipes cookbook.THANK YOU

  57. Ebidisabofa Patience Ababa says

    1. Efo riro and wheat
    2. Efo riro and wheat
    3. 26, 13, 9, 8
    4. I will source for experts locally and internationally to look into the food sector focusing on growing the raw product locally, food production, distribution and preservation in Nigeria and make these (above) part of “my …….point agenda”.
    I ll also look into making it accessible n very cheap for all.

  58. 1) I love Pounded Yam & Ugwu soup with roasted fish.
    2) I cook Potatoe Porridge well.
    3) I also think University Degrees are overrated as well, I believe once you can read and write with the basic secondary education, you are indeed educated, what you chose from there hence lies in your hands. Many only get degrees as part of the socialization needs of society, and many do not practice in their field of study, MR BEAN for one, studied engineering but is making the world laugh their brains out.
    4) IF I were president, I will strongly give priority to food not going to waste, through orienting farmers on a large scale on ways of preserving their farm produce e.g turning yam into yam flour should it be predicted that the yams may spoil as well as making it a rule that all food related industries e.g. juice factories, eateries, must collect supplies of farm produce from farmers as part of their social responsibility and giving back to society, finally exporting our own farm produce will be initiated and implemented. Not even an orange should waste.

  59. 1. Fav Nigerian Food: Pounded Yam and Oha soup.
    2. I cook Egusi and oha soups with pounded Yam, garri or semo very very well.
    3. We are both Igbo, wife to one man, love csi like shows and the Internet, also both teachers’ daughters, love to do lists, believe in a supreme being that created the universe and work best under pressure at the last minute and also loved to read James Hadley Chases.
    4. If I were to become the president of Nigeria, in improving food production, distribution and preservation I would ensure that people pay more attention and become keen on agricultural productions in the sense that I would make sure that people are motivated with the right kind of incentive be it financial by providing entrepreneurial funds to that effect. I would also ensure silos for food storage are adequately and durably built across the nation while prompting the governors under my regime to encourage agricultural production especially amongst the youth. Every state would also be encouraged to provide and distribute to each other the main agricultural product they produce.
    Thank you!

  60. 1. My favorite Nigerian food is moi-moi and pounded yam with egusi! On a trip to Budapest two weeks ago I went to African restaurant just to eat pounded yam with egusi. Yummy. Well I like fried plantain and plantain chips too. And puff puff too. I like pounded yam, because it’s similar to what we here in some part of Slovenia (where I live) make out of potato and flour, it’s called »krompirjevi žganci«. And puff puff is similar to other food we make too, »miške« as mice, but »miške« are sweet. Oh, yes, I like fried rice too. Ooohhh, suya! Oh my, I forgot about suya. How could this happen?? Delicious. Very delicious! Oooh, I want to eat suya right now! Oh, I want to go back to Nigeria right now!

    2. Well, today I made plantain chips for the first time. And that’s the first Nigerian food I ever cooked.

    3. I am the same height as you are. I speak more than 3 languages, learned Yoruba too, and if I would stay in Nigeria longer, I would definitely understand Nigerian Pidgin too. I bought sewing machine, if that counts, because I want to learn to sew. I am very good at undoing braided hair . I never dyed my hair in my life, so my hair is also 100% natural. I don’t watch TV, because as you said, internet is more entertaining. I watch Olympic Games and Athletic Championships too. And yes, number 26 and 27 too.

    4. I am not Nigerian, so technically it is not possible for me to be Nigerian president, but I spent 5 months in Nigeria this year, and yes, there are so many things to do to improve food production and all that. First, I would recommend to inform and teach people about permaculture and biodiversity, saving you own seeds of crops and use them to plant in new planting cycle, because monoculture system, GMO’s seed, and all fertilizers that monoculture is using it, just damages your beautiful land, and with permaculture you can preserve your land much better than with monoculture which on the long run is killing the soil and land. I would definitely put that in your school curriculum as an obligatory subject through the whole school system with some practical work too, and/or as part of National Youth Service lectures. And much more. And yes, I would definitely go for solar power or any kind of green energy that would provide electricity for all people. And much more.

  61. 1.egusi soup
    2.I can cook egusi soup very well
    3.I can fix nd braid hair
    4.if I were to be d president i will make sure electricity is constant in order to preserve food, I will also provide easy way to farm so that more people will go into farming inorder to have so many food ingredients we have not yet discover in nigeria.I we also make sure food items are affordable for everybody inorder for peopl to be able to buy nd lean how to prepar different Nigeria food.

  62. 1. My favourite Nigerian food is Okra soup mixed with a little ogbono and garri.

    2. I cook Ora soup very well.

    3. I have a number of things in common with you. Both of us love feeding the crowd, love sewing, finds to-do-list important because it helps an individual to be more organized and focused. Et al.

    4. To improve food production, I will encourage all especially the youths to go into Agriculture (live stock and plant) by making sure all Agricultural schools/colleges/universities are well equipped with modern machines and facilities. I will promote Agriculture by giving incentives to farmers (free fertilizers,money,pesticides et al). Secondly, as regards proper distribution of food, I will provide and assign trucks to the six geo political zones in Nigeria because transportation is one of the major factors. Also, I will provide offices and pick-up points to ensure proper and even distribution. Finally, I will engage people in public awareness of the importance of food preservation. Importance of food preservation can never be over emphasized. This is because a country without reserves will face hunger and economic famine. Thus, leading to malnutrition and economic instability. Preserving food during its season, helps people and the economy when that particular food is out of season. For instance, during maize season, people enjoy it when cooked, roasted or fried (for children though) and many people sun dry as much as they can so as to store/preserve and use when it’s out of season to make delicacies like moi moi, pap, etc. Conclusively, production, distribution and preservation of food are inter-woven and geared toward man’s sustenance. Thanks.

  63. Barbie Lucia Igbasi says

    1) Ukwa.
    2) Bitter leave soup and pounded yam.
    3) I to-do list a lot, it really helps.
    4) Am the President of this great nation, in other to improve the production, distribution and preservation of foods, I will do the following

    In the aspect of food production:
    1) Improve the agricultural infrastructure, techniques and structures in schools such as colleges and tertiary institutions, to a enhance sound education of graduates in such fields.
    2) Make provision of seminars for youths to educate them on how agriculture will aid in food creation and wealth creation as well, at the end of this programs, youths who have developed interest in this will be registered with an agricultural agency tasked with the duties of taking these youths through a short period of training in whatever agricultural field that has been chosen by the, e.g fishery, farming, grasshopper farming e.t.c
    3) After that period of training, these youths will be aided with the equipments and cash prices to start up on their own and there will also remain a mentorship from the agency. This will not also improve food production but also reduce the rate of unemployment and crime rate
    4) This activity mentioned above will be carried out in every state so as to mobilize more people into agriculture.

    In the aspect of food transportation
    1) I will make available vehicles that will aid the movement of crops from the rural areas, villages, to the urban centres.
    2) through the ministry of transportation, I will reduce the charges for the movement of crops from one places to another.
    3) Repair roads in the rural areas to aid fast transportation of crops, especially perishable crops.

    In the aspect of preservation of foods
    1) I will build in both rural and urban centres food preservation such as, barns e.t.c
    2) create storage centres, where individuals can store their goods for a period of time and make it affordable, there by the money paid by people will be used for the smooth running of the storage house.
    3) Drugs used for the preservation of crops will be made very affordable for everyone

    In conclusion the general price for agricultural materials will be made affordable and job opportunities will be created for graduates of agriculture, there by turning everyone’s attention to the agricultural industry. Before the discovery of oil, Nigeria’s main source of export was agricultural produce. It also increased the GDP.

  64. Hi Flo 🙂
    1. Yes I like some of the Nigerian food.
    I like stu with meat, beans with meat or fish.
    I love talking about food in general, and of course Nigerian food to my friends and family.
    2. I make some Nigerian food, like yam and fried eggs, akara and custard, stu with chicken, moi,moi.
    3. I love meeting new people. I am Norwegian and I am married to a Nigerian man, who teach me to me to like Nigerian food. I use your page to learn how to cook this good food 🙂 You and me will talk about food if we met 🙂
    4. If I was president i Nigeria I will give farmers support with money, so they can be more productive with vegetales and animals. And also to the right affordable prize for everyone.

  65. Irenosen Addeh says

    1.Plantain(fried, boiled or roast plantain). 2.Stewed Beans. 3.Fact 3-I’m a Teacher’s daughter.(My Mum is a Teacher);Fact 8:I love sewing-uses Mum’s sewing machine to do little of home economics with my clothes if there is need and would love to learn more about the work;Fact 26:I Believe that there is a great one who created the universe.4.I would ensure that the Agricultural schools and research institutes are improved and recognised like University of Agriculture,Abeokuta. is equipped with intellectual manpower & authentic machines for learning & mechanization and Primary & Secondary Schools make provision for farmlands to expose studnets to Agriculture.Also,reach an agreement with countries and firms with good background on stable agricultural economy and profits.Consequently,lands which are inhabitable along highways roads would be used as farmlands with good road network.Provide Food deposits centre with machines to preserve and functioning vehicles to transport food items to places of need.

  66. Mohammed Olajumoke says

    Me: *my favourite Nigeria food is Amala with ewedu soup…wow!! let me even say It’s the key to my heart. if i see a man that is good at making Amala.lol.. don’t get it twisted.

    * hmmmm….i am damn good at making most 9ja food,was born and bred in 9ja… and my mum a great cook…*wink* buh i’d go for yam porridge. popularly known as Asaro in yoruba. i should not blow my own trumpet when it comes to this. you just might mistaken your finger for food when you are eating my self made asaro*wink*

    * we really have so many things in common
    1. I like football too buh i love manchester united.up man u.

    2. I believe that there’s a supreme being too: God.

    3. My hair is 100% natural too since 2010.

    4. I love meeting new people. i meet people online and in real life too and honestly it worth it.

    5. I too think university degrees are overrated. there are a lot more to life than that. we have the power to do better things without university education. i have a lot of friends that studied food science and presently working at bank.

    6. I love sewing too and presently i am learning it. If you are staying in Nigeria,you will know how annoying our tailors are. they can lie a ot i mean a lot .

    7. I’m 5 ft 6 tall. How come we are of the same height?

    8. I speak 3 languages. though not so fluent at pidgin which would have make it 4.

    9. I love to-do lists. i can’t do without it.

    10. I’m a teacher’s daughter. Every good and responsible mother is a teacher

    If i become the president of Nigeria, i would;

    1. Try as much as possible to promote small scale farming
    2. Educate farmers on how to plant,prevent crop disease,control pest,use of fertilizers and other important things a farmer should know. As education is the bedrock of the society.
    3. Organize seminars that will enlighten farmers o how to preserve farm produce.
    4. Invest more on farm implement and facilities.
    5. Encourage childen to study Agricultural science
    This is Nigeria,ask any child what he wants to study,the answer would law,medicine,engineering and accounting.
    6. grant loans to existing and potential farmers

  67. Blessing Chukwudi says

    1: Well, I love Nsala and Semovita
    2: Can Make Banga soup very well
    3: What we have in common is I believe there is a supreme being that owns the Universe, we are the same Igbos, a mother and enemy to cold
    4: If I Blessing were to be the president of my country Nigeria Firstly to Improve Agriculture in all ramification I will start by knowing the mind of my people and what they want. Provide social amenities that would in carrying out my plans. I would invest in Infrastructures, bring technology and agricultural education to rural areas. Support and encourage farmers and peopl who are willing to become farmers. I will provide improved seeds, fertilizers, Improved deterioration in transit and storage to farmers and Industries. I will provide adequate storage facilities, good roads and reduce high rate of transport.

  68. Kate Maduekwe says

    1. My favorite Nigerian food is oha soup and I can just lick it off the pot.
    2. I can make ogbono soup very well.
    3. I love meeting people, feeding people and have lived in more than 3 countries and visited many too.
    4. As the president of Nigeria I will ensure that there is constant electricity so that food preservation and production will be at its best. I will also build new roads and provide infrastructures that will help the farmers to get their products to the market and the cities especially places where their soil may not favour farming. I will train local farmers through their local associations and engagement with universities around them in new and enhanced farming mechanisms that will increase and accelerate food production, meat production, milk production as well as disease control for the farm crops and their animals. If you go to Benue state and other states that are engaged in huge planting of perishable products like tomatoes, pepper, oranges, and other fruits, you will observe the many baskets that are thrown away because the farmers do not have the well withal and knowledge in preservation. I will as the president of Nigeria build preservation plants to aid the storage and preservation of perishable plants that are locally produced and farmed.I will also train the farmers and the locals on the preservation procedures. In addition, I will ensure that credit facilities with minimal interests rates are made available for farmers as well as remove taxes on farming implements and provide fertilizers. I will also do a scientific study of the soil in the diverse regions of Nigeria to ensure that each region produces food and plants that their soil is best suited for. Probably take some farmers to study the American system where orange comes from Florida and banana comes from North America. I will try to replicate the model based on which plant does better in which Nigerian region. Behold, I will ensure the return of the ground nut pyramids of Northern Nigeria and the cocoa, kolanut and tobacco of Western Nigeria as well as the Palm oil of Easter States.

  69. Omotara Williams says

    1.Amala and ewedu with titus stew
    2.i cn cook okoro mixed together with pepper very well
    3.i only eat out of necessity, I prefer cooking for d crowd
    4.if I were to be the president I will give a free land to every citizen to plant different farm product plus 50k each.

  70. Adekola funmilayo says

    -my favourite Nigeria food is pounded yam and egusi(the one that looks like egg) with ugwu leaf I learnt how to cook it(after several attempt)I love learning..especially when it comes to food
    -the Nigeria food I cook best is my pounded yam and egusi soup it my favorite so I put more effort on it.pounded yam not poundo yam I like fresh food alot
    -I love to do list,I like meeting new people because I know I ll surely learn something from them no matter how small,I love internet too I learn alot from their,I can braid hair too especially my hair most times and you won’t know I made it myself,I love sewing too
    -if I become Nigeria President to improve food production I ll make sure the farmers believe in themselves too that they can also be like bankers too who many people want to be,after that supply them with every farm implements, fertilizers crops etc free i ll make sure their is competition btw farmers and bankers.instead od unemployments people ll be going in for farming too they will be farming and their will be a fixed salary for them too.it ll be like they are working for governments,after the production all the food ll be distributed to market for the consumer to buy and will provide them with best modern storage facilities.thanks

  71. (1) Rice

  72. Anolue Ugochukwu. says

    1. I can’t say a particular food because I find most Nigerian food amazing. I can’t give up Akpu (Fufu )and Onugbu soup. Amala and Ewedu soup is smooth sailing to me. Edikiako cooked by Calabar woman is a big trap for me. Pounded Yam and Nsala with fresh fish is a great delight any day. Abeg my sister may I go to the next question because as I de mention them, as salivating already. I fit forget to answer other questions.

    2. I don’t have a particular one. I love to cook and any time I entered kitchen whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, my wife and my boys are never disappointed. Like they always tell me every Saturday if am around, “Daddy, Please Give Us A Proper Breakfast”.

    3. Passion for cooking and that is why I started following you in fb for quite sometime now. Lived in 3 countries and travelled to more than 25 countries, like to cook for people,

    4. Introduce mechanised farming at local levels, encourage graduates to embrace farming by making it more attractive by giving them good incentives. Infact I will study and apply Thomas Sankara’s measures that saw Burkina Faso being self reliance on food within two years.
    For distribution, road and rail system will be improved upon for easy and fast movement of farm produce from farm to where they are needed with minimal damage. Cargo airports with the geo-political zones won’t be a bad idea.
    Preservation : Constant supply of electricity will be a priority. Preservation plants where produce are undergo initial treatment will be opened in areas where they are needed. Farmers will also undergo training from time to time.

    To cap it all, I will encourage families to eat out at least once every month , this will have a multiplyer effect on food industry.

    You have been to United States, you will agree with me that restaurant outnumbered any other industry. The farmers there are among the richest.

  73. Penny Anuforo Oluchi says

    2…My husband says” Uha soup” and my mum says” I perform magic in the kitchen” ….. I know I can cook Danwake very well.
    3…2,7,8,9,10,13,18,19,21,22,23, very much 25,,26,27….My husbabd always says “I trust say you go everly cook something even as nothing dey house”. Madam 11th hour or madam Last minute”…
    4….I reallyreally know alot about how to produce food, my father was a farmer, distrubution and preservation is my job. But as the president of Nigeria, I don’t have a clue at all. ….I guees when I reach that fence I will cross it..It

  74. My favorite food is rice/beans and fresh fish stew.And the nigerian food that I cook best is jollofrice.
    I heard in one of your videos that you do not like egusi soup, I don’t like it too so I guess that is something that we both have in common.
    If I become president of nigerian, I will work on electricity first because having constant power supply will make it easier for homemakers to store foods like tomatoes when they are in season so they don’t have to buy them at high prices when they are out of season.

  75. Chika Adenuga says

    1. My favourite Nigeria food is Beans and Plantain
    2. Efo riro. My family enjoy my efo a lot.
    3. I love cooking, baking is my business now.
    I am no longer in my field of Study – Computer Science.
    I love you Flo, because you are open minded in your site and your recipes
    I’ve been to many food sites but sincere you stand out. This is not to flatter you
    I have learnt a lot from you. Though I bought your cookbook at Yaba some months
    back and its really worth the price -N6000. I went all the way from Ikorodu to Yaba, I won’t mind another to give out.
    I love meeting people and socialising. People have learnt from
    me without collecting money from them. Presently I run a bakery. I do not use bromate Saccharine or even improver for my bread
    And people wonder how I make money still giving such quality. Its by the grace of God
    I love impacting lives. Funny enough, I have my natural hair too. I’m from Imo state but married a yoruba man

    4. If I become the president today, I will encourage local food producers.
    I was a victim few years ago, there was a processed food I wanted to bring to the market
    I was frustrated by NAFDAC process and protocols. I was forced to ask them why they do not
    encourage people with good vision and purpose, why must I borrow money or be like Dangote before
    I can make impact in the market. Someday, I still believe my vision will be made possible.
    As the president, I will encourage young entrepreneurs, develop platforms and avenues for people to
    develop their visions and dreams. I will be willing and accommodating to hear them, help them and develop them
    While putting in place enough measures to prevent frustration, abuse, fraud and ghost project.
    I will make sure people with genuine vision are not ignored and unattended to. Give avenue for loans and advances at low interest with
    good monitoring strategy so that people do not take opportunity for granted and prevent sincere investors into the economy
    I will also make loan available to genuine farmers with low interest rate, encourage exportation and make the procedures easy. I will
    not forgive to give frequent training and education to the less priviledge who wish to impact the society. And the end of the day

    Everybody will be impacted in one way or the other and put smile in their faces. Every farmer, woman, investors whether small or big wwill be important and women will also be encouraged to develop themselves and let the food industry feel their impact.
    So help me Lord

  76. Bilkisu Kamba says

    1. My favourite Nigerian food is Masa (or Waina) with Taushe soup, my mouth is watering just thinking of it.
    2. I cook the best Rice and stew because it is my husband’s favourite food, I have learned to perfect my stew since we got married. But my stew is hot oooh!…. Just the way he likes it ;-).
    3. Like you I am a teacher’s daughter, I share your opinion about University degrees… I really enjoyed the university experience though. I also like football (Bayern Munich fan!), I’ve read more M&B’s than I can count and I also find to do lists helpful, even though I like doing things ‘crash program’ style. I also believe in a Supreme Creator.
    4. Agriculture will definitely be foremost in my agenda if I was president, I will start at grass root level and will boost production by proving all that’s needed to increase farmer’s output, then I will improve the link between these farmers to the consumers so that fresh food gets where it is needed on time. Finally I will encourage the use of traditional methods of food preservation and in addition provide affordable new technologies local farmers can use to preserve food.

  77. ekene ajana carol says

    1). my favourite food is semo with beef ogbono with okra soup.
    2). of course my fave, ogbono with okra soup though almost same with oha soup.
    3). we are both igbos, daughters to teachers (my mum), married &mother of 2 kids, wife to 1 man. we also both love CSI kind of movie, mine is ALIAS precisely(sydney bristow). also had a really bad acne which was cured by childbirth actually started in my pry 5 & we both believe that a supreme being created the universe. quite a lot in common, just a small world.
    4). if i become the president of Nigeria, i will try to always remember that a well fed family is the bedrock of a healthy & wealthy nation. In addition to the food security already canvassed by the current administration by well distributed fertilizers, improved farm seedlings,soil test to ascertain pH levels of soils before planting, i would engage in massive education of our farmers by local, indigenous agricultural teachers of the improved farm techniques such that languages are not barriers.
    I would also ensure good distribution networks by focusing on good rural road networksso that our farm produce gets to the markets. also build more airports & connecting flights to lift our fresh produces from production point to th required markets both local & international like fresh frits of Kenya.
    I would educate the populace on simple preservation techniques by radio jingles, television, internet such that even in absence of electricity majority can preserve perishables like fresh tomatoes, fresh friuts like oranges, mangoes etc when in season for up to a year or more. however, i would invest in renweable energy like solar energy, wind energy, energy from waste produces etc. summarily, i would make agriculture a youth initiative program so that it is not left for the aged & also aim to minimise urban migration.

  78. Wow! I am indeed overwhelmed by all your entries!

    Nice to meet you all and get to know those I’ve met before better and I’m glad to see that we have so much in common!

    The state of the Nigerian food and agricultural sector always brings tears to my eyes. Every country I go to, one of the first things I notice is that they have more than enough very fresh food to go round and these are countries that need high tech equipment to simulate favourable conditions for growing of crops. I always wondered; if these countries can do it, why not Nigeria that is already blessed with perfect natural conditions for food production?

    With your contributions, my faith is restored that there is hope for my country. Thank you all!

    If you have not contributed to this discussion, feel free to introduce yourself: I still like meeting new people who like meeting new people 😉 and submit your answers to the questions BUT all comments submitted after the closing date and time will not be considered for the giveaway.

    It’s now 23:00 Nigerian time on December 07 and this giveaway is now officially closed!

    Due to the large number of great entries, I have decided to give away a total of 3 cookbooks in this category. I know that there are definitely more than 3 great comments up there but what can I do? 🙂

    I’m off to bed now and hopefully, by the time I wake up, I would have come up with the best way to choose the winners. Watch out for announcements on Facebook.

  79. When I visited first in Igbo area with my Igbo husband and with my older daughter, 25 years ago, I have met in the first time, different type of food, fruits and vegetables, that not grow in my country – Israel. In the first time I ate goat heat, plantain, special nuts, all kinds of yums etc. But what I loved and the taste in my mouth – ogbono with okra soup, the red rice plus dried fish, fried plantain, agusi soup. Now we have the plantain here, and I preparing it and my friends and family enjoing it.

    • Yaffa welcome to my blog. You may have heard this from your husband but do you know that we Igbos believe that we are Jewish? That our language was developed from Jewish? 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your Nigerian food with your neighbours. Plantains no get enemy at all, it is loved by all!

  80. Chinwe Onye says

    What a pity I missed out on the giveaway!I already have your book;just would have liked to participate… 1.Favourite food is ora/oha made with palm fruit extract,snails and smoked dry fish;mushrooms are a bonus,the swallow can be any 2.What I cook best is the one I love best(1 above)In my university days friends used to come round again the next day once they tasted my oha soup,even those that would initially say they didn’t like oha! 3.We have 2(I’m Igbo),7—I speak three languages & if you include pidgin 4 too.& I’m guessing your third language is a Romance language–Spanish,mine is too—French.Part of 14(the part about not working strictly speaking,in field of learning—I’m a lawyer,I work in a bank)& 18 in common(Chase & Mills & Boon novels)Me & my girls used to sneak_read m&b novels in class. 4.If I were president for a day?That’s easy,I would reduce the salary of politrick-shians & peg it to the minimum wage.& make any review cumbersome & time-consuming & to be decided by the people’s debate!Bonne soirée Flo.

    • Nne, we have too much in common! I should have been named Chinwe. 😀
      Studied law and working in a bank must be one of the most far fetched career paths I have ever come across. This is even more common in Naija where we don’t have a choice but take any job that comes our way. But yes, that confirms that university education is over rated.
      I’m sure that some people who have banking related degrees no dey see your back when it comes to the job as everything depends on your ability to understand the software, the systems and practices used in your bank.
      Nne, the recent exposé of the salaries of the member of the house and senate had me in tears! That these guys have the conscience to take such amount of money as salary and benefits when 90%+ of Nigerian citizens are living in squalor! O di egwu really!

      lol @ romance language! Na una get the French romantic accent o. 🙂

  81. maryam buhari says

    I love spagetti like alot
    I cook jellof rice best said my dad and my hubby*winks*
    I love meeting new people just like you Rotl…
    If I become the president of nigeria,i wll improve the quality of food by providing equipments,tools,chemicals and materials that will keep food from spoiling and free of microorganisms because am a microbiologist I guess,shhh microbiologist and microorganisms dont get along…dnt let ecoli hear u woo…winks*

    If I become the president of nigeria,i will improve the quality of food

  82. Am I just seeing this ? Cant believe I missed out on the giveaway.

    1. My favorite, amala , gbegiri ,ewedu and bushmeat, all must be present. Blame it on my Ibadan upbringing.

    2. My favorites of course

    3. We have so many in common. I have a B. eng in Electrical / Electronics, have discovered most of the creative people are also engineers, must be their knack fro problem solving. Am a teacher’s daughter, almost like a celebrity ‘s daughter then, in those days so much respect for you outside, though loads of discipline in doors. Traveling, meeting people, tasting foods,learning new languages, adventure, reading fiction, watching movies are my favorite pastimes. I love football, Arsenal is my club though for sentimental reasons. Am a last minute person too, in fact i get my clothes 30 minutes prior to when am suppose to leave the house and hope their is light to iron, no wonder I but many wash and wear clothing. Am online most of the day, reading, learning, discovering and impacting knowledge. I collect cook books, but most of my prepared dishes are though trial, error and inspiration. I learnt many of my small chops recipes on this site.

    4. As a president, I will consider new options in addition to agricultural loans , food companies startups, food industry investments. Food preservation and quick delivery have major roles to play. I will find means of fast movement of food products from local areas to urban regions and improving on ideas exchange. Food is still one thing that the demand will always exceed supply.

    I blog at http://www.typearls.org. I just published posts on Nigeria consumer food business startups and 20 food bloggers I love and you definitely make my list.


    • lol @ hoping that light is on for ironing clothes! And trust NEPA to often disappoint yet you are an incurable last minuter! 😀 For that one, thank God for jeans and chiffon tops. My last minute no get comparison.

      Sure thing, in those days it means a lot to be a teacher’s daughter. It also comes with the high expectations of being the most brilliant kid in your class. :)xx

      You be correct Ibadan geh! Will check out your blog Christina. Thanks for coming by. 🙂

  83. When you say you believe “there’s a supreme being who created the world,” does this mean that you’re not a born-again Christian? Not that I’m one to judge, just wondering given the way you worded it.

    • My Okoro brother Ikenna, answering questions with more kweshions. 😀 Introduce yourself, no; tell us one thing about you, mba. All you did was ask me more questions on top the 27 information I don release. Diaris God ooo! Ok Kontinue!

      Biko tell us a bit about yourself nwanne!

  84. 1. My favourite savoury Nigerian foods are jollof rice, fried rice, and starch with either egusi or okra (without ogbono oo) soup.
    2. My mum’s from Owerri, Imo State, whereas my father comes from Agwukwu Nri, Anambra State (but has lived in both Awka and Onitsha).

    Now as for you “there’s a supreme being who created the world,” explain. 😀

  85. Yewande Williams says

    I do not have a favourite food.. It changes every month or so, I eventually gave up in picking one
    My best meal to prepare is peppered fish sauce with rice
    I love to-do lists also. I don’t have children yet, but when I do, none of them would have English names because I don’t know what they mean. My hair is all natural too, although I do not have up to quarter of an inch of hair ??. I believe God is a supreme being who created the universe perfectly
    If I became the president, I would do everything possible to ensure that food production, storage, transportation and retailing is the easiest and most affordable merchandise in the country

  86. Yaffa Ike says

    i am from Israel, was married to an Igbo man from Nteje. He learnt us the children and me to eat: Egusi soup, Okra, plantain and all kind of fish soup with yam.

  87. Mosope Iwashokun says

    1. Jollof rice
    2. Indomie and White rice
    3. I love braiding hair, even my hair too but still learning how to plait hair though
    4. If I become the president of Nigeria, I would work hard to make sure that farmers, oil miners or food company producers are doing their job to produce food in Nigeria

Comment to show me you are alive and cooking some delicious food!