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How to Make Coconut Oil in Your Home

With the numerous health benefits and uncountable uses of coconut oil, you should be making your own Coconut Oil at home.

coconut oil

In the video below, I used 3 coconuts to get 200 ml (6.8 fl. oz.) of coconut oil.

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You will need:

  1. A blender for blending the coconuts. My blender has 850W power and it can blend pieces of coconut very well. I have also used a 600W blender in the past (and recently a 500W blender) with great results. You can also grind it in the market but make sure they clean their machine very well before using it to blend the coconut for you.
  2. Chopping board for cutting the coconut flesh/meat.
  3. A blunt object for breaking the coconut: a hammer or small axe will do.
  4. Original stainless steel pot for cooking the coconut till the oil seeps out. Do not use non-stick or coated pots for this because during cooking, the coconut oil will get to high temperatures.
  5. Bowls.
  6. Sieves.
  7. Hot water mixed to a comfortable temperature. Keep it as hot as you can comfortably handle with your bare hands. Extracting coconut milk with moderately hot water gives you more coconut oil than when you extract with warm or lukewarm water. Don’t even use cool water.

Directions for making Coconut Oil

If you can, it is better to watch the video below for the procedure.

coconut oil

  1. Break the coconuts with a heavy blunt object.
  2. When done, pry out the coconut meat from the coconut shell with a knife. Once the coconut is mature, the coconut meat should come out of the shell easily.
  3. Rinse the pieces of coconut thoroughly and cut them into small pieces to help your blender.
  4. For best results, we need to blend the coconuts with warm water. So boil some water and mix with cool water to get warm water.
  5. Grind the pieces of coconut with the diluted hot water till smooth. Depending on the quantity you are making, you may need to grind in batches.
  6. Pour in a sieve to separate the coconut milk from the chaff. Then press with your hands to squeeze out the last drop.
  7. Grind the chaff a second time to get more coconut milk.
  8. Use a sieve with a finer mesh to remove the tiniest particles from the coconut milk.
  9. When done, cover the bowl of coconut milk and keep it in the fridge overnight. You do not have a fridge or NEPA took light? Click here or watch the second video below.
  10. The next morning, you will see that the coconut oil has separated from the water and caked beautifully on top like a frozen lake. Yours did not cake? Click here to watch how I sort that out.
  11. Take the caked white coconut oil and place in a clean dry stainless steel pot. The water remaining in the bowl still has some coconut taste and can be used to boil White Rice, prepare Jollof Coconut Rice, White Coconut Rice and any other recipe that calls for coconut milk.
  12. Cover the pot and start cooking on low to medium heat. If you notice any smoke at any time as you cook, reduce the heat to very low.
  13. Keep an eye on the pot and stir from time to time. Cook till you notice some charred coconut bits in the oil. I cooked the one in the video below for 1 hour 15 minutes.
  14. Set the pot aside so the coconut oil can cool down to a comfortable temperature.
  15. Sieve with a chiffon cloth or a cheese cloth to remove the charred bits. If you still notice any charred bits in the sieved coconut oil, sieve again with a paper towel. Store in your cupboard and use when you wish.
  16. That’s it! Use coconut oil for cooking, for your hair and body. Google for other uses of coconut oil.

Frequently Asked Questions about making Coconut Oil

  1. I did not get a slab after putting it in the fridge overnight, what am I doing wrong? I learnt that this may be because of the tap water in your area, too much chlorine amongst other things. Try blending the coconuts with bottled water and see if it works. Also, click here for how to separate the white part from the water when it does not cake.
  2. I do not have a fridge, can I still make this? Yes, click here for how to make coconut oil when you do not have a fridge.

How to make Coconut Oil (video)

How to make Coconut Oil without a Fridge (video)

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  1. perfecto…already added 2 ma wish-to-do list!!

  2. How do I blend it without the blending machine, especially without light in Naija now, and If I go to the market, they won’t use hot water to help blend it, and what if I don’t have fridge to freeze it overnight?

    • You can do it on a day you have light. You only need to have light for a few minutes.
      For the market, they should blend with as little water as possible When you get home, you add hot water. It should still be hot enough. You may even need to add more cold water sef to bring it down to a comfortable temperature.

      • Hello ma am still confused after blending them hot water to seave it and live it till done ma,

        • Precious you don’t blend with hot water, you blend with warm water or minimum room temperature water.
          If you go back to Nos. 4 and 5 under directions, I wrote:
          4. Next, boil some water and mix with cool water to a comfortable temperature.
          5. Grind the pieces of coconut with the diluted hot water till smooth.

          So it is effectively warm water. I may have caused some confusion there but yes, that’s basically blending with warm water. I will update that part to avoid confusion.

          If you have more questions, please let me know and I will explain.

    • chidinma says

      I don’t have a fridge or freezer to store the coconut water,how do I go about it?thanks

      • Chidinma watch the second video in the post, in it I show how to make coconut oil for those who do not have a fridge or freezer. You can also click here to watch the video.

    • Can’t i use nomal cooking pot?

  3. Princess Best says

    Where can I get the all Nigerian recipes cookbook?

    • Princess you can buy the printed and the Kindle version on most Amazon websites, the print version is available on Konga Nigeria and in some shops. Click here to see all the places that the cookbook is available for purchase.

  4. This is splendid. Every woman needs to get in touch with this in order to impress and improve her family diets. KUDOS!

  5. In the absence of muffin cups, what do you use as an alternative?

  6. It’s awesome it has improved my cooking skill, but my major problem here is hw to save the book for offline reading. Must I hv a data connection b4 I can go through this book?

  7. Ada Ameh says

    Ur really doing great my dear.i love dis so much.pls I want 2 lean how 2 cook Ofe Owerri

  8. This method is not cold pressed

  9. Although, i’m just planing to get the cookbook and i’m sure the book must be really amazing and meet the standard of its already spreaded abroad news

  10. Thank you for this recipe. its timely for me as making one on my own will save me the headache of buying adulterated coconut oil in the market. someone said its better to do cold extraction than hot extraction. What’s your take on this?

    • Cold pressed coconut oil is great because it has most of the nutrients intact more than this one but making it at home is not as easy. The separation process is tedious and it is easily contaminated.
      You can boil this one for less time in an effort to retain more nutrients.

      • Nice One Dear, please what is the name and specifications of your blender? I need one asap in Lagos. I felt the speed and smooth grounding on your video Clip

        • lol @ felt the speed and smooth grinding. Sylvia, I doubt you will see this blender in Naija o because the brand is not that popular outside Europe. The name is Ufesa Delux, model BS4798. Any blender with at least 600W power can do the job of blending this well.

  11. Thanks, you are too much but what if there is no light to keep it refrigerated?

    • The reason for keeping it in the fridge is so that the coconut milk will be cold enough for the white parts to form that solid slab. If you have a cool place in your house, keep the bowl there for a few hours. I’m afraid that if you keep it outside the fridge for too long, it will start fermenting and start smelling. So, I would not keep it outside the fridge for 24 hours. Your best bet would be to do this when there is power or you power your fridge with a gen and keep checking it. Turn the gen off as soon as the white oil becomes solid.

  12. Okeke Faith O says

    Wow God bless you dear. I will try this. Thanks

  13. Thanks Flo. I’m an expectant mum and I Intend to use it on my baby. Instead of a fridge, can I use Ice blocks?

  14. hello…. my coconut milk has bin in d fridge for over 24hrz and d white part ain’t solid yet???? any idea on wat to do plz???

    • Fatima, just for want of what else to say, are you sure the fridge is switched on?
      Because once the fridge is on and cooling, that caking must happen.
      Another reason why it will not happen is if you did not use coconuts but I am sure you used coconuts.
      I have done this uncountable times and each time, the white part cakes like you saw in the video once I leave it in a working fridge overnight. πŸ™‚

      • And DAT y am really baffled…. We v an uninterrupted power
        here and d fridge z functioning,,,, can I jst boil d milk??? Will it
        work DAT way

        • It should work just that it will take much longer for the water to dry. Does the white one separate from the water at all? If yes then you can try scooping only the white parts into the pot to reduce cooking time.

  15. Thanks so much for your effort God bless you IJN

  16. Thanks, can’t wait to go into coconut production. Please where can I get the paper towel?

  17. were by u don’t have fringe to keep the coconut water that do u do.pls ur reply is needed urgently.thanks

    • Leave it in a cool place to rest then gently scoop out the white part at the top into the pot. If you poured it into a transparent container, you will see where the white part separates from the water.

  18. Please can I use washed baby wipes in place of cheese cloth?

    • No Bolla because no matter how you wash a baby wipe, it is not food safe. The cloth I used in the video is that material that akamu sellers use to separate akamu from the chaff so since you are in Nigeria, it is quite easy to buy it in a Nigerian market. You can also buy that white cotton cloth we call China White in Nigeria, it can do the job.

  19. Can it be done without a blender?

    • You can use a hand grater but to be honest, you need a blender. With a hand grater it is too much work, the coconuts will not be grated very well and in the end you will not get as much oil from the coconuts as you would if you use a blender.

  20. Pls I can put it in the freezer instead of fridge overnight

    • Yes you can but the problem I found with putting this in the freezer is that when it defrosts, the white oil at the top disintegrates making it difficult to separate the milk from the water.

      • Exactly the problem am having now. Will it still separate?

        • Chika the caking should happen as soon as the coconut milk chills so overnight is too much time already. So if it does not happen after being in a working fridge overnight then it will not happen. What causes this is the water you used. In some areas there is too much chlorine in the tap water. Try using bottled water to blend the coconuts and see if it cakes otherwise use the method in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqDccyzaDTg to boil the liquid milk.

  21. Please did u measure the water that u used

    • No Tochi, no need for that because the water separates from the white one after being in the fridge. Just use enough water that will help you grind the coconuts very well.

      • Thanks I was looking forward to liquid not solid oil after 24 hrs preparing so I took it fire first on a medium heat then on a low heat still no liquid is coming out so I have pour the solid oil in a slim material to separate the water
        Please what else do I do?

        • First, if you did not get the solid white slab at the top after keeping it in the fridge overnight then, it maybe from the type of water you are using. Probably, the water in your area contains too much chlorine. Next time, try blending the coconuts with bottled water.

          Secondly, since it did not solidify, the next thing to do is to leave the bowl undisturbed for a few hours suc that the water goes to the bottom and the white mlk is at the surface, gently scoop the white parts into a pot and cook. Since yours is mixed with some water, you will need to cook for much longer till all the water dries up then the oil begins to seep out like in mine.

          I personally will start cooking on high heat so that the water will evaporate faster then turn down the heat when there’s no more water and the oil is almost seeping out.

  22. Nice one I appreciate ur work. Pls like how many coconut will use to get 2litters of oil. And were in abuja can I buy coconut cheap. Thanks.

    • Let’s see … I got 200ml from 3 coconuts so for 2 litres which is 2000ml, you will need approximately 30 coconuts. You will get a bit more coconut oil because of the large quantity but that’s how I will calculate it.

  23. i cut off the brown part of the meat so my pieces are completely white. will it still work?

  24. Am grateful ma. My coconut oil came out great. I also wish you post homemade peanut oil very soon?cos u always make learning from you so easy, may God bless you more IJN .

  25. Thanks sis for the hint, I’ll try mine this week and post a feedback soon.

  26. Tried it but, it did not cake after 24hrs, scooped and cooked but still didn’t get any oil. Please what went wrong?

  27. Just added this to my list, will do for sure, i hav been looking for this

  28. Concerning coconut fufu can I mix it with wheat,semo or yam flour coz I do react to garri.tnx

  29. My coconut milk hot frozen with the oil I guess. Everything is just white. What do I do? Do I just boil the whole thing?

  30. Hi FLo, I just love you. You are a great cook and an excellent teacher. I keep reminding myself that you also work as an engineer and a mother too. Kudos to you!!! I am going to try out the cold pressed coconut, the liquid one and the flour. Who could have known that one can get so much out of this simple looking coconut? I’m so angry at how much coconut chaff I just threw away in the past. I just learnt how to make Coconut yoghurt today as I’m totally nuts for yoghurt. By the way your recipe for banana ice-cream is great. Well done Flo, more grease or should I say coconut oil to your elbows.

    • Sabine what can I say? Thank you so much for your kind words.
      Teaching is my calling and now that I am in deep, there’s no going back. πŸ˜‰
      Thank you for your encouragement. You are awesome. I love you too. <3 <3

      I knowww, that moment when you imagine all the waste. I am thinking of recycling tiger nuts chaff too because the amount of chaff I throw away when I make the tiger nuts drink eh?

  31. Because of the known numerous health benefits if coconut oil, it has become a hot cake, produces can’t even meet up to demand. Thanks for sharing, its was very helpful.

  32. My own just separated d water down and the milk up no oil. what do I do now?

  33. Olayinka says

    Hello flo, how many hours can i leave d milk to separate from water if am not using fridge. Thks u

    • For a short time Olayinka – I left the quantity in the video for 20 minutes I think. In fact the separation is so quick that if you stand there, you will watch it separate. Watch the second video if you have not done so already.

  34. Thanks very much, I wanted to know after blending to get the coconut milk how many hours am i to leave it before putting it in the fridge, and also want to know if its suppose to be in a deep freezer or normal fridge?

    • Esther I blend, sieve and put in the fridge. No waiting time necessary.
      And yes, it is fridge. When I write or say fridge, I mean fridge. Same for when I write or say freezer.

  35. Abiodun Philips-Dare says

    Hello madam,
    Am getting confused by the comments I read because I watched the videotape and I saw how you produced it but the issue of keeping it inside the fridge or freezer is worries me because your practical didn’t show any fridge, moreover I need the knowledge to produce it I commercial quality. .

    • In No. 9 in the directions, I wrote fridge. In the first video, I wrote fridge and also said it.
      So let me get this clear, you want to know how I keep it in the fridge? If yes, I just place that bowl inside my fridge like that. There must be light (either NEPA or gen) and the fridge must be switched on.
      Remove some things from your fridge if necessary so you will have enough space in there to fit whatever container you are using.
      If you are making it on a VERY large scale then you need one fridge reserved for this purpose so you can fit more bowls in there.

      After placing the bowl in there, make sure the fridge is working. The only thing the fridge does is to cool down the liquid, nothing more.
      And you do not really need to leave it in there over night. Once the water in the bowl is chilled, the white part will cake.
      If yours does not cake after you have left it in a working fridge for a long time then you need to use the process in the second video.

      Hope this helps.

  36. I just use cold water. is there anything I can do to get my coconut oil. feeling sooooooooo sad.

    • Not sure I understand you Comfort. Where exactly in the process did you have problems?
      Did you follow the process through and you did not get coconut oil?

    • Dear kindly go through the procedure. She said to use warm water not cold water.


  38. Please Flo, I tried making my home made coconut oil but in the boiling method, I noticed that my coconut water comes out solified with little cocunut oil extract.
    What is amiss? Thanks in anticipation of your favourable reply.

    • Ese at the mention of coconut water, I am confused. Did you put it in the fridge overnight to get the white part to solidify? If you put only the white part into the pot, there won’t be any water in there. Please give me more details.

      • Yeah, I went through the right process of putting it in the fridge and scooping the white frozen part out inside the pot ,but in the process of boiling it instead of getting coconut oil, I was getting a solid mixture looking like beans cake(akara) and little coconut oil extract. …….
        . Tnks MA.

        • Ese this must be from the type of coconut. That white part (the one that cakes after it has been in the fridge) is made up of mostly oil and a little bit of curd. So once you boil, oil will start seeping out as soon as it is hot.
          The only thing I would advise here is to try with another coconut. This time, make sure the coconut is very mature: the shell should be brown and dry, when you pry out the meat, the skin should be dark brown and the coconut itself should be sweet.

  39. Good evening. Pls my coconut is foaming while boiling. I’ve turned down the heat. I’ve been boiling it for over an hour thirty minutes. Help!

  40. welldone ma, pls my blender is 300W, can i still use it to blend the coconut

    • The minimum I have used is a blender with 500W and it did a good job. I think 300W is too low. If you must use it, cut the coconuts into tinier pieces and do not blend too many in one batch else the blender will burn.

  41. Home make cold press virgin coconut oil .
    1. after 24 hr fermentation the coconut milk , collect the filter off the coconut oil .
    can I directly drink the virgin coconut oil for health reason .
    2. or I have to boiled & filter off the residue , before drinking the coconut milk .

  42. Please I have been cooking for more than an hour now ooo. No oil. Just white substance like bean cake. Should I go on cooking?The milk, had a little cake, butI think, I scooped water along with it. I am seeing a little oil though. Should I go on cooking?

    • Same issue I had Dee, I cooked and cooked till it got burnt and gently scooped the oil. It was so stressful.
      I hope Aunty Flo gives a better remedy.

  43. Ebi Brume says

    Mine did not cake on D top, but at D bottom of D bowl wen it was in d fridge. After separation. It was foamy while Boiling n no oil came out. It just turned into a white thick substance

    • Ebi so sorry to read that. Some coconuts are just like that. Probably because they were harvested before they were fully matured.

    • My dear jst keep boiling and oil will come out with time. I experienced same, but didn’t gv up, I wanted to see it to the end and finally I got my oil. It’s time and fuel consuming but it’s worth it.

  44. Thank s for sharing this it’s really helpful. I tried it and it works well but i want to know if the 500w blender can beans smoothly.

  45. Flo please how do I get a cold pressed one. I understand is tedious but I still want to try it. Thanks

  46. thank but what if i can not watch the video right now

  47. I have tried using coconut oil with my mom’s arthritis and it’s very effective. I mixed coconut oil to some of my recipes instead of using just an ordinary oil.

  48. Thanks Flo, I’m excited here.I really appreciate ur effort towards ur skill and for breaking it down for us to understand. I learnt some thing i never though of and i did it and it was great. Thanks once again

  49. Hi ma, pls I made my own coconut oil and it turned a little brownish, tho not so much. I think I cooked it for too long and it burnt a little. Is it still usable, I intend to use it for my hair cos am going natural.

  50. please.
    how can one make money out of this.
    where can one sell the oil and how lucrative is the business

    • It is very lucrative. Those who are in the business usually advertise on social media. Then once their customer base grows, word of mouth helps as well.

  51. Good day. Pls I made the coconut oil but I didn’t get the white oil I saw online. Mine came out golden brown like normal groudnut oil, Pls what’s my mistake?

  52. Good day. Pls I made the coconut oil but I didn’t get the white oil I saw online. Mine came out golden brown like normal groudnut oil, Pls what’s my mistake? I have tried it twice and got d same result I want to get the normal color I saw on ur videos

  53. good day, Pls I followed this method and I got enough oil it was easy and nice. my only challenge however was that my oil came out golden brown like normal groundnut oil. unlike other coconut oil have seen that are usually milk in colour. Pls what’s was my mistake because I have tried it twice and got d same result. I want mine to like the one I saw on ur blog. Pls help me out

    • Blessing one reason that will happen is that you boiled it for too long, the longer it is on the heat, the darker it will be. Click here to watch the virgin coconut oil video, I think that’s the one you want to make. that one does not involve heat. It is colourless when it is in liquid form and white when it solidifies.

      • Hi this is my first time of trying to make coconut oil and the result is as this is how it went: I bought three coconut but I found out that one was bad so I cut out the bad part and blended it with warm water but I didn’t use my hands to squeeze out the milk I just poured it into a seive then into a plastic bowl and I covered it and put it in my freezer I came in the morning to check it and the milk was still seperating from the water I took it that because there was little power supply that’s while it’s slow then about 7 hours later there still wasn’t light so I checked it and it was even worse I didn’t see any frozen lake or anything it was just like I put water into a bowl to ice,it was getting iced pls help m we don’t always have light I don’t know if the mistake is from my procedure or from the poor power supply pls I need your help/answer ASAP I need to know if it has spoilt or if anything can still be done thank u

  54. Hi this is my first time of trying to make coconut oil and the result is as this is how it went: I bought three coconut but I found out that one was bad so I cut out the bad part and blended it with warm water but I didn’t use my hands to squeeze out the milk I just poured it into a seive then into a plastic bowl and I covered it and put it in my freezer I came in the morning to check it and the milk was still seperating from the water I took it that because there was little power supply that’s while it’s slow then about 7 hours later there still wasn’t light so I checked it and it was even worse I didn’t see any frozen lake or anything it was just like I put water into a bowl to ice,it was getting iced pls help m we don’t always have light I don’t know if the mistake is from my procedure or from the poor power supply pls I need your help/answer ASAP I need to know if it has spoilt or if anything can still be done thank u

  55. Janet Banigo says

    Flo God bless u, pls I don’t and CNT afford a stainless pot for the coconut oil, pls what do I do pls

    • If you have aluminium pots, you can use it but the coconut milk MAY burn and stick to the pot.
      But never use coated pots to cook this because the Teflon will transfer to the oil.

  56. please if someone want to make coconut oil in a large quantity, and without the use of fridge how can I go about it,thank you ma

  57. DADDY MECHE says

    Thanks immensely for this wonderful lecture. You’re really God Sent. May God continue to bless you abundantly.
    How, I tried to download it, so that I can watch it offline, but it just wasn’t possible.
    Could you possibly direct me on what to do?
    Best regards.

  58. Can I Use 350w Blender?

    • Recently, I used a 500W blender and it did a good job, that’s the minimum I have used. You can try with a 350W blender but cut the coconut meat into even tinier pieces and blend a little at a time and see how it goes. Please send a feedback on this if you try it. Thanks.

  59. nice

  60. Please ma, I fridges the liquid over the night but noticed the upper part didn’t block well so I kept it out of the fridge so it can separate,but since then it hasn’t separated. What could be the cause?

  61. hello mar.is it stong coconut or d one dat is nt stong which one is more better?

    • Jemila I’m not sure I understand this question. Every mature coconut is strong and that’s what you need to make the best coconut oil: mature and sweet coconut whose skin is brown.

  62. I just did mine and it was great, I use 6 coconuts and I got the one that fill stella pomade container

  63. Good day madam. Pls is there any difference in the health benefits of the white colourless coconut oil and the one process with heat that is yellowish in colour like the one in your video. Thanks your video has being helpful.

    • Yes, the colourless coconut oil is prepared without heat hence has the full benefits of the coconut oil while the one that has gone through heat has depleted benefits because of the heat. People normally go for the heated one because it is easier and gives more oil.

  64. Chinyelu says

    I made my coconut oil but I wanted to know the dark remain from the process of making the oil ,what other use can it be for . Already I know the chaff or fibre for keto fufu and cake . So the other ,what is it used for

  65. I did my coconut yesterday but I’m confused of what could have happened.. After sieving the upper part, I put it inside a pot and I started boiling and stiring it. It started getting dry and I begin to see oil. After a while the old got dried and the mixture got brown. gradually it got brown, chocolate then dark.. Like its burnt. I was confused of what could have happened.. I had to pour the whole mixture in a sieve just to collect a little oil and the old was brownish and very small…. I used 5 big coconut, grounded it with grinder and warm water, put it inside the fridge. It it was not fully selected.. But I got a lot of mould at the top…

    Pls what could have happened… Pls I need an answer to it

    • Ayo I did not get what happened between boiling the white oil and it getting dried. Did any oil appear at all? It is not supposed to dry up like you described. As it chars, the oil should appear. Please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h95fAV-SdDQ and let me know what is different between what happened in the video and what happened while you were making yours.

      Also I did not understand this part: “put it inside the fridge. It it was not fully selected.. But I got a lot of mould at the top”
      When you put the coconut milk in the fridge it is only till the next day or till it chills. This is so the milk will solidify. If mould forms within this short time then it means the fridge does not work. The fridge must be a working fridge that is switched on for the duration.

  66. after watching ur video tutorial, I decided to practice it with 3 coconuts but it turned out bad after I had blended it..I left it opened overnight.. I didn’t put it in d fridge though..all I saw is something like butter on it, it didn’t form d way your own did..I left it again for a night making two nights yet it didn’t form rather it looked spoiled.. I want to know why it happened like that..I want to know also what will happen if there is much while frying it

    • It’s always good to follow a recipe EXACTLY as you see it in the video because I especially test different methods of doing these before uploading the best one. The answer to your question is simple: it went bad because you did not follow the recipe. I’m afraid that I will have to send you back to the video. Watch the video again, do everything EXACTLY as I did in the video and if it does not work, I can think of other reasons why not. But for now, it did not work because you did not follow due process.

  67. My coconut oil got burnt. Can I still use as body oil or what?

  68. Nice! I love it. Pls I want to know if I can use Tower pot if I don’t have stainless steel pot

  69. David Christopher says

    Hello ma, please how do I stop my hot press coconut oil from settling under the bottle it is stored?

  70. David M Christopher says

    Hello ma, please how do I stop my hot press coconut oil from settling under the bottle it is stored, I look forward to your reply thanks

  71. Olasupo adebimpe says

    Pls I kept in d fridge for close to 20hrs but it didn’t solidify on top. What do I do pls cos I made it in large quantity. 9 coconuts to be precise and two large bowls. I jst jst thick milk up and after trying to scoop some out of the bowl, I tried pouring d water into another bowl. But to my greatest surprise, I got thick settlement under d bowl too. What do I do pls

  72. Peace sopuruchukwu says

    What if d coconut water gets frozen, what should I do to seperate d oil from the water

    • It should not be frozen. Put it in the fridge. If you put it in the freezer and everything freezes, it will be hard to separate them.

  73. Omuekpen says

    Thanks so much for this useful information.
    But, if the coconut is not as dry as the one in the video, can it still give much oil?
    I got 22cl oil from 9 coconuts! πŸ˜’

  74. Great work as I went through the comments more divine wisdom.I learnt alotπŸ‘πŸ‘β€.

  75. Will definately do tommorow. How long should i leave it in freezer( dont have a fridge)

  76. Please how many coconuts will I need to produce oil that will fill a 50cl Eva container?

  77. Pls,
    After I kept my steamed extracted coconut milk in the fridge overnight, I observed white milk flowed.
    I’m confused here oπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
    Is it just the caked white milk that will make my coconut oil or the diluted water.??
    Thanks ma.


  1. […] thing you need is the chaff or fibre you get from the blended coconuts when making Coconut Milk, Refined Coconut Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil. That chaff can also be used to make Shuku […]

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