World Jollof Rice Day 2016: Jollof Rice Overload!

I don’t know who started this setting out a particular day in a year to celebrate Jollof Rice. I eat Jollof Rice at least once a week so I celebrate it at least 52 times a year. It is my favourite rice dish: Boiled Rice and Stew is too messy for me while Fried Rice is too busy for me. 😉

Ngwanu, since they want use to be celebrating this awesome NIGERIAN dish *dodges shoes thrown by the Ghanaians and the Senegalese in the house* LOL, let’s celebrate with the following plates of Jollof Rice submitted by some of you!


Jollof Rice and Chicken Maryland by Anita Sim Kure!
jollof rice by anita
This is the Mixed Vegetables Jollof Rice achieved by adding just a few vegetables (mainly diced carrots and green pepper) to the classic Nigerian Jollof Rice.

Jollof Rice by Chinwe Mary Aina!
jollof rice by chinwe
This one, also the Mixed Vegetables Jollof Rice is still in the pot, waiting to be served with the various Nigerian Jollof Rice Accessories. 😉

Nigerian Jollof Rice with Grilled Fish and Fried Plantains by Juliet Ginikandu!
jollof rice by juliet
Again, the mixed vegetables version. You all are really in love with this mixed vegetables version o. 😉

Jollof Rice with Eggs and Fried Meat by Patience Adah!
jollof rice by patience
Finally, a plain version of Jollof Rice. You see how those eggs are worshipping King abi na Queen Jollof Rice? What do you think? Is Jollof Rice a King or a Queen? Let me know below. 😉

Jollof Rice with Boiled Eggs and Salad by Yamen Ogbebor Mokogwu!
jollof rice by yamen
I tell you, Jollof Rice is so versatile, goes well with many side dishes.

Jollof Rice with Fried Rice, Salad and Shaki from Stew by Jaanan Babah!
jollof rice by jaanan
Jaanan you had to have the best of three worlds? Fried Rice, Stew? In the same plate as our Queen Jollof Rice? Jollof Rice is a jealous meal o. And while we are talking about plates, that’s a lovely plate. 😉

Jollof Rice by Uche Ukeje!
jollof rice by uche
Another one still in the pot! I wonder what Uche would serve it with.

Hope you are now full from all that Jollof Rice overload.

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Phatymaali says:

    Yummy my favourite food

  2. That one by Chinwe is calling my name! as moist as i like it.
    Jollof Rice is sexy so it should be a queen.

  3. I celebrate jollof rice every day,am addicted. Jamie Oliver come and see what jollof rice looks like. haha

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