Remove the Tangy Taste in Tomato Stew Completely

The tangy, acidic or sour taste of tomatoes in Tomato Stews or Tomato Sauces always, always ruins the taste of the stew for a lot of people.

Frying the tomato stew very well, click here to watch the video on how to fry your best tomato stew, removes all the tangy taste but I was testing my options while preparing an oiless tomato stew and this worked!

Watch the video below to see that: or click here.


  1. Simons Simons says:

    Its Sugar.

  2. Mordi Valentina says:

    I heard some people use potash, I’m yet to try it though

  3. Rural Juror says:

    Cinnamon works as well, but then obviously you WILL taste it in the food 😉 This is how I saved the stew last time when my husband decided not to check the tomatoes before using them for a stew…

  4. Ijeoma Okafor says:

    I hv heard baking soda works thou i hv not tried it

  5. Halima Yusuf says:

    Baking powder is d best solution try it n thank me ltr.

  6. Carina Igbodor Bayim-Leo says:

    Baking soda works perfectly for me I’ve been using it tay tay

  7. Patrick Obinabo says:

    Use only ripe soft Roma tomatoes and cook it with a little oil for at least one hour and your problem is solved!

  8. Rekiya Abdullahi says:

    Baking soda is the best

  9. Hope Chidimma Omoha says:

    Please add crayfish it works and it’s natural.

  10. Chika Doris says:

    I use thyme and Maggi, really it removes the tangy taste completely

  11. Cynthia Obioma Obiluv says:

    Wow this is good

  12. Vivian Arinze says:

    baking powder or soda

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