Nwanyi Na-Ayo Akamu

I was about to go inspect a work site but as soon as I stepped outside, I saw the process of making Akamu/Ogi in progress. I love watching things being made especially homemade food so I stopped to say “Well done” to the lady, just Well Done ooo but that turned into an hour of conversation about how she has processed her own Akamu from scratch from when she was little.

It was a fun conversation about years gone by, about the old versus the new, all in our native language Igbo! I was able to capture only a few seconds of it.

Watch the how to make akamu from scratch by clicking here or watch the second video below.



  1. Nice one aunty Flo, I love your blog.
    Keep blazing!

  2. Hello Aunty Flo,

    Uche here, really nice work you’re doing. Have you heard of SmallChopsNG? Its a cool site that lets you order small chops from verified vendors.


  3. Have tried it .it very nice.Thanks.

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