Preserving Nigerian Leafy Vegetables

If you have seen my Nigerian Ingredients Haul where I showed all the Nigerian food ingredients I brought back with me from my recent trip to Nigeria, this post is about how I store and preserve all those ingredients.

You may also find the information helpful if you live in Nigeria and buy food in bulk. Or if you want to preserve seasonal leafy vegetables.

Watch the video below to see that.

Index of what I talked about in the video:

  • How I store the dry ingredients.
  • The best place to store stockfish, dry fish and crayfish and why.
  • How I preserve uma leaves (leaf for wrapping Nigerian Moi Moi).
  • How I preserve the fresh leafy Nigerian vegetables so they are as good as fresh when I want to use them.
  • Best practices for when adding these fresh vegetables after preservation.


  1. Wow learnt a lot…. Thanks….. You didn’t buy ugwu:-)??

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