New Recipe: Plantain Mosa (Plan-cakes)

By now, you would have noticed that I’m on a roll with recipes that use overripe plantains.

The African food grocer in my area now knows about my love for overripe plantains. These days, he uses them to give me jara when I buy ripe plantains. I don’t even need to ask!

Plantain Mosa (Plan-Cakes)

Overripe plantains are much more versatile than ripe plantains. With ripe plantains you can only fry or roast them. Some people boil them but that’s not so common. With overripe plantains you can prepare much more exciting meals. The good thing is that one can’t guess that these meals are prepared with plantains by mere looking at them. You’ll be deliciously suprised when you eat these meals. That element of surprise is what I love most about these overripe plantain delicacies.

I have at least one more overripe plantain recipe coming up so watch out for that. 😉

Click the link below for the recipe:
Plantain Mosa version 2

Have you joined the overripe plantain bandwagon?


  1. I will try.It looks delicious,Aunty Flo u always amaze me ,well done like always!

    • You’re welcome Giani! You too, you have conquered all these recipes one by one. You make me proud with each photo you send me. Thank you!

  2. Flo! I made donuts last weekend and it turned out well! Yay! My family are now praising me oo,.maybe they won’t call me Nitel again soon …..ahahhaa…I and my daughters watched the video together while we prepared it……this weekend I will do the plantain puff-puff…thank you o….we love plantains also…and would definitely try this out.

    • Oh, I’m happy to read that you’ve got your cutie pies involved in this! You are really catching them young. Well done you’all for doing a great job of the doughnuts. Abeg send me “piishos” o, That’s the only way I get my share y’know 😉

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