New Recipe: Peppered Snails

Peppered Snails

Today I bring to you a special recipe that you find in Nigerian restaurants. It is also served as small chops at parties.
Click here >> Peppered Snail for the recipe. If you have any questions about this recipe, click here and ask me.

Or watch the video below:

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  1. Peppered snails is very tasty, I really have to try this out for myself, as well as to impress my mom on my new found cooking skills.

  2. Pls why do you use tomatoes for peppered snail buy do not use it for peppered chicken?

  3. Can I also use snail in my vegetable soup? And 4 how long should I boil?

  4. precious says

    gudday can tin tomatoes be used as substitute?

  5. I live in germany and I can not find this kind of snails here, not even in the biggest afroshop in town. Is it possible to order them online?

  6. Benjamin Obasi says

    Hello, I am Benjamin Obasi, I reside in Calabar, This Website has really impacted my life on how to cook various Nigerian Meal. I so much thank the founder and the food recipes trainers, pls accept my gratitude. pls i will like to know how to prepare nigerian pepper stock fish that is tight and sold in drink bars. my email is xxxxxx

    • Benjamin it’s quite easy to prepare that. Use the original cod fish and ask them to cut it into the sizes you want at the market. Then rinse and cook it for hours till soft. If you have a pressure cooker, use it to cook it because it is quicker.
      When soft, prepare the pepper sauce as detailed in the Peppered Chicken recipe, then add the boiled pieces of stock fish and stir very well till every part of the fish is coated with the pepper sauce. That’s it!

  7. Hi. Plum tomoates is canned so how do u cook it?blended or just like that?

  8. Hello,
    Can I spice the Snail with Ginger and Garlic at the time i’m boiling the Snail.

  9. would the snail not be slimy again when you boil it?

  10. Namene dorathy giobari says

    When preparing pepper snail is it necessary to cut d snail

  11. My Dear, You Are A Great Woman Indeed. Thanks For All Your Lectures.
    My Name Is Henry. Pls, Like How Many Minutes Will It Take To Boil Snail? Thank You.

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