Pepper Stew (Obe Ata Din Din)

Pepper Stew, the stew that the Yorubas call Obe Ata Din Din is a Nigerian stew prepared with only peppers.
nigerian pepper stew

Ingredients for Obe Ata Din Din

nigerian pepper stew

For the stew in the video below, I used:

Watch the video below to see how I prepared it! For the written recipe, visit the Pepper Stew page on the website. Click here.

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  1. Madame I am African American my fiance is a Nigerian man I would love to cook this meal for him do you have a recipe that I can use beef instead he does not like fish so much please let me know thank you in advance

    • Dominique you can prepare this recipe the same way but replace the fish with beef. Click here to see the Beef and Chicken Stew recipe for how to prepare the beef and chicken before adding to the stew.

  2. Tochukwu says

    Hi. Good day.
    I’m in love with this blog. Whenever I feel like trying something new in the kitchen, I run here first and I always leave very happy and satisfied. Thank you. I wanted to ask tho, how do I prepare an oil free version of this stew I’m on an oil free diet and I don’t want to backslide just because I can’t get the same nice meals I can get if I wasn’t on a diet. Thanks. I appreciate your response.

    • Tochukwu for the oil-free version, I would blend the peppers with onions, garlic and ginger then boil till the water dries up.
      Add beef or chicken or fish stock and all the other ingredients I added from time 4:05 in the video. Cover and leave to simmer for a few minutes and it’s done. Now I am wondering if you eat fish, chicken or beef oils because the stock from these contain oil. And that stock is what will make the stew delicious.

  3. Hi Flo,

    Thanks for the refreshing recipe, is there an alternative to tatashe or tribelli peppers? We have neither of those in my city. We’ve got Bell peppers and Tricolore, however I don’t know if I can use these instead.

    Secondly can I completely remove Habanero Pepper from the recipe as I react very badly to anything chili.

    Thirdly can I remove the “1 disc ogiri okpei” from the recipe for I don’t know where to source this?

    Lastly can I use Fresh Fish instead of the shaki (cow tripe)? If yes what types would be suitable.

    Thanks, looking forward to your reply.

    • You are welcome Paul.

      Since you are allergic to chili, you can use red bell peppers. But I am wondering what you use to add spiciness to your meals. I am really thinking hard how you can add some spiciness to this stew because that’s what sets it apart from a tomato stew that does not contain pepper.

      Yes, you can use any of the following fresh fish: sea bream, mackerel and tilapia. Cut and boil them with some seasoning to get some stock to season the stew with, then fry them like I did in this video: before adding to the stew.

      Yes, you can skip the ogiri okpei. It is a seasoning that does the job of stock cubes but with a different/traditional taste.

      Feel free to let me know if I missed anything. 🙂

  4. Can I use dried tatashe in place of fresh tatashe. Fresh ones are not in season now

  5. Yes o! I’m alive and cooking. Nwanne I salute ma. Thanks for all your mouth watering and healthy Naija chowchows, you’ve been a belly-saver literally. Please i want to know the best pot to buy for cooking generally. Like a brand or something. Thanks in advance!
    Much love!

  6. Peculiar says

    Please how do i know which one is Nigeria curry and India curry?

    • Nigerian curry powder is not spicy hot while Indian curry is.
      Popular Nigerian curry brands are Ducros, Lion and Tiger.

  7. Princess says

    Please I need help ooo, I just finished making snail and prawns sauce with tatashe only for me to taste it and it’s very bitter,that means they did not remove the seed, please what do I do ? Is there any remedy oo

    • Is the bitter taste from the sauce or from the snail? Snail that is not cleaned well enough has a bitter taste.
      If it is from the seeds of the tatashe, I’m afraid there’s no remedy for that unless you want to rinse off the sauce and prepare with fresh pepper sauce.

  8. What’s the remedy for bitter taste in stew as a result of the tatashe , can anything be done ?

  9. Please can I add tomatoes to it

  10. When am I supposed to add Maggi

  11. Thanks for this recipe. Please is the meat stock added? Because I didn’t see that.

    • Remember that I boiled down the stock till almost dry. When it cools down it will thicken and attach to the fish and meats. This is so the stew will not be watery. So in effect, it’s in there.

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