Where does Palm Oil come from?

Palm Oil, the red one we use to prepare Nigerian recipes comes from palm fruits.
Palm kernel oil comes from palm nuts, the seed inside the red palm fruit. Palm fruit and palm nut are often confuse lots of people, there’s a big difference between the two.

palm fruits

Watch the video below to see how they cut up the head of palm fruit after harvesting it from the palm tree.

I will upload a video of how to extract the red palm oil from palm fruits.


  1. From palm fruits

  2. Palm oil comes from palm fruits while kernel oil comes from palm nuts.

  3. I read an article saying that the palm oil is good for issues related to the skin; is this true? Can it be used for making soap like other oils? And no I haven’t read this article yet. I’m just curious.

  4. chinyere Sylvanus says:

    nice one pls can I get a detailed cake recipe and follow up videos tanks

  5. Zaynah Ali says:

    i am a Fijian Indian from Fiji islands .. loved these great recipes and the detailed explanation and tips are just awesome .Thank you for giving people like us from other parts of the world a chance to cook and enjoy Nigerian food .

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