One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Ponmo

Isn’t it amazing how the one characteristic of Okra Soup that helps it send down those balls of semo, akpu, eba or pounded yam, is the same feature that makes lots of people detest the soup?

Oiless NonSlimy Okra Soup

I remember in my early years of preparing Nigerian food, if I cooked Okra Soup that is not slimy, I got a side eye from my Mum. My Dad would tell me that it is known as ajo ite which translates to really bad cooking. If Okra Soup is not slimy, it is either because the okra is overcooked or they were not cut into very tiny pieces to activate the slime.

I am not surprised when non-Nigerians say they do not like slimy Okra Soup but I am amazed when Nigerians say the same.

So which is it for you? Slimy or non-slimy? And how do you like cutting your okra, large pieces or tiny pieces? Click here to let me know.

The video below shows how to prepare Non-slimy Okra Soup a.k.a. Okra Pepper Soup. It’s a healthy meal on its own.


  1. Udeokoro Miracle says:

    Extra slimy…

  2. Ozed Obianwu Frances says:

    Very bold with fresh red pepper. I love the green and red combo

  3. Elizabeth Ebeagbor says:

    tiny cuts

  4. JoeApril Ekeator says:

    tiny and as well bold with little slim also add oziza leaf to it; i am satisfied cos that’s how I love my okro soup..

  5. Chidera Omeje says:

    Tiny cuts

  6. Judith Akpokiniovo says:

    Non slimy

  7. Tj Orighoye says:


  8. Michael Anazuo Mks says:

    Tiny cut

  9. Slimy with tiny cuts

  10. Oluwawande Oluwafemi says:

    Super slimy with tiny and bold cuts #wink

  11. Tiny or bold, I just love my okro soup with a nuff pepper on it.

  12. Chinaza Ajike Umeh says:

    Not slimmy, tiny cut will be appreciated

  13. If it’s not slimy what’s the point

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