Quiz: What do you call Nigerian Pumpkin Leaves in your Language?

Nigerian Pumpkin Leaves

What do you call Nigerian pumpkin leaves in your language or dialect?

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Posted by All Nigerian Recipes & Food on Saturday, August 15, 2015


  1. Agatha James says:

    In Igbo, it is called Ugu

  2. Irenosen Addeh says:

    Esan/Ishan(Edo state):It is called Ebe Umekhen.

  3. Ikong efere

  4. It’s called ugu in Igbo language

  5. In Ibo its called ugu.

  6. Na asusu Igbo ana kpoya ‘UGU’

  7. Aku Blessing says:

    In Igala (Kogi State) it’s called Ugu

  8. Iheoma D Martin
    Its called Ugu in Igbo

  9. Iheoma D martin says:

    Ndi igbo Na akpo ya Ugu

  10. maryam buhari says:

    Well am sure but still here @ plateau state we still call it ugu leaves or ganyen ugu(wich mean ugu leaves).

    • Really Maryam? I am learning something new here today. First, it is also called Ugu in Igala, now the same in Plateau. I won’t be surprised if by the end of the day I find out that Ugu is not even Igbo language. lol Thank you for that info.

  11. In my dialect,it is called ugu(iGBO).

  12. Ugwu, am Yoruba but we call it Ugwu just like d Igbo

  13. In my husband language (Igbo) called UGU, in my country we call it LIŚCIE DYNI
    Thanks for your amazing page, I cooked much delicious food of your recipes. That makes my Husband happy You guys are the Best .

  14. it is called ugu in Igbo

  15. Ikong

  16. vivian agogo says:

    ndi delta ibo na kpo ya ugu

  17. Adeyemo Timothy says:

    Pumpkin leaf in Yoruba is called: Ewe Aworoko

  18. It is called sokoyokoto in Yoruba language.

  19. Ugu. (Igbo language)

  20. Rita Nwachi says:

    It is called Ugu, in igbo.

  21. we call it "Liwalekum"

  22. It is called akwukwo ugu in Igbo language.(owerri)

  23. oluwaseun ogunsanya says:

    It is called eweroko in yoruba

  24. In igbo it is called ugu

  25. Please do have any idea what is Adzuki Beans, Fava Bean and Pinto Bean? Thanks.

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