My Biggest Nigerian Food Ingredients Haul

I just came back from Nigeria and brought back with me the highest number of Nigerian food ingredients in one trip!

It was a smooth trip back with my greatest joy being that those NDLEA guys that usually ransack the bags of Nigerian travelers because of food items are no longer there. I mean they are no longer there at all. We just pre-weighed our bags and went straight to the check-in counter. I hope these guys stay away for good! They were only there to mess up someone’s well packed bags and to shamelessly extort money from people.

nigerian food ingredients haul

Where I live, the customs do not bother us about food at all. Fingers crossed, that side will remain the same biko. I and my family only eat Nigeria food and we can only buy a few of these where we live so we rely on these imports for survival. 😀

Enjoy the video! Which one do you miss the most?


  1. Lovely video, made me hungry! I will be in Nja next month and will endeavour to bring back some ingeduas well. What I miss most is our groundnut oil and palm oil. But I don’t think I will be allowed to bring them in and have to make do with the travesty we get here in the UK?. Keep up the good work ???

    • *Ingredients. And welcome back!

    • Hi Shade, I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Thank you!
      For palm oil and groundnut oil, the prohibition starts with the airlines. All the airlines that fly out from Naija will not let you take them. Even if it slips through at check in, they will call you to open your bag and take it out after you’ve passed immigration. They used to let us carry frozen palm oil but even in the frozen state, not anymore.

      For palm oil if you live in a place where it is not readily available, you can tell those down in London to buy and send to you. They sell good palm oil in Nigerian food shops in London. I don’t know about the original groundnut oil with the groundnut flavour, maybe if one looked hard enough, it will also be in London, they have everything in that London.

      Have a safe trip when you travel and bring back as many goodies as the UK customs will allow you take in. This is a good time to travel to Naija, lots of goodies are in season.

      • Thank you Flo, I’m just wary of the palm oil in some of the shops as some are doctored with red food colouring and animal fat. But I know that the ones in oyinbo supermarkets are ok as they have undergone stringent tests before allowing them onto their shelves, they are just more expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for abi?! Re groundnut oil, oh how I miss the authentic flavour, the ones I get here have been deodorised. I was so desperate I tried to make some using raw peanuts! Big fail. But but wait for it, the remaining nuts were boiled and revived that childhood snack of boiled peanuts you mentioned in your video ?. So now I but raw and we have regular boiled peanuts! Thanks again and have a wonderful week !

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