New Recipe: Nigerian Cowfoot Porridge

This recipe answers the question:
What other ways can I use cow foot in Nigerian cooking? Is it only Nkwobi that Nigerians use cow foot for?

In addition to Nkwobi, I also use cow foot for Cowfoot Porridge.

Visit the following link for the recipe: Cowfoot Porridge or watch the video below.

We use cow foot in our cooking the way you will use any other special part of beef: ponmo, shaki, liver, kidney etc. You can add it with other assorted meats to your Nigerian soups and stews.

The reason I do not use it for Nigerian soups and stews is because the fat congeals when the food is not piping hot. I prefer using it for recipes where I can serve the food very hot such as Nkwobi, Cowfoot Porridge and Cowfoot Peppersoup.

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  1. Woww yummy.I’ll try this my hubby like ciw foot.tnks a lot

    • You are welcome Iman. And in the recipe, cowfoot tastes so different, you will wonder if it is just cowfoot that tastes so delicious. 🙂

  2. Ronnie Cobb says:

    Do you have a equivalent chart for ingredients that may not be available in the US for example Ehu-Calabach nutmeg and scent leaves, the leaves may be cilantro, but the nutmeg I don’t have a clue unless it’s our nutmeg, which is very fragrant, I usually use it in pies, cakes, cabbage etc. Thanks in advance for helping me with this or advising me on where to search this info out. Oh! yeah I LUVVVV your videos and have forwarded them to all my friends, they’re easy to follow and delicious to eat, umm ummm good.

    • Ronnie, you will have these alternatives sometimes mentioned within the recipes on my website. Calabash nutmeg is different from ordinary nutmeg.
      For certain recipes such as in Nigerian Pepper Soups, you can use a combo of black pepper and basil leaves to create the flavour.

      I’m happy you find the videos helpful. Thanks for spreading the word. 🙂

  3. WOW! This Porridge looks yummy!
    I will surely give this a try one of these days.

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