May Recipes

I am always updating the recipes website behind the scenes. Every month I make a post here on the blog announcing those recipes. The following are the new recipes added to All Nigerian Recipes website in the month of May. Click the blue text to go to each recipe page.

May Recipes

Coconut Avocado Smoothie

coconut avocado smoothie
Coconut Avocado Smoothie is the all fruits version of the Nourishing Avocado Smoothie. It is great for those who are lactose intolerant and those who love coconut.

Cucumber African Salad

cucumber abacha
If you love Nigerian Abacha, you can keep enjoying it while on a low carb diet. The Abacha is replaced with cucumber and you won’t notice any difference in taste.

Nourishing Avocado Smoothie

avocado smoothie
Drink this smoothie and relax while you feel the nutrients seep into your blood stream, literally! So yum!

Coconut Flour Pancakes

coconut flour pancake
Get the most from the gluten-free, grain-free, healthy coconut flour by using it to make delicious pancakes. It is weightloss friendly too.

Fried Rice

nigerian fried rice
Here's another way that I prepare Nigerian Fried Rice. It's a bit different from the classic Nigerian Fried Rice ingredients and its's delicious!

Full Option Abacha

nigerian abacha
I call it the full option because it contains all the possible ingredients used in making the authentic Igbo Abacha.

Peak Omelette

peak omelette
Try Peak Omelette for an excellent start to your day!

Enjoy the recipes!

If you are a food blogger, feel free to comment below and post a link to a recipe you uploaded in the month of May.

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