Recent New Recipes

I am always updating the recipes website behind the scenes. Every month I make a post here on the blog announcing those recipes. The following are the new recipes added to All Nigerian Recipes website recently. Click the blue text to go to each recipe page.

Recent Recipes

Peak Abacha

peak abacha
The Peak adventure gets to Abacha!

Coconut Fufu

coconut fufu
Coconut Fufu, yes a Nigerian swallow made with coconuts is here. This healthy swallow is great for everyone especially diabetics.

Mushroom Soup

mushroom soup
Mushroom, a non-starchy fungi with very low impact on blood sugar hence should be an integral part of a diabetic and weight-loss diet.

Lentils Porridge

lentils porridge
Lentil is a super food that diabetics and those who want to lose weight can enjoy. See how to cook lentils for Nigerian taste buds.

Catfish Peppersoup (Point and Kill)

catfish pepper soup
The Nigerian restaurant that does not serve Catfish Peppersoup, is that one a Nigerian restaurant? Oya, time to start pointing and killing.

Easiest Nigerian Chin Chin Recipe

chin chin
This the easiest Nigerian Chin Chin recipe ever! Includes how to cut Nigerian Chin Chin super fast.

Nigerian Suya Bouquet

Nigerian suya bouquet
I made this lovely Nigerian Suya bouquet that is a perfect gift for anyone that loves Nigerian Suya!

Enjoy the recipes!

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  1. abosede temitope says:

    good day ma, have tried the chin chin recipe again and have discover where my mistake lies. Am always making the oil too hot, so immediately i started frying it get brown quickly, which makes it not to be well cooked and after frying it get soft like exposed biscuit.
    But now have get it right.Thanks for the courage ma
    Many thanks to All Nigeria Food recipe

  2. I had to make suya after seeing yours.
    Has anyone tried Dodo-Akara Pancake on A tasty and great breakfast for kids without any added sugar.
    Thank you Flo.

  3. Ibiye Patrick says:

    Wahoo! Just tried the coconut fufu mixed with Garri. Really nice. Thanks a lot.

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