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weight gain guide book
weight gain guide book

Menu of the Day: Family of 4

Have you checked out my meal plan? Click here.

Today, I wish to share with you what I and my family ate for the day. From breakfast to mid morning snack to lunch, evening snack and dinner on a Monday.

We are a family of 4 and mostly eat different things for each meal. For instance, while my kids had pancakes for breakfast, I had avocado sandwich while my husband skipped breakfast. More instances of these are shown in the video with details of how these recipes were prepared including an at a glance menu of the day you can copy. As a bonus, you get a peek into our daily routine as a family.



  1. yeah i need it

  2. Andem Nina Bassey says

    Finally Aunty Flo thanks for this wonderful and update.

  3. Hello, Do you have suggestions for a more vegetarian meal?

    • There are vegetarian meals and some that can easily be made vegetarian all over this website. I really need to group them into one category. Scroll down and go through the recipes groups, you will surely find something.

  4. I enjoy this video.
    What a nice family time.
    What is the name semolina u used?
    Am in Spain too

  5. how do i get the cookbook

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