weight gain guide book
weight gain guide book
weight gain guide book

2 Healthy Weight Tips You Should See Before Your Next Meal

When you ask me what I do to maintain a healthy weight in spite of all these Nigerian food, the answer is in the simply things. Portion control and moderation are very important to me. I eat with small plates and always combine those delicious high calorie foods with very low calorie foods. It is important that those low calorie foods look like the high calorie foods because it is only then that you can successfully trick your brain and subsequently your stomach into demanding for less food.

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These may sound like the basic things but when you see it in action, it has more impact. Watch me illustrate these in the video below.


  1. Good one sis. Thanks for the tips

  2. Just came across your channel. U have a new subscriber: me. So does your sis. Watched can’t even count how many of your videos: keep them coming; please. The best video i watched on your channel a few minutes ago: the one in the village with grandma preparing the special dish. Thanx so very kindly for sharing your family with us. HA HOME… NOTHING LIKE IT. The video at the marketplace: PRICELESS. Now, I do not even feel like eating the catfish here: YUK. We sure need EATUBE along with UTUBE. Thanx again for sharing. I kneel down on both knees greeting grandma: May she be around for us all much longer in the best of health: Amen

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