A-Z of Cooking Nigerian Moi Moi

Nigerian Moi Moi, like baking, can be very challenging. This post is to share the A-Z of cooking and baking the perfect Nigerian Moi Moi. These are all videos because visual learning is the best. Click here if you can’t see the full post.

baked nigerian moi moi

How to Cook Nigerian Moi Moi: Step by Step

In the following videos, I detail all you need to know about cooking Nigerian Moi Moi, from the ingredients you will need to making the aluminium foil bags, to peeling the beans then cooking and baking the Moi Moi. Enjoy!

The Ingredients for Nigerian Moi Moi + Making the Aluminium Foil Bags

In this video, I tell you everything about the necessary ingredients for Nigerian Moi Moi and their alternatives where applicable. I also show how to make the aluminium foil bags.

Peeling the Beans for Nigerian Moi Moi

In this video, I show how to peel the tough black eyed beans with a blender and a mortar. I also talk about how to peel the soft brown (oloyin) beans.

Cooking and Baking The Nigerian Moi Moi: Part 1

This part starts with me blending the ingredients, putting them in the oven to bake and putting the ones in the bag into the pot to cook. This was a live video that I did on Facebook so there’s a lot of chit chat with me answering questions from people who watched live. You will learn a lot from the video.

Cooking and Baking The Nigerian Moi Moi: Part 2

This video is mostly me answering questions from live viewers while we waited for the Moi Moi that was being cooked in the pot and the one that was being baked in the oven to get done.

Cooking and Baking The Nigerian Moi Moi: Part 3

In this video, I answer more questions, show the results of the Moi Moi (cooked and baked) and taste it!

Have you prepared that perfect Nigerian Moi Moi yet? 😉

If you want the written recipes, visit the following links:

Good luck!



  1. Kaye Da Silva says:

    Thank you. Very easy to follow instructions. Well appreciated.

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