Coated Peanuts, Peanut Burger

Some Nigerians love this Peanut Burger so much!
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coated peanuts peanut burger


  1. hello dear,
    thanks for taking your time to create this blog for learning.
    my question is this, i did the peanut burger but i noticed that mine is big and brownish. the taste please i need advise on how to improve
    mrs Chika

    • Mrs Chika the size of the final product depends on the size of your roasted peanuts and the quantity of flour and corn flour you used. It should be light brown when done, if dark brown it means that you fried them for too long and/or the heat was too high. Next time reduce the heat and once they are light brown, take them off the oil.

      For the taste, usually it is hard for the taste of homemade anything to match the factory made one exactly especially this snack that contains lots of ingredients. This is because the factory may add their own unique flavour that we will never know of as well as other “secret” ingredients. But if you follow this recipe to the letter, if you are sure you measured everything correctly, the taste of this peanut burger is pretty close to the original.

  2. Confidence says:

    Hi Ma, pls I tried doing it myself but mine soaks all the oil used for frying, the whole flour coating washes away in the oil making the oil black n leaving only the groundnut after frying. I want to know how I can make the coating hard n to stop it from soaking oil. Thanks

    • If that happens it is probably because your oil was not hot enough when you added the peanuts. If the oil is not hot enough, you will be “cooking” the peanuts instead of frying. So make sure the oil is hot enough before frying.
      Everything I showed in the video is what I did. Once you follow the recipe to the letter, you will end up with the same results as mine. With these kinds of recipes, you may need to try several times before you get it right. I certainly did a lot of testing before I got great results.

  3. Confidence says:

    Ma, does it mean people add water for
    a hard coating or what

    • I did not add water and got the results you saw in the video and in the photos.
      Also, I think if you are having the issue of the crust melting, the last thing you want to do is add water to the mix.

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