My Burnt Jollof Rice

I also burn my pots! As a multitasking Mama, I can never sit, fold my hands and watch what I am cooking. I often stroll to another part of my home to get just one thing done. That one thing leads to another and another till I smell some burnt delicious food, NOT. 😀

How often do you burn your food?

Original stainless steel pots (in the USA) are the best for Nigerian cooking. The good thing about these original pots is that they do not burn Nigerian food easily. Even when our food burns, it is quite easy to clean the pot. If you are in the UK check out this pot, this medium pot and this pot set. You can see that these pots do not have any fake shine, neither do they have the extra polishing and coating that make Nigerian food burn.

Watch the video below for how I cleaned my burnt Jollof Rice.



  1. am excepted,cooking my spagetti hope it won’t burn also

  2. It’s virtually impossible to sit in one place and wait for food to cook, when there’s so much to be done, ha, ha. Pot don burn plenty times 🙂


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