Nigerian Christmas Meal Recommendations 2017

It’s that time of the year again when all we think about is what we will eat for one week of Christmas celebrations. Without much ado, the following are my recommendations for snacks and meals that will make this year’s Christmas very delicious for you and your loved ones. If you need specific recommendations for desserts, drinks and others not mentioned below, please let me know in the comments by clicking here.


You need some chewables this Christmas season especially for guests that would be trouping to your home. This is very important if you will spend Christmas in your village (country home).

Peanut Burger (Coated Peanuts)

Nigerian Chin Chin give way, this is the year that Peanut Burger will shine at Christmas! Just prepare it and store in an airtight container ready for your guests to munch on. It stores well in the freezer. Click photo for the recipe and video.

coated peanuts

Nigerian Chin Chin

Who said that Nigerian Chin Chin should give way? If I catch you there, eh? Please do not let the elders hear that Nigerian Chin Chin was not munched this Christmas. Biko click the Nigerian Chin Chin photo below for the easiest Nigerian Chin Chin recipe that will help you make jars and jars of Chin Chin in no time. No quantity is too much for the season!

chin chin

Christmas Cake

This year, I am presenting the classic Nigerian Wedding Cake as Christmas cake. That moist brown cake that was the basis of Nigerian Wedding cakes in the 1980s and 1990s, I am resurrecting that experience this year because red velvet cakes and chocolate cakes have made that special cake extinct. Click photo for recipe.

classic nigerian wedding cake

Peppered Puff Puff

Add some zing to your Christmas Puff Puff this year. Remember, there will be harmattan ooo! Click photo or click here for the recipe and the trick to getting the perfect puff puff ball shape.

peppered puff puff

Christmas Breakfast

Christmas season is when we all have the time to have a hearty breakfast. No more grabbing “tea and bread” on the way out to work. This is the time to eat Akara, Moi Moi, Fried Plantains with thick Akamu (Ogi, Pap) loaded with Peak Milk!
peak filled

Small Chops

I will separate these from the snacks for clarity but really, Nigerian Small Chops fall under the category of snacks.

Party Fried Meat

This one is not just an ordinary fried meat but a well seasoned fried meat complete with Christmas colours. Your family and your guests will love this Party Fried Meat. Click photo for recipe.

party fried meat

More Nigerian Small Chops

Every Nigerian Small Chop deserves to be in this list so please head over to the small chops section of the website to see all of them and make a choice. Click photo below to see the list.

nigerian small chops

Rice Dishes

Oh, we already know the usual suspects but this year, I present them to you with a TWIST!

Smoky Christmas Jollof Rice

We may have a solution for preparing that Party Jollof Rice with the smoky flavour without breathing in smoke fumes from firewood, burning our pots beyond recognition and doing all the acrobatics we are too ashamed to share with anyone. Click the photo below to find out that ingredient that will give you Smoky Jollof Rice and not burnt Jollof Rice. 😀

smoky party jollof rice

Boiled White Coconut Rice

Instead of preparing plain boiled white rice this Christmas, why not surprise your family by adding some coconut taste to it to get Boiled White Coconut Rice? It will be a pleasant surprise, trust me!

boiled white coconut rice

Nigerian Fried Rice (with a twist)

In this Christmas recipe for Fried Rice, you will see other ingredients you can prepare Fried Rice with and get some festive results! Click photo for recipe.

nigerian fried rice

Tropical Pineapple Fried Rice

Christmas is the time to try new things because there’s so much merriment going on you don’t want to keep serving up the same meals. Please promise me you’ll try the Tropical Fried Rice this festive season. You’ll love it! Click photo for recipe.

tropical fried rice

Stews and Sauces

Yes, boiled white rice served with stew or a sauce is still very much enjoyed by lots of Nigerians. I have some delicious sauces for you to try this festive season.

Coconut Curry Sauce

Coconut Curry Sauce is so easy to prepare, much easier than the classic Nigerian Tomato Stew with beef or chicken. Try it and everyone will love you for this. Click photo for the recipe.

coconut curry sauce

Nigerian Beef and/or Chicken Stew

Nigerian Beef and Chicken Stew will never go out of fashion but do you know how to prepare it well? It must be popping red, streaked, not tangy and delicious! Have you mastered it? Remember, your village people will be tasting your meals and judging your cooking skills this season. 😉 Click photo for the course.

To help you master this stew, also check out:
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nigerian beef and chicken stew

Mixed Vegetables Curry Sauce

Another non-tomato stew to try this season is Mixed Vegetables Curry Sauce. It’s prepared mostly with vegetables you will already be using this Christmas. Click photo for details of how to prepare it.

Mixed Vegetables Curry Sauce

Christmas Soups

With the right Nigerian soup, swallows can be festive meals too. Check out these soups because they bring you some happiness this season.

Rivers Native Soup

Rivers Native Soup has all the look and flavour of a festive period! With all the seafood competing with each other in this soup, can we just let the fishermen of Rivers State lead the way this season?

rivers native soup

More Nigerian Soups

Like I mentioned earlier, any Nigerian soup you love can be made into a festive meal. Just make sure you prepare the soup with lots of meat and fish, we call them obstacles and most people will enjoy eating them! Click photo for over 20 Nigerian soups recipes!

rivers native soup

More Nigerian Recipes

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Merry Christmas!


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    what can i use as a substitute for the corn flour? I’m not in the US or Nigeria.

    • Nkechi the substitute for corn flour depends on the recipe. I’ve got about 3 meals and snacks on this page that contain corn flour. Which recipe are you asking about?

  3. I just love this!

  4. I follow ur directions and get great results in all d meals I hv tried. And I’m amazed sometimes at d results. The smoked fish for instance. It came out exactly like d ones in d market! Great job Flo ?. Now I want to know more about the Nigerian style fruit salads u mentioned in d puff puff video. Thank u

    • Ijay the fruit salad is made up of tropical fruits with Peak Evaporated Milk as the “salad cream”.
      I am glad you are getting great results with the recipes.

  5. Thanks so much for all this beautiful and amazing recipes,I will try some of them out ,really appreciate all your past recipes too,it has helped me a lot.Wishing you a Merry Christmas Ma”am.
    My question please is how many Cups is 250 grams,I have measurement issue.

    • Tobi it depends on what you are measuring. Which ingredient is that? You can also do the conversion using Google. In Google’s search box just type for example: “convert 250g of rice to cups”, hit search and Google will give you the answer.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. I just want to say I love your blog and I have learnt to cook a whole lot better and new dishes thank you and compliments of the season

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