What Happens If You Boil Coca-Cola Coke?

I’ve heard all sorts of bad things and seen all those experiments about Coca-Cola Coke but none of them scared me as much as the experiment in the video below.

We do not drink Coke in my home. We don’t even buy it to keep in the fridge for guests. I only buy Fanta because I mix Guinness Stout with it (delicioussss) and use it when making Nigerian Chapman.

what happens if you boil coke

My fear comes from the fact that when I am offshore (I work in oil exploration), I binge on Coke. I drink at least a small party cup of Coke every day. It gives me the much needed energy to work 12-hour shifts, 7 days a week for the duration of my stay there. Once I get home, I stop taking it instantly and I usually suffer for it. The last time I came back from work, it took me a week to recover from that over-dependency on caffeine and sugar in Coca-Cola.

Now, I would like to understand what really happened in the experiment. All the chemists and food scientists, please help me out here. 😀 What is that asphalt-like residue made up of? I know the heat induced some kind of chemical reaction there but what and what combined to make the residue slimy like that? Is that all just caramelized sugar and food colouring as stated in the video? Urghhh!

Na wa o!


  1. Papa God please protect your children. I will never drink coke again.

  2. Nah really na wa o!
    Personally, I never liked coke because it puts my teeth on the edge whenever I drank it and leaves an after-taste. Fanta or anything orange is my all time favourite. Thanks for sharing this info flo.
    And e kpele o 🙂
    Hopefully it is the caramelized sugar as you suggested? If it is not then…*whistles* …. we done for o!

    • *we are done for o!*

      Hubby teases me because I don’t like stout. That drink too bitter sha! Like you, I mix it with fanta when I do drink it once in a blue moon …. never knew it was called Nigerian chapman.
      You see, I learn everyday from your posts.
      I still don’t get the reply comment in my box o….i just taya!

      • It’s great you have a reason for not drinking it jare! At least you don’t need to be reminded that you should stay away from it. lol

        I prefer the Coke sold in Nigeria. I don’t really fancy the canned ones sold outside Naija the one in the big plastic bottle is just not the real thing, that’s why I don’t drink it at home o. But now, I will stay away from it kpatakpata 😀

        IB the bitterness in Stout?? That’s why I must mix it with Fanta, I wonder how those who don’t mix it enjoy that thing. No, Nigerian Chapman is a different drink, maybe I should have worded that sentence differently. lol

        I think I’ll have to install a replies notifications plugin. Do you have that on your blog because I don’t get notified either LOL! Blogging life! I will surely get it one day! 😀

        • new dawn says:

          Ahahaha, yes oo, blogging life….is fun!

        • new dawn says:

          Ahahaha, yes oo, blogging life….is fun!

        • new dawn says:

          Ahahaha, yes oo, blogging life….is fun!

          • Na wa! Only me post 3x? This is why I don’t like using my phone to comment, because I wrote more than this o jare!
            I said, you should check your setting because my comment notification is automatic, but blogger is different from presser, so probably you have to install a plugin.
            Thanks for your comments in my posts, just read them.

  3. o my god

  4. I'm going to try fanta

  5. lol

  6. What a nice way to eat watermelon,now that i know………..

  7. OMG!

  8. the asphat like material is the same thing as baba dudu, a local sweet made by boiling sugar and coconut extract. the only thing is that there are other chemical in these concortion which aint presnt in baba dudu

    • Many ingredients are definitely at play Olanrewaju because when sugar caramelizes, it is not pitch black like that, more like dark brown. Na wa o! Thanks for the info! 🙂

  9. just imgine am an addict to soda,hmmm i need help

  10. Thanks for the info

  11. To think that I just stocked soft drinks including so much coke. What do I do with that now? #sigh

  12. Generally, isn’t ALL soda and pop drinks bad? I see them all as poison; temporary satiating one’s thirst but killing a person’s body in the long term via diabetes, different kinds of cancers, et al. I tend to stick with water and consuming actual fresh fruits, and then maybe fruit juices as the very last resort, cause even fruit juices are manufactured with all sorts of preservatives and sugar minerals that are harmful for the body. The food industry in most of the western world is a billion dollar plus industry that thrives on making money off consumer; their primary concern is NOT the health of the consumer at all.

    Let all be ware of what goes into their bodies for health’s sake. God bless.

  13. nice one

  14. Hiyya Flo, long time no hear. hope our march to d campsite is still on *winks*

    thanks for the info, i always felt there was something wrong about consuming much coke, but i never knew it was this bad.
    anyways, since its energy you are looking for, when next u are offshore or even at home, why not try Organogolds tea and coffee. (nw before u say is it not d same thing? i.e ‘caffiene’). let me add our tea and coffee does nt contain caffiene.
    hw is that possible u might think, well, all our tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc contain a powerful herb called Ganoderma lucidum which neutralizes d caffiene in coffee. (u could google Ganoderma lucidum to see its health benefits there are a 1001 of them).
    visit http://www.oglahacienda.organogold.com or call +234 (0) 8114754533 for more info

  15. my people die for lack of knowledge,i cannot believe i have being taking this poison with my family for years and we call it enjoyment, can u imagine that chaii.

  16. I really cant believe that coke can turn into that, this alone can make me stop drinking coke .. wow

  17. Just to say well done to you since you work offshore and stil have time for your blog. but this coke issue is really scary i really cant understand, person dey drink poison since

  18. people who like drinking this beverage should certainly watch the video on this page! it’s awful, we poison our organisms with our own hands!

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