Baked Nigerian Moi Moi

Baked Nigerian Moi Moi

The reason I bake Nigerian Moi Moi in the oven is to get these cute cup sized Moi Moi that my daughter loves.
You will find the recipe on the website by clicking >> Baked Nigerian Moi Moi.

Or watch the video below:



  1. What is the different between the coked and baked moi moi

    • Sis Jumoke there’s a slight difference in the texture, the simmer of a boiling pot does something good for Nigerian Moi Moi. 😉

      • I made the baked moi moi for the first time today and it came out delicious! Thank you for the clear instructions. But the peeling of the beans was still tedious despite the blender method!

        • Well done Luitgard.
          For peeling the beans, the more often you do it, the easier it becomes because you will learn exactly how long to soak the beans for the specific type of beans you are using. And how many pulses you need to get them all peeled before removing from the blender.

  2. Bukola omoshowon says

    Hi! Even though I haven’t meet or see you before I love what you are doing. Because you inspire me every time to do what I enjoy doing. Thank you so much ma. God bless you.

  3. Bukola omoshowon says

    Why can’t i use olive oil for the baked Moi Moi??

    • Bukola the taste of olive oil does not work well with Nigerian Moi Moi and in fact all Nigerian recipes. But you can use it if you and your family do not mind the taste.

  4. This is my first time I see baked moi moi, and it look beauty full,,,,, Thank you

  5. Hi Flo,

    For the baked moi moi, what temperature would I set my oven to? I live in the united states so our recipes are written different than yours. For instance common oven temperature settings here would it be like 325, 350, 375, 400, 425,450. However your instructions are to bake at 200 degrees celsius, 390F.

    • Hi Sarah, use the closest temperature which is 400F. I gave the exact temperature at which I baked mine which is equivalent to 390F. In baked Moi Moi the 10F difference does not make much difference but with some food items eg when making crayfish, that slight difference MAY mean that yours will be charred if you leave the shrimps in there for the length of time I stated. With most ovens, you should be able to set any temperature you want without being restricted to the numbers you listed.
      But if you can’t do that on your oven, use the nearest one but please bear in mind that depending on the food, your baking/grilling times will be different from what is stated for the recipe.

  6. Can I store moi moi liquid for future cooking in the freezer? Thanks

    • Yes, you can. For best results, on the day you will use it, bring it out from the freezer and keep it to defrost on its own. Do not use a microwave oven to defrost it. And when it has completely thawed, put in the blender and run your blender a few times to make it fluffy again.

  7. What can I use if I don’t have aluminum foil paper at hand

    • Use a plastic film, a rectangular china plate or something that can stand the heat of the oven and adequately cover the muffin tray at the same time.
      It is very important that you cover it, if not the Moi Moi will dry up. That’s not good.

  8. Hi please where can I buy the muffin cups from. Thanks

    • Muffin cups are available in catering gadget shops. In Nigerian they may be difficult to find but you can start by asking those who sell bakery ingredients.

  9. what makes moin moin runny and uncooked in the middle even when you return it to cook longer, it comes back the same but the sides are beginning to burn?

    • Joy what size of container are you cooking the Moi Moi in? I ask because it sounds like you poured the Moi Moi into one big bowl. That’s one reason why the middle will not be cooked very well while the outsides are done. And for how long total did you cook it for?

      And when you say the sides are burning, are you baking or are you cooking them? Moi Moi does not burn in that sense because you add water to the pot you are cooking it in.

  10. Ugochinyere Stacy says

    Hi Flo, please my over doesn’t have the up burner…..only the under one. It has discouraged me from baking mini moi or any form of baking cos I fear the effect it might create.

    • Stacy please can you confirm that it does not have a top heating at all. Most of the ovens I see in Nigeria have both the top and bottom heating but the problem is that one can’t turn both of them on at the same time like all standard ovens seen outside Nigeria.

      If yours have the top and bottom heaters but you can’t turn both on at the same time, as frustrating as it is, what I would do is to turn the bottom one on for some time and turn the top one on for some time and repeat for the duration of the cooking so that I can achieve an even doneness.

      If your oven has only the bottom heating, nne there’s not much you can do but to use it like that. Place whatever you are baking as far away from the bottom heating as possible to avoid burning. Also, place another oven tray above what you are baking to kind of reflect the heat, creating a similar effect as a top heater. You can also take the measurement of the width of your oven and ask welders to create this for you using an aluminium sheet, something that conducts heat and that can easily slide into one of the grooves for an oven tray.

      I honestly do not understand why they make these 2 types of ovens. If the manufacturers understand the science of cooking, they will realise that they do not make sense at all.

  11. Hi Flo, please can I store moi moi mixture in the fridge and cook it the next morning? Due to tight schedule, staying up at night to watch moi moi cook is stressing.

    • Yes, you can Ashley. And your fridge should be at the coldest setting because with all that handling during peeling and grinding, beans can sour quickly.

  12. Why not olive oil in moi moi

  13. Sweet Potato Okoronkwo says

    Hello, would you have the nutritional information for this recipe? Thanks

  14. Pls how do I turn on the top burner

  15. Please Flo, can I use these aluminium moi moi plates to bake. Is it okay?

  16. Ibukunola says

    How to bake moin moin without oven

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