My 2017 Goal: Another Online Business

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year celebration and are ready to take on the new year.

I don’t do new year resolutions. What I do at the beginning of EVERY year is to set ONE goal. The bigger the goal, the more pumped up I am to achieve it. Setting goals, just like writing daily to-do lists, have helped me achieve a lot in my adult life.

2017 goal

This year, I have decided to make my goal public.

So what’s the big goal?

My goal for 2017 is to take YET another skill that I have and turn it into a money making online business.

Why am I making it public?

I want to use this opportunity to invite those who are ready to learn how to build an online business this year to join me.

Making money online has been a thing for the past 20 years but it is still new to a lot of people. Most people even think that it is impossible. I can attest that it is very VERY possible.

I have many skills: I am great with computers (software), I am good at web coding, I am a good teacher, I understand how social media works as it relates to business, if I teach you elementary or secondary school Mathematics, you must get an A in it. I understand the science of cooking, I can sew, I can braid hair, I speak 4 languages, amongst other skills that I have. And I have been able to turn some of these skills into successful online businesses.

In October 2010 I created my website and added information about cooking Nigerian food on the website. In July 2011, due to overwhelming demand, I started making videos of these recipes and uploaded them on YouTube. In September 2011, because you all were enjoying my cooking videos so much, they were so popular that YouTube invited me to start making money from my videos. Yes, in those days, making money from your YouTube videos was only by invitation. It is much easier these days.

After learning that making money online is very possible, I quickly restructured and consciously made efforts to hone a combination of my skills (web-coding, writing, teaching, making videos and cooking) to make it the money making venture it is today. I have also successfully created various other online businesses from more of my skills and hobbies including the most mundane ones.

So yes, every skill you have is a potential income generator. And you don’t have to be an expert in that skill to make money from it, you just need to know enough to be dangerous. It all depends on the unique twist and spin you put to it. Even if your hobby is taking selfies and posting on social media, you can turn it into a money making business. If you have not done so, the difference between you and Toke Makinwa right now is that while you are still doing yours for likes and comments, Toke is using her daily selfies to build and grow her brand which gets her huge brand deals and sponsorships. If your hobby is doing “harmless” aproko (gossip), the difference between you and Linda Ikeji is that while you are doing yours for free with your friends and frenemies, Linda is using hers to attract millions of readers to her blog each day which translates to money for a Banana Island mansion and various other big girl acquisitions.

In those days, people invested in shares but in the current generation and with the stock market in tatters, the best investment you can make is to create an online business that makes you money while you sleep. Of course that’s after you must have worked hard to set it up and continue to work hard to maintain it. It is the best retirement plan. So even if you have a great job, start at least one online business now. I accidentally started my first one while working for a Fortune 500 company. If I knew what I was onto, I would have started 5 of them then.

So this 2017, I will “publicly” take another skill of mine, one of my top favourite skills actually, and create a money making business out of it. If I can turn cooking which is not even a favourite skill of mine (surprise, surprise) into a successful online business, I can’t wait to see what I can build from this one.

I will reveal the skill and every step ONLY to those who sign up for my class.

My Online Business

From day 1, I will share everything I do in the business I will build. What I will be sharing include:

  1. How I brainstorm money making ideas for that specific skill. One person can use a skill to make tons of money, another person can barely make any money from the same skill. The overall amount of money you will make depends partly on the number of money making ideas you come up with for that specific skill.
  2. How I select the platforms where I will set up the business for maximum exposure.
  3. How much money I will spend setting up the business. Trust me, with most online businesses, you do not need a lot of money. You mostly need time and your skills.
  4. How much money I will make from the business every step of the way for the first 6 months.
  5. How I promote the business on social media, how to turn those numbers into money – my social media trade secrets if you will.
  6. How I create the media: photos, videos, animated gifs etc for the business. I will share how I take my photos, how I make my videos, simple edits I apply to my photos to take them from Cinderella to Princess and how I edit my videos to fit the various social media platforms. Example: see the difference between these 2 photos below? Click images to zoom:
    grilled chicken

    grilled chicken

For YOUR Online Business

I will for 3 months:

  1. Have a one on one coaching with you via emails, chats, skype as you build your business.
  2. Help you brainstorm money making ideas for your specific skill/hobby. Reveal what will work and what you should not bother with. Reveal what you should apply now and what you should leave for later.
  3. Help you set up your online business from scratch.
  4. Answer your questions.
  5. Where necessary or applicable, help those in Nigeria make purchases from outside Nigeria if it is impossible to do so from within Nigeria. I will only make purchases for tools, services and gadgets that you will need to set up your online business.
  6. Guide you in your applications to advert companies. This depends on the platforms you choose for your business. It may not apply to yours.
  7. When the time comes, introduce you to exclusive advert companies as you grow in your business.
  8. And much more information as I see necessary.

Other Benefits:

  • I will be your mentor for as long as necessary.
  • You will be added to my cheer group.

Requirements for Joining the Online Business Class

  1. You MUST own a laptop with full internet connection. This is an online business and once you start, you basically live online. You need at least 8 hours connection to the internet per day on your laptop and 24/7 internet connection on your mobile phone. I do not recommend using only a smart phone for online business because smart phones can only do so much. As an online business man/woman, your laptop is your office and your money making machine.
  2. You MUST have basic knowledge of using computers to browse the web, know how to use Microsoft Word to type and save the file on your laptop, how to make screen grabs, knowledge of the Windows file system, how to send and receive emails, how to attach and download files from an email.
  3. You MUST be passionate about the skill/hobby you want to turn into a business. This is very important because it is your passion for this skill that will keep you going till you make your first Naira, Dollar, Pound etc depending on where you are in the world. Remember, I ran my first online venture for 1 year before I made a substantial amount of money from it. Before then, I was responding to people’s recipes questions, writing their requested recipes, uploading video demonstrations for FREE with no idea of WHEN or IF I will ever make money from it.

Apply only if:

  1. You have all the requirements listed above.
  2. You are a complete newbie when it comes to starting an online business. If you think your existing online business needs some improvement, you are welcome to apply. If you know what you are doing in your online business, no need to apply.
  3. You have time to follow this through. If you are so busy right now that you cannot spare 2 hours every day to work on your online business, please do not apply.
  4. You are a patient person and usually have realistic expectations.
  5. You don’t care about what people will say about your life choices.

If you need money today, right now. If you are at the point of desperation for money, please do NOT apply. It is better to find a job because that’s the only way to ensure that you will be paid at the end of this month. There’s no guarantee that you will find a job by the end of this month though.


  • This is NOT a get rich quick venture. This is a slow but sure process of eventually making decent and steady income online that is all yours, in the comfort of your own home or office. The length of time it will take to make a decent income varies. It may take just one month, it may take years. It depends on your skill/hobby, your definition of a decent income, how hard and consistent you are ready to work at this, how well you apply what you learn and where you live in. But I can assure you, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make from an online business.

    The process can be successfully repeated over and over again for your various skills, with a slight adjustment for each specific skill. If you want an online business that will make you money TODAY, right now, please go and buy an already successful online business and take it from there.

    I’ll put it into perspective below:

    If you want your own house to live in, you first of all buy the land, clear it, make a building plan, buy building materials, make the foundation, build, roof it, install the plumbing and electrical fittings, plaster, paint it and furnish before you can move in. How fast this happens depends on the amount of money in your pocket, how big the house will be and how fast the builders can do the job. Some aspects of building a house cannot even be sped up because building recommendations and time lines must be followed. All these take time.

    But if you want your own house that you will move into today, you should go and buy a house not build it from scratch.

  • I will not ask you to buy anything from me during the process; you will only pay me for the coaching services. If you are in Nigeria and want to purchase a service, tool or gadget online that is not available in Nigeria, I can help you with that. I will only help with purchases that are related to setting up your online business.
  • This is a PAID course. I will be with you every step of the way for 3 months as you set up your business. You will learn a lot.

If you are interested in turning your skill into a money making online business, send me an email to with the subject Online Business telling me:

  • The skills and/or hobbies you are very passionate about.
  • Where you are in the world (country).
    • You can send your application from any part of the world. Applications close on January 15, 2017 because I can’t wait to start my business that I will be sharing.
      I will reply your email if I feel I can take your skill and turn it into a successful online business.

      Before you send that email, if you have any questions about this, please post it below in the comments (scroll down to the comment box) and I will do my best to explain. I will not answer questions by e-mail.

      ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. What if you Don’t have any skill or hobbies in particular to start up

    • Cynthia your skill is the foundation on which we will build the online business. If you insist you don’t have one, there is nothing to build on here.

  2. How much does it cost? And out of my hobby and skills, are we going to focus on one only?

    • Seyi the cost depends on where you are amongst other factors.

      Many skills we have come into play when we run an online business. For this website, what most people see is my cooking skill but in the background my writing skill comes into play when I am writing the recipes, my teaching skill comes into play when I decide how to show the recipes in a video, my video editing skill come into play when I am editing the videos, my photography and photo editing skills are in there too etc. So yes, we may have many skills but in order to successfully make money online, it is best to for each business, let one skill shine through while the other skills stay in the background.

      So if you think there is one skill you are every passionate about and you meet the other requirements, send me an email using the procedure and we will take it from there.

  3. Don’t have a laptop and I seriously want to learn

    • Ann not having a laptop will limit you so much. There are people who successfully run online businesses using only a smart phone but for the purpose of what I will be teaching which involves participants following my own business that I will create while building their own, a laptop is absolutely necessary.

  4. how much does it cost?one of my skill/hobbies is cooking and v been wanting to create an online brand with my cooking skill but dont know how to start.

    • Adaugo the cost depends on where you are as well as other factors. Cooking is a great skill with which you can start an online business because there are so many ways to monetize the skill. I have lots of evidence to show for this as I am a living example. If you meet all the other requirements I listed, send me an email following the procedure and we will take it from there.

  5. I have something I’m very passionate about which is fashion fashion and designing “sewing” which I already started learning not quite long and I always intended going online with it, since I’m in the learning phase still like a baby in it and don’t have a good idea of online business yet, do you think it I can be part of the learning, if not, will there be another opportunity later for people that can’t join now? thank you.

  6. What of if i have passion for more than one thing and i have not perfected any of them. (let me say- Bead making, make up, production of liquid soap, cake baking & small chops and event and decoration) Also, i do 8 hrs work in an office, with a tight schedule. How can i fit into your system.

    • Adenike, as stated in the post, you do not have to be an expert to build a successful online business. I am not an expert in cooking Nigerian food neither am I an expert in video editing. The word expert is overrated because there’s always something to learn in whatever field we find ourselves in. BUT one thing you must do is to make up your mind about one skill you are very passionate about and focus on that skill. You cannot drag all the skills you mentioned at the same time, they will weigh you down and at the end of the day, you will not be known for one thing.

      For 8 hours work, again as mentioned in the post, if you really REALLY want to go into this, you will find the time. I’ll give you an example, ever since I started my online business, I was working full time in my day job while writing the recipes, making the videos, writing my cookbook etc. Watch the video of what I do in this video:

      Now, I work part time. Passion is the driving force in this and it must come from you. If you have it, you will know how to create the time.
      But if you insist that you do not have the time, I’ll advise you to stick to what you do at the moment because time is very important in this business.

  7. Thanks floxxy for this Grt opptnity. I use to hav a laptop but it was stolen wen burglars came. Am into cake making,av bin wanting2do it online but didn’t kno how. Do I still fit in without a laptop for now

  8. I love cooking and I do it as a hobby

Comment to show me you are alive and cooking some delicious food!