Groundnut Milk (Peanut Milk)

Groundnut Milk (Peanut Milk)

Get all the nutritional benefits of groundnuts (peanuts) without chewing. This milk is so refreshing!

You will find the recipe on the website by clicking >> Groundnut Milk (Peanut Milk).

Or watch the video below:



  1. Nonye Ene says:




  3. MAVIS C.A says:

    The groundnut in question, is it raw one or fried one??? thank….
    I still need your recipe for soya milk and soya beans.

  4. Awesome, I love your cooking techniques, even though am a Ghanaian, all your recipes look pretty Ghanaian to me.

  5. Salami funmilola says:

    Pls analysis more on the type ground nut cos we ve the one dat is cook n the one dat is ready to be prepared. Will apprc8 dat.tanx

    • Hello Funmilola, in the video I listed RAW groundnuts in the list of ingredients (time 00:12) and I believe that explains the state of the groundnuts used for this recipe. Raw means uncooked, unfried, in it’s crude state. Or did you miss that?

  6. Can this peanut milk be mix with cocoanut milk? But I really like the recipe

  7. Please 300grams will be equivalent to how many cups of groundnut?

  8. dear flo, thanks for the recipe but unfortunately both the times i tried it the milk split, the first time the milk was ok, so i kept it in the fridge,but next morning it had turned to curd in the fridge, this time i ground the soaked peanuts and added water and kept it to cook one recipe said that after cooking we should strain, but alas it heated well, but when I went to strain it the milk split, frustrated can u please help and let me know the authentic way to do it. bcoz our water needs to be boiled for consumption, so not possible to have raw milk, appreciate your help. Thanks

  9. can you please give authentic recipe for peanut milk, our water needs to be boiled for consumption, so raw milk is not drinkable, thanks

  10. Thanks for the recipe. Can I use fresh groundnuts?

  11. Thanks for the recipe. Can I use fresh groundnuts?

  12. Kwame Ahadzie says:

    The best of milk you must not ignore. It’s perfect medicinal and nutritional without any side effects. Stop chasing after animal fluids package in a can and chemical drugs for the sake of your pocket and health. Drink GROUNDNUT MILK for just 5 days and tell me I’m a lier. Go natural for that’s was what Jehovah gave us. God bless you.

  13. Gloria Akpushi says:

    can I add ginger to it?

  14. i will try this recipe,atleast i have the ingredients at home.will like to know recipe for kwash pap for kids

  15. Hello I wash the groundnut boil it for 20 mins. Allow it to cool down and blend. After that sieve it and serve chilled. You can add vanilla flavour (optional). Lovely milk drink.

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