Nigerian Food Guessing Game 1

I was experimenting in my kitchen when I came up with this. Guess which food this is.

Which Nigerian Food 1


  1. Fish! I think salmon.. Hope am right

  2. no Felicity, not fish. :))

  3. Chap-man vegetable yam porriage vegetable salad & puff-puff.

  4. OK Motunrayo, are these Nigerian foods you like? 😀

  5. Cake mixture of strawberry and milk

  6. No Ruth, it's a mixture though :)))

  7. Looks like custard/yellow pap with some sort of topping (strawberry milk?) or palm oil? Lol

  8. Cream caramel

  9. I thought it was salmon fish,but you said its not a fish.

  10. Pan-cake.

  11. Nkeiru Nwodika says


  12. It is indeed pancake Nkeiru! Well done! :))

  13. Motunrayooooooo :))) Not cream caramel dear.

  14. yes! :))) Well done Charity.

  15. A well designed salmon 😀 No, not fish.

  16. Mehn!!! dis is difficult. I give up. No idea

  17. hehehe Morenikemiiii, you can do better than this ah-ah! i don't know you as one who gives up! *wink!

  18. Hmmm…This is very difficult….any clues?

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