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Virgin Coconut Oil

Yes, you can make your own virgin coconut oil in your home. This virgin coconut oil contains no preservatives and no cosmetics wax. Use it for cooking, for your hair, your body and for coconut oil pulling that gives you healthy teeth. All that in the video below. For the written recipe, click: Virgin Coconut Oil.

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  1. Thank you for this flo. I tried it and it came out great. The only thing I noticed is that it developed some smell after a few days in the fridge. What cn I do about this.

    • Ah yes sorry about that. This coconut oil has no preservatives so it starts fermenting after some time unlike the other Coconut Oil that is heated up till it becomes liquid.
      What you can do is to bring out a small quantity you will use up within a few days and keep the rest in the freezer.
      I’m glad that making it was a success for you! 🙂

  2. Thank you! I always see coconut oil used for natural hair on youtube but there is nowhere to buy that in Nigeria. Let me go and make it and pray that Nepa will not spoil my raggae.

    • No be small NEPA spoiling your reggae!
      Good luck making it and please keep most of it in the freezer and keep a small quantity in the fridge.

  3. Nne you are too much o. I’ll check this out. I use coconut oil already but have never made my own.

    • Nne, I used to buy from Amazon but I could tell that those ones are laden with cosmetics wax as they do not have as much effect on my hair as the one I make myself. Daalu. ♥ ♥

  4. Please flo if I did not have refrigerator, is there any alternative way that I can preserve it

    • No Chinenye. In fact it does not even keep very long in the fridge. For longer periods, the freezer is the best place to store VIRGIN coconut oil else it will start smelling. I just keep a small quantity I will use within a few days in the fridge. Outside these, the only other alternative is to add preservatives and prepare it under strict conditions (which is only achieved in the coconut oil factories).

      But with the other type of coconut oil, the refined one that is liquid at room temperature (click here to see that), you do not need to refrigerate it because it has been heated to very high temperatures (refined).

  5. Thank Flo for this wonderful post. I will like to make my own coconut oil for commercial purpose too. How do I preserve it so it doesn’t smell

    • You are welcome Dammy. For business, I would recommend making the refined coconut oil because that one does not need preservatives. The process involves heating the coconut oil to very high temperatures and because of this, it will not smell. It’s also the type the is more in demand. Click here to see how to make that one. Or copy this link to your browser address bar: https://blog.allnigerianrecipes.com/coconut-oil/

      Good luck in your business!

  6. Hi Flo, pls I want to know this white coconut oil and the refined one, which one is more effective on the skin, and is it good for fair skin or will it make me dark?

    • Ugo the extra virgin coconut oil has all the nutrients intact so that one is definitely the one that will be more effective. It’s like milk when you apply it on your skin.
      For whether it will make you dark, I honestly can’t say because we all have different skin types. While some people may swear that it is great for their skin, others will say that it makes them dark so the best thing is to try it, give it some time and observe how it works on your skin.

  7. I’ll definitely try this

  8. pls flo darling, what is if dont have that machine yo used in your video for mashing it. what else can i use. thanks

  9. Mrs Tonye Miebi says

    Thanks Aunty Flo for this nice video, but pls if u don’t have the cake mixer how can u mash it.if u use the blender won’t it come out watery. Thanks

  10. hi auntie flow, i am from jamaica. I tried making the virgin coconut oil, but auntie the white substance is at the top and the coconut water is seperated but the white substance at the top is not solid as the one shown in your video.What do I do auntie flo?

  11. I’m from Nigeria, I have done this as directed but the curd has not fermented for one week. What is the cause, will it still form oil?

    • Jude where did you keep it? For the fermentation method you need to keep it in a warm place. Not in the direct heat of the sun but in a warm place.

  12. I tried this but it’s not working, today is Making it one week now and the oil has not form; the curd hasn’t fermented. Is there still hope that it’s going to turn out good?

  13. Queen Ifeoma says

    Can I use those big engine that grind beans for blending the coconut meat?? Thank you.

    • Yes, you can but they should wash it very well before use so the coconut oil is not contaminated by other food items.
      They should blend it without water so that when you get home you add warm water to extract the oil.

  14. OZIOMA ANYASI says

    thanks madam. you are doing a good work. please i want to speak with you on the phone. i want to go into full coconut oil production, i need your mentor-ship and advise. thanks


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