How I Maintain My Pots: Stainless Steel Pots Maintenance

stainless steel

Some time ago, I shared the best pots for Nigerian cooking and what I do to my brand new pots before I use them for the first time. Click here to read or click here to watch. That ritual is very important for the health of your stainless steel pots. Today, I will share what I do from time to time to maintain my old pots to keep them looking spanking new.

One of the compliments I get on my YouTube videos is how squeaky clean and ageless my pots look. The last time I bought a pot for my kitchen in Spain was in 2008 and I bought my small pot set in 2002 but they all still look relatively new for their age. This is because I dedicate a fair amount of time giving my pots some TLC. If you do not take care of your pots, they will look old and discoloured, even smell. Oh yes, even clean pots can have a stale smell if not well maintained.

Watch the video below to see how I take care of my pots including changing the parts. If you have any questions click here to let me know.

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