Spinach Fufu and Sunflower Seeds Egusi Soup

So many things have been said about this Spinach Fufu since it went live on my YouTube channel. Click here. While some are open to trying it, some are saying tufiakwa! The latter do not know what they are missing. LOL During my low carb fufu series (click here), some people requested Spinach Fufu and since I am someone that is not afraid to take on any challenge, I tried it and it works! Cucumber Fufu coming up. hehehehe

spinach fufu

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To prepare the Spinach Fufu, all you need is spinach or any other leafy vegetable such as kale, ugu, green amaranth and a binder to make it moldable. Click here for the recipe.

I served the Spinach Fufu with Sunflower Seeds “Egusi” Soup which is alternative Egusi Soup prepared using sunflower seeds.

Watch the video below for how I prepared the Spinach Fufu and Sunflower Egusi Soup.


  1. Whaaaaaat?! These are beautiful. I’m so hungry right now, and I will not be able to think of anything else but these spinach fufu until lunch time. And whatever I brought for lunch will pale in comparison, dang it! I love the sunflower egusi soup.

  2. Spinach fufu, hmmmm, I love the fact that it’s healthy but mehhn i don’t blame anyone for running away, it doesn’t look like akpu, garri, or semo. Cabbage fufu is better because of the color which is closer to the traditional swallows.😊

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