Finally Won My Mother-In-Law Over

Take me back to Workers’ day!

My husband informed me that Mother in Law will be visiting the day before workers’ day. Yeay! “Wetin I go cook ooooo?” was the question playing in my head.

At this point you’re wondering, ‘Why the pressure?’ Well, it was because of one reason only – MY MOTHER-IN LAW. Though she is sweet and loving, when it comes to criticising someone’s cooking, she becomes another person. From “The salt is too much now” to her special yab “Between you and this pounded yam, who was pounding who?” you simply cannot please her.

royco stew mix

I decided to make white rice and tomato stew my main dish with some dodo & vegetables on the side, hoping to make the mother of my other half, proud. Next, I made a list of my ingredients and set out to get them from my special customer, Iya Moria at the market. That was how my prayers were answered. While shopping for my ingredients, five women came in together to do some shopping as well. I noticed how they all asked for this Ogbonge seasoning powder and purchased it individually. This made me wonder what was so special about it. “This one gets better aroma o. E fit wake person from sleep” was what Iya Moria told me. So, I decided to give it a try.

On Workers’ day, I did not even wait for the alarm to ring. I was up as early as 5 a.m. to cook. I put all my ingredients on the table and started spicing things up. Just when I almost forgot about the new seasoning powder, I saw the attractive sachet and quickly reached for it. As I poured it into the pot, Iya Moria’s words rang in my head. One by one, family members were practically sleepwalking to the kitchen because the aroma had drawn them in.

Everyone just gathered round the kitchen and started munching away. I actually had to make a second batch because people were requesting for take-away packs. It was when I saw my sweet mother-in-law holding two packs that I knew I had arrived. My yanga come dey reach heavenly places, all thanks to ROYCO STEW SEASONING MIX. Honestly, this new seasoning powder has earned a permanent place in my kitchen cabinet so that I can make yanga all the time. Royco you deserve some accolades!!!

Watch the video below.


  1. I prefer cooking with only natural ingredients but am going to make an exception because of your recommendation ma. I’ll give you feedback after making my tomato stew with the seasoning powder on Sunday. Please visit my blog and encourage me

  2. Linda Peter says

    Guday Flo, I used the seasoning it has a nice aroma but the colour is too much.

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