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Purest Virgin Coconut Oil

If you are looking for the purest virgin coconut oil, I’ve got you covered.

Watch the video below for details. Click here for the written recipe.


  1. Good day ma.
    The coconut oil is not separating from the curd. It’s been three days and it only has two layers. The surface of the curd is mouldy and black. I put it in a warm area. What am I doing wrong?

    • So sad to read that. I guess it’s from the type of coconut. Once the coconut is mature and you sieved it well (with a chiffon cloth), it should separate.
      If you are in Nigeria, ask for Badagry coconut when you get to the market.

  2. Good day am!
    Watched your YouTube videos severally on how to make the coconut oil I folllowed same steps it’s been 3days now and I can see water then oil then milk but the oil dosnt want to com on top.pls what can I do

    • Good day Chinyere. I really do not know what is happening there. Maybe that is from the type of coconut used? I have never experienced that. By the law of physics, the oil must come to the top. This happens with whatever type of oil. So it is strange for this one to be mixed in there with the rest. Try putting it in the fridge (fridge NOT freezer) and the oil should solidify so you can pick them out.

  3. Ekemini Friday says

    Mine has been for three days no oil. Could it be the cold weather?cos its rainy season here. But it has separated. My coconut is so strong.

  4. Some coconut seller don’t even know the type of coconut they sell. How can one know which type of coconut is best for virgin coconut oil. Mature or immature coconut

    • We once bought the one known as Badagry coconut and it’s good. But then, coconut varies from tree to tree among other factors such as transportation, storage and if the sellers allowed it to fully mature on its own before harvest. This is the greatest detroyer of coconuts because ideally, all mature coconuts should behave the same. Visually inspect the coconut and make sure it is brown all over, no discolorations. Then shake it to make sure it has water in it. Then you are good to go.

  5. Victory Dili says

    Hi Flo you are so wonderful. I got all the processes correctly. Starting from the beginning to the sieve point. I stored mine in a big coloured bucket since yesterday evening. I need help on how to put this big bucket in the refrigerator. Is there away I can do this without the use of the fridge.

  6. Happiness Bassey says

    What happens if after 48 hours is just the cord and water no oil appearance on the hanging sack?

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