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How Should You Prep Okra for Okra Soup? Hand-cut? Grate or Blend?

best way to prep okra for okra soup

So how should you prep okra when preparing Nigerian Okra Soup? What is the CORRECT way? Hand-cut, grated or blended Okra? This question may seem trivial but get the prepping wrong and those you prepared the Okra Soup for would feel like they are eating a totally different soup. So to ensure that you prepare the Okra Soup that your family and friends would enjoy, it is important to use the correct prepping method.

If hand-cut okra is your favourite method but you think it takes too much time, click here to see how to hand-cut okra super fast.

Watch the video below to hear all I have to say about each method. Which is your favourite way of prepping okra? Click here to let me know.

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