New Recipe: Plantain Mosa (Plantain Puffs)

This is the year of overripe plantains!
First, we had Plantain Pies and now Plantain Mosa.
There’s another version of Plantain Mosa coming up soon so watch out for it.
Get the detailed recipe at >>> Nigerian Plantain Mosa

Here are some images for drooling effects! 😀

plantain mosa


  1. sure it tastes well _ I will try today

  2. Nice one thank you for sharing yet another way to enjoy plantain.

  3. Hmmm, i will try it

  4. Nancy C. Nnaji says

    Dear Flo, Please how can i get your book?

  5. Plantain puff-puff? OHHH, I would try it, because we love puff-puff….though first time of hearing it apart from plantain agidi….now, I have a complaint…..I don’t see reply comments or my comment approved either!…Is there something am not doing right?

    • Plantain is so versatile Dawn: Puff Puff o, Agidi o, Moi Moi o, this staple has got it all covered. 😀

      Ah-ah how can a veteran like you be doing something wrong? Do you mean you do not get emails when I reply your comments? I reply all o, I no wan make you pursue me from blogosphere! lol And you’ve been on auto-approve for some time now! Sebi I told you that I am learning the ropes slowly. 😀

      • No I don’t o!..ahahaha @ veteran and pursue you from blogs sphere……auto approve?…thanks..didn’t know……I would always be checking back for reply.

  6. Nancy you will find detailed information on availability at this link:

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