Follow Me to Oyingbo Market, Lagos Nigeria

Usually before I go back to base after a trip to Nigeria, I need to go and buy Nigerian food ingredients in Oyingbo Market in Lagos. It’s my one stop market for buying Nigerian food ingredients in bulk. The market has everything from fresh vegetables to assorted kinds of stockfish (okporoko) and other dry fish to Egusi and ogbono.

Another thing I love about the market is that it opens very early in the morning. That way I can breeze in even on the day I would travel to buy the ingredients especially the fresh vegetables so they would still be fresh by the time I arrive my destination.

I usually arrive at the market by 6am and by then everywhere is already buzzing with activity. At that time you can even see those who have finished with their shopping loading the booths of their cars to go home. This got me curious and one day I asked and a seller at the market told me that Oyingbo Market opens as early as 3am. Fear catch me o. ??? What will people be buying and selling at 3am?

Anyway let me stop here before I spoil it for you. Watch the video below or click here to enjoy the sights and sounds of Oyingbo Market including the life stories that the sellers tell me.



  1. Wow! 3am! That is commitment. It seems your page is being attacked by malware and viruses. When i clicked on the video, it took me to like 3 different malware pages. I tried 3 times and the same thing happened.

  2. Ekarume Ufuoma says

    Oyingbo Market na Baba for that one oooo!
    That early morning shopping na “torch light market” we dey call am, buying directly from the main wholesalers! You get items with quality and quantity!
    When you have an estimated budget you’ll have enough balance after all the shoping! From okporoko, dry fish! Crayfish (big n small size) veggies, fruits, the list is endless!
    Welldone Flo! Am such your bags were very filled! Happy shopping

    • Real torch light market Ufuoma! Yes o, I bought as much goodies and my baggage allowance can take. If they leave me, I would buy a trailer load. lol

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