Nigerian Fried Rice – Another way

Watch me change up some of the ingredients in the classic Nigerian Fried Rice with delicious results.
Click here for the customized recipe. And watch the video below for all the yumminess.


  1. That’s wonderful way to cook fried rice,all I have been cooking is mixed rice as you said,thanks a lot

  2. Wow ma you’re redefining Nigerian foods, please keep it up. I look up to you.

  3. Well done ma, I tried it out. It was awesome

  4. Tnks. Delightful. My kitchen get set?

  5. Blessing says:

    Your page has really helped me a lot
    Thank you so much
    God bless u

  6. Thank you so much ma. I tried your procedure yesterday and the result was Awesome.infact my hubby is still thanking me for making a delicious fried Rice for him and his friends.Thanks once again and God bless.

  7. I like you videos but you talk too much.

    • You can’t like my videos and hate me talking. They go hand in hand. So either you mute the videos and stop complaining or you stay away from watching my videos because I am even going to talk more going forward.

  8. Thank you so much for the procedure. I tried it and it was fantastic. I have been looking for a procedure that will help me get the perfect fried rice. God bless you

  9. Ogechi Augusta says:

    Is it wise to cover it after cooking?

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