Nigerian Cooking 101: What Would You Do?

You walk into your kitchen and you see your pot boiling over:

Pot Boiling Over

  1. What is the first thing you need to do to stop the foaming?
  2. What food ingredient can you add to the pot to stop the foaming or even prevent it from happening in the first place?
  3. What other action can you take to ensure that the overflow does not reoccur?
  4. Let us know in the comments.

    Note: We assume that you are boiling yam as shown in the image and in the video below.


  1. What you do first is to open the pot and reduce the fire.

  2. add small cooking oil to stop the foaming

  3. i dont cover the pot when i boild tam so simple!!

  4. e o?

  5. ki le se o?

  6. Damilola Yomi lawanson is right: the first thing to do is to remove the lid, then turn down the temperature.
    Taiwo Esther is also right: to prevent this from happening, you can add a little oil to the water. And stay with the pot until it boils, then turn down the temperature.
    Reyes Jaira is not right: Always cook with the lid on, otherwise the temperature has to be too high to keep it on the boil, and it is also too expensive in energe, especially if you are using electric stove! 😉

  7. The first thing i will add or do to avoid it from happening is adding palm oil or kernel oil to stop the foaming or even prevent it from happening.

  8. Please could you help me with a chicken, snail or fish sauce recipe. Thank you

  9. Open the pot and add a lil bit of oil canola oil, peanut or olive oil(also prevent ur food from burning and sticking)but don’t fully cover it again simple.

  10. morenikemi lizzy oladele says

    Honestly, my 1st reaction will be to open d pot and nxt tin i will do is to reduce d heat. If d yam is still undone,i will add water and den cova it half way

  11. Remove the cover, and put a wooden spoon across the top of the pot. If you just turn down the heat, it will still get to a boiling point and the foam will start forming again…in my experience at least.

  12. I would quickly lower the heat, remove the pot cover, then put a wooden spatula (The one used in turning eba….omorungo…did I get the spelling right?) inside the pot, then cover the pot half way………salt is also a good cooling agent I heard…but not tried it though.

  13. Open the lid, reduce the heat, close the lid half way.

  14. jejejjejejej lol!! im just trying … <3

  15. Excellent suggestions! You are all expert cooks!

    I normally cover my pot because I like whatever I am cooking to get a good boil. If I happen to stroll out of the kitchen *this happens a lot because I am a multitasker! 😀 … and I come back and see this, the first thing I would do is to take off the lid and add salt.

    Salt hardens the water and inhibits foaming. This is just like when using hardwater to wash dishes, you’ll find that you need lots of soap to get a good foam. Those in the UK will know what I’m talking about. 🙂

    So when you add salt, you can cover the pot again and it will not boil over. To prevent this from happening in the first place, you can add salt before it boils if you like doing that. I do not add salt too early when cooking most staple foods because salt hardens the food hence it takes longer to cook and it is not as moist as I like it when the food is done.

  16. Cover d pot halfway and add a bit of oil. Well, that's what I do

  17. Gladys Olley says

    In this kind of situation my first action would be: 1. to uncover the pot and reduce the flame. 2. Check if the water is too much and the extent to which the yam is cooked. 3. I would leave the pot half covered.

  18. Lezlee Patterson says

    I went to Nigeria and had some bread that was sold on the road side. Do you happen to have a recipe.

    • Lezlee is the bread stretchy and soft? Not sliced? If yes, then that’s Agege bread. No, I don’t have the recipe. It’s the best kept secret! 🙂

  19. Augustine Justice says

    Ma’am I like your website, did I say like? I mean ‘LOVE’ cause it really helped me surprise my girlfriend who’s calling me dumb in cooking terms before but a great steward now. Thank you once again for this wonderful & amazing food recipes..

    • Yes, we can all do this if we put our mind to it! Well done Augustine and keep it up! I’m glad you find the site helpful. 🙂

  20. Thanks for all the recipes, i love to cook alot and you have shown me other ways to cook some food and snacks looking forward to buying your cookbook.

  21. Nwosu Ogoo says

    I don’t add anything. I just open the cover a little.

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