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January Recipes

The following are the new recipes added to All Nigerian Recipes in the month of January.

potato peppersoup

Potato Pepper Soup

With this one, you can enjoy the flavours of pepper soup with potatoes.

ugba restaurant special

Ugba (Spicy Shredded Oil Bean)

Ugba is the Nigerian restaurant special that will help you repossess your possession! If you learn how to make this, it will help bring back your Igbo other half from Mama Ngozi's restaurant.

nigerian chicken suya

Nigerian Chicken Suya

Take your grilled chicken to the next level with the Nigerian Suya Pepper.

nigerian chicken suya salad

Chicken Suya Salad

Try the yummy medemede of Chicken Suya with all the vegetables that go well with suya, in one plate.

Enjoy the recipes!

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  1. Cynthia Abimiku says

    I have been having a blast with your recipes. I’m a better cook now. Thank you

  2. Jennifer says

    Is this potatoes pepper soup is it Igala traditional dishes. How can i prepare a three course meal menu with Igala traditional dishes.

  3. pls am a novice on this website, how do i make chicken suya,fried rice and sauce

    • Peace if you are using a PC/laptop, on the left, you will find recipes categories: Beans Recipes, Rice Recipes etc. If you are using a mobile phone, scroll down to the end and you will see the same recipes categories. Click on those to go to the page where you have all the recipes for that category. Example, click on Rice Recipes to go to the page where all the rice recipes are listed. Then click on the recipe you want to go to the specific page for that recipe.
      Chicken Suya is under Chicken Recipes.
      Fried Rice is under Rice Recipes.
      All the stews and sauces are under Stews Recipes.

  4. Ggod day.

    I have been trying your recipes and they are working fine for. Pls for the suya spice what specific type of stock cubes should be used?

  5. Pls how do I prepare okazi? I do not mean okazi soup, the okazi u prepare like abacha. Thank you

    • Uzoamaka I have never heard of that way of preparing okazi. I know okazi the vegetable. And you can prepare ugba or ukpaka like abacha.

  6. Can I use uguu.. pumpkin leaf
    instead of garden egg leaf

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