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April Recipes

I am always updating the recipes website behind the scenes. Every month I make a post here on the blog announcing those recipes. The following are the new recipes added to All Nigerian Recipes website in the month of April. Click the blue text to go to each recipe page.

April Recipes

Easy and Light Ogbono Soup

ogbono soup easy recipe
Is this the easiest Ogbono Soup recipe? Perfect for when you want to prepare light Ogbono Soup.

Potato and Fish Porridge

potato and fish porridge
Potato and Fish Porridge with its blend of flavours is a meal you would want to add to your family menu today.

Kunun Gyada

kunun gyada
Kunun Gyada, a northern Nigerian gruel is my go to comfort drink. It is a great addition to your breakfast too.

Strawberry Milkshake

strawberry milkshake
A milkshake is a heavy creamy drink that is often used as a dessert. See how to make one with strawberries.

Enjoy the recipes!

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  1. belle ajani says

    Love the potato and fish :gonna try that now

  2. linda peter says

    Aunty Flo please the black pepper u used in most of your meal is it “Grind Cameroon Pepper”. Tanx

    • No Linda. You know those tiny black pepper seeds that are used to cook yam pepper soup for new mothers? They are called uziza and uda seeds in Igbo. Use any of those. You need to grind/pound them into powder first before adding to the meal.

  3. Chinenye says

    Please can i also use sweet potato to prepare this meal?

  4. Andem Nina Bassey says

    My question at the moment is concerning the strawberry milkshake and to know if it also possible to use any other fruits like pineapple, apple or mango. I would truly appreciate it the quick respond. Thanks and God bless to you and your family.

    • Yes, you can use other fruits Andem. But you need fruits that work well with milk. Some fruits such as apple and pineapple do not go well with milk due to their texture. When using pineapple or apple, it is advisable to add another fruit that works well with milk eg banana. But you can try them individually and see if you like them as milkshakes because personal preferences vary.
      Bless you too dear. 🙂

  5. u keep makn ma mouth water..pls make u dey post tasting na…4 some of us dah cnt try some of dis foods i.e students no resources n tym

  6. I must say a big thank you for the amazing recipes. In making ice creams, I notice the use of whipping creams. Is it the same with heavy cream. Pls, I would like you to throw more light on it. I couldn’t find it in most super market s. I. Saw cooking cream instead. Are they all the same?

    • Tonia what we have here are ordinary whipping cream and heavy whipping cream. The difference between them is that the heavy whipping cream contains more milk fat than ordinary whipping cream. So you can use either of them. I would not use the one that is only labelled as cooking cream because the type we have here that is labelled as such does not turn fluffy like whipping creams when whipped. So my guess is that the cooking cream you are talking about MAY affect the texture of the ice cream. Instead of being creamy, it MAY be icy.

      If all else fails, use the one available to you and see how it goes. 🙂

  7. fellybee says

    cant i use ugwu leave for the potato porage

    • Yes, you can but it is not advisable to use it as a garnish like I used in the photo because raw ugu is not palatable. Slice them up and add to the porridge about 2 minutes before you turn off the stove. Stir when done.

  8. Chinenye Onyerionwu says

    Talking about the strawberry milkshake, can I add water leaves to the blender to make it more nutritious?

    • Sure you can Chinenye, even ugu will be a great addiction. A few leaves will do so that it does not overpower the strawberries.

  9. Please I want ask a question concerning the potato fish porridge, if the spinach leave will be cooked before using it to garnish the food.
    Thank you.

  10. Thanks for the well explained recipe for kunnu Gyda.pls can I blend both the Groundnut and rice in powder form so as to keep n use when needed

    • Yes you can do that with the rice or you can buy rice flour. But raw groundnuts are damp and will go mouldy on you if you blend a lot and keep for a long time. If you do blend it then store it in the freezer so it does not go bad.

  11. Thanks for the well explained recipe for kunnu Gyda.pls can I blend both the Groundnut and rice in powder form so as to keep n use when needed

  12. For the potato dish, can I use ugu ?

  13. Good evening Mma, I really appreciate your effort to put on this writing,more strength to you. Please my question is on the potato and fish porridge,cause I’ll love to prepare it, will the garden egg be served without heating it up a little?

  14. Dear ma,
    Pls what is the ratio of groundnuts to Rice in preparing kunun gyada, tsamia is to my taste .
    Thank you ma.
    My rgds to the family

  15. Wow I love the way you explained it all but my question is, after blending the groundnut into milk does one have to filter the chaff away?? Secondly what makes it white in colour? Coz the one I make is usually Brown in colour.

  16. Yusuf Adebukola says

    Thanks for the potato recipe,my question is how good is the menu for the diabetic

  17. Uzor chinelo says

    Good afternoon ma,
    Pls apart from Irish potato what other type of potato can one use n pls what is the Igbo name of spinach. Do u cook it together or separate or eat it raw

  18. Caroline says

    Pls what can I do with the groundnut chaff from the kunu gyada.

  19. Emmanuel says

    What if we do not have access to strawberries?

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