Low Carb Fufu Recipes: Keto-Friendly & Gluten-Free

Low Carb Fufu Meals

These low carb fufu meals are for those who are on a low carb diet, on a gluten-free diet and anybody who wants to reduce his/her amount of carbs intake here and there. I must eat a fufu meal for lunch every day unless I am in a circumstance beyond my control. So to cut down on the carbs that accompany Nigerian fufu meals, I may eat these low carb fufu meals 3 days in the a week and eat the usual starchy fufu meals in the remaining four days.

If you are on a strict low carb diet and you love eating swallows a lot, with these low carb fufu versions, you can still enjoy your fufu meals with low carb Nigerian soups.

Because the ingredients used in preparing these fufu meals are very low in starch, we need binders to make them moldable s we can make balls of fufu with them when eating.

List of binders used in the recipes and where to buy them:
Psyllium Husk:
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Click here to buy psyllium husk on Amazon USA

Xanthan Gum:
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Spinach Fufu

So many things have been said about this Spinach Fufu but I guess most of the negative ones are due to the shock that a leafy vegetable can be fufulized. They don’t know that we are on an Everything Must Be Fufulized campaign. LOL
Click here to watch the video and click here for the written recipe.
spinach fufu

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Carrot Fufu

Carrot Fufu is the latest low carb fufu meal in the series. Please note that carrots are not Keto-friendly because they contain 8g of carbs per 100g of carrots but I strongly believe that this Carrot Fufu may have acceptable low carbs because all the sugar was removed during the making of the carrot fufu. Keto experts, what do you think? Click here to let me know.

I love Carrot Fufu because it is bright and does not have the sweet taste of carrots. Click here to watch the video and click here for the written recipe.
carrot fufu

Tigernuts Fufu

Tigernut Fufu, made from Tigernut Flour is a great one. I can’t decide between this and Oatmeal Fufu which one is my favourites. Please note that Tigernut Fufu is not Keto-friendly because it contains 19g of carbs per 100g of Tigernut Fufu. Click here to watch the video and click here for the written recipe.
tigernuts fufu

Cabbage Fufu

Cabbage Fufu is keto-friendly, low carb and gluten-free. Now you know what to do with the cheap Nigerian cabbage.
Click here to watch the video and click here for the written recipe.
cabbage fufu

Eggplant (Aubergine) Fufu

Eggplant Fufu is also known as Eggplant Amala due to its color. Do you like Amala but you are on a low carb diet? Now you know what to go for. You can also use Nigerian Garden Eggs to prepare this fufu but then you would have to call it Garden Egg Fufu.
Click here to watch the video and click here for the written recipe.
eggplant fufu

Cauliflower Fufu

If you don’t like the taste of Cabbage Fufu then you should go for Cauliflower Fufu. Cauliflower Fufu is similar to Cabbage fufu but it does not have the taste of cabbage making is taste much closer to the classic fufu recipes.
Click here to watch the video and click here for the written recipe.
cauliflower fufu

More low carb fufu recipes coming so. Click here to come back to this page to see them on a later date.

Watch the video below for all the mentioned recipes.


  1. Nancy Leff says

    For califlower Fufu – how much is 6 florets? Is it one cup full, how much psyllium husk would i add for one (1) large whole cauliflower?

    Just read Barracoon and we are having a dinner with some of the dishes mentioned. Many thanks!

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  6. Thankx for the Recipes!!! I love nigerian Food!!! ?

  7. ma’m all your tutorials are ? .. I ‘ve learnt alot from your YouTube channel ??

  8. i am 80kg and 5.3m tall

    what do i stop eating to reduce excess fat and what do majorly eat to burn fat

  9. Skip Kelley says

    Sorry, quick question, for the tiger nut fufu, when you get to the stage where you add a few drops of water and steam it — how long do you steam it. I have never had fufu or seen this done. Your soups seem fantastic. Thanks.

    • “Cover and let it steam all over.” So once is steams all over, you know, when it is boiling again, it’s ok to mix it again. We usually do not time that because it depends on the quantity one is making.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge to us. Please I will like to know , is there any means of preserving cabbage Fufu?

  11. omowunmi says

    thanks for the tutorial, really interesting. please can one process the cabbage to keep in the refrigerator till when you want to use it for the cabbage fufu. thanks

  12. Does it last a whole day without getting spoilt?

  13. Hi there,
    Very good video, thanks so much!

    Q: Do you cool the mixture before wrapping it?

    • No, for a better malleability, you need to wrap when hot. If you don’t want to wrap hot food in plastic, use parchment paper. See the Spinach Fufu video (link in the post), for that.

  14. Acho sidonie kyeng says

    Hello thanks for this article it’s been very educating.please just to find out how many calories can a cup of cabbage flour has? Thanks

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