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How to Preserve Nigerian Beans

In my Preserving Nigerian food ingredients video, I talked about how I preserve Nigerian food ingredients especially leafy vegetables. But there’s a very important Nigerian food preservation that I also need to share.

Adequate preservation of Nigerian grains such as beans, rice, corn, millet is very important because once the deadly weevils find their way where you stored these, na collateral damage o. More often than not, especially with beans, when we buy these food ingredients in the market, at least one weevil must follow us home. If not checked, that weevil will multiply into a million weevils and finish up the beans, leaving us with nothing. That’s money down the drain. This is not so common with rice but it has been known to happen so when you experience such with rice and other grains, use the same process.

Watch the video below to see the best practices for storing your grains.

To summarize:

  • Put the grains in a container, cover very well and put in your freezer. The cold temperatures of the freezer will destroy the weevils that are already in the grains.
  • Pour the grains into jerry can(s), add dry cayenne pepper into the container, close tight and place the container in your pantry. The hot and spicy pepper will suffocate the weevils, leaving your grains safe. The ratio for grains to peppers is 10:1.


  1. Thank u so much!

  2. Can i use grinded pepper in the rice to store in jery can?

    • It will be difficult to separate the grains of rice, beans etc from the ground pepper when you want to cook. That is why it is better to use whole pepper as you can easily pick them out. If you do not mind that, then go ahead.

  3. Thanks but can l store beans flour in freezer for preservation?

  4. Thanks but can l store beans flour in freezer for preservation?

  5. Muyiwa Emmanuel says

    Pls can i use curry powder to preserve my beans cos those insects are in them?

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