Tips on How to Fry Perfect Golden Plantains (Dodo)

Perfect Fried Plantains (Dodo)

The following are tips on how to fry perfect golden plantains known as Dodo in Nigeria.

  1. Make sure you use plantains not bananas.
  2. The plantains MUST be ripe but still firm. If soft, they will absorb oil, become soggy and will have burnt crunchy edges when done.
  3. Use deep frying. It creates a better overall golden look than shallow frying.
  4. Use clean vegetable oil. This means do not use oil that you have used to fry plantains many times. Do not use oil that have been previously used to fry such food items like fish, chin chin etc for plantains.
  5. The oil MUST be very hot when you add the plantains. The hot oil shocks the plantain slices on contact and seals them so they hardly absorb any oil. Cooking is science! 😉 But if your plantains are soft, this cannot happen, the plantains will absorb oil anyway.
  6. Do not overcrowd the plantains because this will reduce the temperature of the oil. The plantains will absorb oil and become soggy. At low temperatures, you are “cooking” the plantains in oil not frying them.
  7. After adding the plantain pieces, stir for a bit and reduce the heat a LITTLE bit.
  8. Stir from time to time for an even golden look.
  9. Once golden, remove and place in a paper-lined sieve. Plantains will go 1 shade darker even after taking them off the oil so bear this in mind when deciding the time to take them off.

Please add your own tips below. 🙂


  1. Kaye Da Silva says

    Thanks for the advice, now I learn something new!!

  2. Noted.

  3. Thanks for the tips:))

  4. Asiegbu Chinedu says

    Thanks the advice, I’ve learned sth New. I’ve been trying to post comments but all to no avail.

  5. cynthia Duru says

    nice to know, thanks madam flo

  6. Hi there I would like to know if you could please send me some easy and cheap meals to cook and prepare with flour and maizemeel please I’m on the struggling side and would like to know if you could help.
    Thanking you sincerely.

  7. I love your site and I have recommended it to most of my friends and family who have also found it useful. Thanks so much. You talked about potato flour in one of your recipes, funny enough i have used it before and i loved it but I will like to know where I can find it in Nigeria as I didn’t get the last one here. Thanks once again

    • Peace I’m glad you love the site.
      I bought the one I used in Spain. I am not sure where you can buy it in Nigeria because potato flour is not commonly used in Nigerian meals. Try Shoprite or Spar and see if you have any luck.

  8. Thanks for the tips… However you can preserve ripe plantain by wrapping in newspapers before placing inside refrigerator.Its helps prevents skin from getting darker and maintain its firmness inside.

  9. Thanks so much, l have learnt alot from your blog.

  10. great – this has been something I could never master x

  11. Vin-kingsley says

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