3 Easy Egg Breakfast Recipes

Here are the 3 great egg breakfast recipes that I am loving now. Join me and make some, starting this weekend. Watch the video at the end to see me prepare all these recipes. Super easy!

Egg Moi Moi

Egg Moi Moi is the low carb version of Nigerian Moi Moi prepared with eggs as a base. So if you are keto-ing or generally on a weightloss regimen, this is great for you. If you are trying to gain weight, eggs are a great addition to your meals. Click here for the recipe to see how I served it. Click here to watch the video.

egg moi moi
egg moi moi recipe

Bread Boat (Baguette Boat)

This is a whole different way to enjoy scrambled eggs and bread. The scrambled egg is so delicately prepared. Click here for the recipe to see for yourself.
Click here to watch the video.

bread boat

Potato Omelette

This Potato Omelette is a spin-off of the Spanish Tortilla de Patatas. The Spanish prepare their famous Spanish Omelette by frying bits of potato in olive oil then mix with the beaten eggs before making the omelette. Click here for the recipe to see the tweaks I made to mine. Click here for the video.

potato omelette

Which one will you prepare first? Click here and comment to let me know. Watch the video below to see these recipes come to life. 😉


  1. Thank you Flo, for the recipes, am not making them now but when I do,I would let you know how it went, thanks again.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Mary Ezelu says

    Thanks so much for your efforts. I will try the bread boat first.

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