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Easiest Nigerian Chin Chin Recipe

Christmas is in the air and since Nigerian Chin Chin is the official Christmas snack, here’s a very easy recipe for you.
If you have not made your Christmas Chin Chin till now, not to worry because I’ve got you covered.

easiest Nigerian chin chin


  • 1kg Plain Flour (All Purpose Flour)
  • 1 tin Peak Milk
  • 250g margarine
  • 1 small party cup granulated sugar
  • Some water (only if necessary)
  • 2 teaspoons ground nutmeg
  • Vegetable Oil for frying
  • 2 Eggs (Optional)

Watch the video below for the recipe or click >> Easiest Nigerian Chin Chin for the written recipe. Contains lots of details about this recipe.


  1. Am so happy about this method because it made life so easy. I was super fast. And the fear of making chinchin is now gone. Before you say jack I had finish cutting a paint of flour. God bless you for sharing. and did I mention that the cake taste superb too

  2. Aunty Flo..I followed your recipe but added vanilla flavour to my own..it came out so sweet, in fact, I did it today but my people at home are almost finishing it, that I had to hide d remaining in my room.Thanks for this great Christmas recipe.

  3. abosede temitope says

    good day ma, pls am having an issue with the chinchin recipe that says
    1kg plain flour (all purpose flour)
    75ml evaporated milk (Peak Milk) / 75g powdered milk
    200g granulated sugar
    125g margarine
    2 medium nutmegs | 2 teaspoons ground nutmeg
    Vegetable Oil (tasteless and odourless)
    After frying, it becomes so soft llke a buscult that is exposed to air.
    and i don’t no how to help my self out of this

    • Good day Temitope. My guess is that the following happened when you were frying the Chin Chin
      – The oil was not hot enough hence the chin chin were kind of cooking instead of frying in the oil.
      – The chin chin was overcrowded, that is you added too much chin chin into the oil during frying and again this lowers the temperature of the oil.
      For the chin chin to be crispy, you need to fry in very hot oil then stir rapidly like I did in the video. And fry a small quantity at a time.
      Good luck as you try again. πŸ™‚

  4. abosede temitope says

    Thank you ma,

  5. Hi ma’am. First off, you’re amazing. This site is exceptional. You make everything so straightforward and easy. I’ve been trying out so many recipes which of itself is a miracle as I used to be terrified of cooking. Thank you!!!
    Second, I did try out this recipe and got the best tasting chewy chin chin ever! However, my oil got all bubbly and foamy. I didn’t dust the raw bits with anything though. What could have happened?

    • You are awesome Riri! Well done for shaking off that fear. πŸ˜‰

      Since you did not dust with loose flour, 3 reasons I think your oil may have become bubbly are:
      1. The temperature of the oil is too low, the oil needs to be very hot.
      2. You over crowded the chin chin. When you put in too many at a time, this reduces the temperature of the oil.
      3. You used an oil that has a low smoke point. Oils like olive oil are too heavy for deep frying hence they become bubbly. Oils with high smoke point are the best eg sunflower oil and the vegetable oils we have in Nigeria.

      Look through these and see which of them may have happened there.
      *I just saw your comment, sorry about the late reply. πŸ™‚

  6. This is wonderful. I so much appreciate your efforts. Please, am I not adding baking powder to my chin chin?

  7. Is it compulsory to add baking powder to make chinchin?

  8. Mrs chinenye says

    I followed your steps and the chin chin was so yummy. God bless you more

  9. My chin chin piecesed while frying, I used 2kg flour so I used 500g butter. Nw I hav plenty crumbs and small chin chin

  10. Why didn’t you include baking powder in your chin chin? And y is it that my chin chin ends up soaking lots of oil in it

  11. Why didn’t you add baking powder to your recipe? Why does my chin chin end up damped with lots of ooi?

    • There is no need to add baking powder. If your chin chin is damp it means you fried it at very low temperatures. Also you may have added too much liquid (milk, water) when mixing the chin chin. The dough should be stiff when you are down mixing.

  12. Than you very much ma. I am really grateful u teach so well. I feel i went to a catering sch with ur recipes at hand

  13. Than you very much ma. I am really grateful u teach so well. I feel i went to a catering sch with ur recipes at hand

  14. Thank u so much ma. I appreciate u real good. Gof bless ma. I feel i attended a catering school with ur recipes



  16. It if delicous thanks for info

  17. Thanks ma, I made it, very lovely. Indeed u ‘re a good teacher

  18. good evening ma’am Am ok with the recipe but d part i don’t get is how to get that crunchy taste

  19. actually this is fine .But I want to sell it for#50, pls can you tell me d measurements and the ingredients so I can make profit

  20. Thank you! Very delicious! Tried your recipe to celebrate my 40th year migration to USA! Your recipe made the celebration a BLAST!

  21. Gabriel Olofin says

    Thank you very much, please I want to embark on large scale for business help get the measurement

  22. hello, saw your recipe for chin chin it’s nice ma. but ma, I really need your assistance for making three moudle of flour for chin chin . the amount of quantity of ingredients I’ll use .I’ll want it soft ma.
    I await your reply ma.

  23. Oge anyaebu says

    Please I’ll need your help I’ll like to make one paint container of flour what quantity of sugar will be enough?i await your feedback.thank you

  24. I followed the recipe and the outcome was awesome, so crunchy and yummy. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Thank you for the recipe, it was my first time making chin chin and it came out really nice.

  26. Joyful Johnson says

    Thanks dear, your tips are really useful and easy to follow. God bless you for the good work.

  27. Thank you so much!
    I followed your recipe step by step, didn’t have any issues at all. I kept checking my phone and reading the instructions to be sure I was on track. It came out perfecto. Now I feel like a pro!
    You made it really simple and easy.
    Hubby has a very pleasant, yummy surprise waiting! God bless you!

  28. I love you easy directions, thanks for this recipe.love it

  29. My own chin chin was too crunchy, followed your instructions except not sure measurement for my butter. Please what did I do wrong?

  30. Please how many kg of flour can give me a custard of chin chin. Thanks

  31. Well chef Flo, you’re amazing……. keep it up
    I tried your chinchin recipes and it was really amazing
    Thank you

  32. Bello Mary says

    thanks for this recipe…it was awesome making chichi for the very first time and it came out well,in short my neighbor gave me a job to prepare for his wife birthday nd the comments abt it was great…thanks for this platformπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’–πŸ’ƒπŸ»

  33. Haryormhidey Oyewunmi says

    thank you ma i love your easy direction

  34. Nice . but not as good as mine.😎😜

  35. Oluwakemi Esther says

    Your chichin recipe and the explanation(this one) was what made me able to make chinchin today in my first try. You are a good teacher. I roll it up for you.

  36. Shittabey sherifat says

    Wow nice Like how many people can the chin chin serve

  37. Thanks For Sharing Your Recipe The Chin Chin Is Sweet nice And I Have Started My Business God Bless You

  38. I nailed it. The Recipe Is Nice And Sweet and I Have Started The Chin Chin Business My Customers enjoy It. Thank You For Sharing with us, have A Nice Day and God Bless You.

  39. 2kg of flour will give you 1 custard bucket of Chin Chin. Then, just double the ingredients Chef Flo gave for 1kg. All the best.

  40. Im so glad I stumbled upon your recipe. I love the fact that I didn’t have to dust the chin chin with flour…it saved a lot. The last time I fried chin chin, it consumed a lot of oil…but the one I made yesterday didn’t even require me adding extra oil. I’m so grateful.
    Do you have recipe for meat pie? I’m trying that next. If you do, pls direct me to it.
    Thank you!

  41. Florence Daga says

    No eggs ??????

  42. Florence Daga says


  43. I like your recipes it’s simple n straight forward. Keep it up… But you didn’t add baking powder.

  44. Fantastic recepie. I made have made several batches of chinchin from it. God bless the works of your hands.

  45. Mba Chiamaka Juliet says

    You’re the best, tried your meat pie recipe and it turned out great. About to try the chinchin.

  46. Chimdimma says

    Thanks a lot for that wonderful recipe. It was indeed great!

  47. Thank you for this amazing recipe, when i followed your steps i got a remarkable result. God bless you ma

  48. Afro Treats says

    We love African snacks and we love what you do!

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