Iya Dun Dun’s Fried Yam

I still remember those Sundays when we used to queue up at Mama Fried Yam’s stall (Iya Dun Dun’s stall) for that perfect Fried Yam that is crunchy on the outside and moist inside.

Fried Yam may sound like a no-brainer meal to prepare. Is it not just to cut yam and fry? LOL But there is fried yam and there is fried yam. And you will notice the difference.

Dun Dun Fried Yam

Click here >> Iya Dun Dun’s Fried Yam for the recipe. I served it with Egg Stew

Or watch the video below:

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  1. Uzzy Echeazu says:

    wow dis is really great,I didnt know there was more to frying yam than I knew,thanks a lot.

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