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Decorating My Birthday Cake

My birthday was on the 13th of January. Before then, I already made up my mind that I would bake and decorate the cake myself because (1) I was craving the authentic, moist and dense Nigerian Cake which I have not had in a while. And (2) I wanted to use the opportunity to once again overcome my phobia for cake decoration.

decorating my birthday cake

The first and only other time I decorated a cake was about 6 years ago and I used fondant to decorate that one. This time, I wanted to use butter icing (buttercream) because it is my favourite icing for cakes and the decoration of the cake involves piping. I so wanted to try this piping of a thing!

decorating my birthday cake

Ingredients for the Birthday Cake

I baked two cakes which I later joined to get one cake so the following are the quantities of ingredients for each of the cakes.

  • 500g/1.1 lbs. Plain Flour (all purpose flour)
  • 8 Eggs
  • 250g/0.5 lbs. Butter (NOT Margarine)
  • 300g/0.7 lbs. Granulated Sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of Baking Powder
  • 2 caps Vanilla Extract

Ingredients for the Butter Icing (Butter Cream)

To join the cake and cover it, I used:

  • 500g of butter
  • 2 tablespoons peak evaporated milk
  • 1 cap vanilla extract
  • unknown amount of icing sugar (powdered sugar).

I kept adding the powdered sugar till I got the thickness I wanted.

Ingredients for the second batch of Butter Icing (Butter Cream)

For the piping I “think” I used 750g of butter in total and added icing sugar till I was happy with the consistency.

I honestly did not measure it and there was so much going on that day that I did not take notes. 😉 Anyway, this is not like my usual recipes because I am not qualified to teach cake decoration. I just wanted to share this to show my fellow people with the fear of cake decoration that yes, you too can do it!

I also used blue and red food color to get the 3 colours (pink, light blue and lilac) you see on the decorated cake.

Oya, watch the video below and tell me what you think. 😉


  1. dis is NYC… Happy birthday in arrears ma

  2. Aunty Flo, you’re really a God sent. I have tried almost every meal listed on this page and they all turned out very nice. I have learnt a whole lot from baking to cooking because of you. I say a very BIG THANK YOU. I don’t need to go look for what to serve my visitors cos I can easily bake something very nice and serve. My new found love now is white rice and sauce that I learnt from you and everyone that tasted it,loved it. May God bless and give you more wisdom.

    • Good bless you too Neky love. I’m so glad to read about all the successes you are having with the recipes. Keep flying high. 😉

  3. Gooday tnxs for your receipes. Please how can I make whipping cream for ice cream

    • You are welcome Judith.

      Like milk, whipping cream is an ingredient you can buy in the shops. It is a very thick cream that foams when whipped. In Nigeria you can buy it at Shoprite or SPAR. Outside Nigeria, it is available in every supermarket.

  4. I don’t have a mixer can I use blender to blend d butter and sugar together

  5. Am thinking of baking a cake for my daughter birthday, can I use a blender to blend d butter and sugar together?

  6. Thanks for the enlightenment

  7. Thanks a lot sweetheart u are too much. Plz after icing what was that substance u used to decorate the top of the cake ..help a sister please

  8. Can a cake be baked without a vinegar?


  10. This is so helpful…. Thank you very much ma’am.

  11. Ayorinde Kate Ifeoluwa says

    thanks alot ma. can i see you one on one? are you in nigeria? this is my phone number, pls give me a call. i would like to learn more. you know practice makes perfection. all love

  12. This Is Really Helpful

  13. Great the cake mix is fantastic. straight forward and easy to implement. thanks a bunch for the effort


  14. Oluwabukolami Deborah says

    Hello ma,am new here and dis is interesting. But ma,how can i get colours for d piping?

  15. Kudos ma’am for the great justice done. Please since its impossible to get all the colours, can i get a list of combinations for colours i mean: red+ blue= ? Etc. Thanks

  16. Good day, am kind of new to baking though know some little things, I can bake the bread but have a little phobia for the decoration part, saw you write up and want to give it a try, please can I use granulated sugar in place of icing sugar and how do I do it, I also do not have a piping bag, what else can I use. Thanks

    • Granulated sugar as it comes from the shops is not good for making the icing because it has sharp granules hence does not make a smooth icing. If you absolutely cannot buy icing sugar where you live, you can grind granulated sugar into very, very, very fine powder. Did you see how many verys I have there? It will be like talcum powder when you are done. For me, that’s a lot of work for the quantity you need to decorate a cake and it’s hard to find a home grinder that can grind granulated sugar into the kind of fine powder that icing sugar is. So for me, I would say please go buy an icing sugar even if it takes an hour’s journey. 🙂

      There are piping cylinders you can use which is what is traditionally used for cakes. The difference between these two is that piping bags are flexible and disposable, the piping cylinders can be washed and reused over and over again. What I mean is that you need something that pipes the icing onto the cake because to the best of my knowledge, no other tool can give you consistent, controlled designs on the cake.

  17. Good job. Please after adding the flour to the other ingredients can I use hand mixer to mix them together?

  18. Thanks sooo much. Please did you use liquid or dry coloring for
    the buttercream?

  19. Josephine says

    I have really learnt a lot on this site. I love trying out new recipes and this has made it a lot easier. Thank you so much and stay blessed.

  20. why is it always soft not sticky

  21. Anty Flo. you have helped me out today thanks Darling.

  22. Must you divide the cake before putting the icing. Or can you add the butter cream icing without dividing it

  23. Mrs flo thanks fro a work well done, our recipe always save d day in my home . I wish I c you to give a very big kiss. LoL!
    Wish you had an app for easy access. How can I download the app for this site.

  24. Aunty Pls, is it a must to put the cake inside the fridge till the next day after covering it with buttercream.
    Can I cover the cake withe butter cream and decorate the same day?

    It’s urgent Pls ma

  25. the cake was delicious

  26. Thanks so much Flo am on training I believe this recipe of yours will be of great help to me God bless you darling

  27. Wonderful Victory says

    I love it
    Though this is gonna my first time baking a cake
    Am nervous and it’s gonna be in school (individually)
    But am gonna give it a try
    I know I can do it
    I need everyone’s encouragement
    Thanks for the recipes

  28. Divine nshebe moni-shor says

    I love this udate is nice and fabulous

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