How to make Crayfish (Dry Prawns or Dry Shrimps)


If you live in Nigeria where crayfish is in abundance or you live abroad where crayfish is easily available in that African food store near you, then lucky you! But if you live far away from this seasoning commonly used in Nigerian cooking, visit the following link to see how to make yours at home:
How to Make Crayfish

There’s also a video on how I did that below. Your days of “managing” the crayfish you received from Nigeria are over! 😉 If you try this, please comment below to give me a feedback.

Your pally in the kitchen,



  1. Woman, you are so full of wonders

  2. Thank's Flo i will try it soon !

  3. Lovely

  4. Aku Blessing says:

    Thank u ? Flo, will give it a try.

  5. Aku Blessing says:

    Thank u Flo, will give it a try.

  6. Hello…I watched your video. I have a question. I want to dry shrimps in a bigger quantity for commercial purpose. can I use oven used for bread bakery to achieve this? Thanks

    • Hi Josh, I have no idea how those mighty bread ovens work. You can try it and see if it works.
      Since you are in Nigeria, you should also explore doing it the traditional way; you know, go to where crayfish is dried in Calabar/Oron and Port Harcourt and see how they do it.

  7. Hello all, I am in crayfish business too and for a while I have been looking for ways to story large amount of crayfish for at least one year I will like to be sure if this method will work. I will give it a try though, once I can.

  8. How long can the grinded crayfish stay if not used immediately

    • For as long as possible once you put it in a container, cover and keep in a cool dry place. You can also keep the container in the fridge or freezer.

  9. Hi Flo, thanks for the post but seems I got it late because my large quantity of crayfish now has this tiny as in very tiny kind of white insects inside what do I do now? Please

  10. A new fan, love your cooking very much. Does you cook book have your updated menu? How to order from Asia?

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